Weekly Digest 46/21

The elctions are approaching and you can find more information about the guild’s elections on the website at arkkitehtikilta.fi/vaalit-2021! On the election pages, you will find all the information you need  for example about, the posts and applying for them. This week an electional sauna event will be held, where you can ask questions about the posts. Some applications have already been received and you can read them here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/hakemukset-vuodelle-2022/

Before the election meeting, be sure to check out you are a member of the guild from your own Sisu account!

I General

Fill the student song culture equality form!
Guild products pick up times
Suggest meritorious people in the guild!

II Election

Apply for a Post in the Guild for 2022!
Electional Sauna 17.11.
Election Meeting 23.11.

III Coming Up

TOKYO Christmas Sales 26-28.11.
Dipolin pre christmas party 8.12.
Christmas concert of the Polytech Choir 11.12.
TOKYO maskerad 19.11.

IV Of Interest

Aalto University: Aalto community event 23 November – meet our board
The ArchiFrame design competition is now open!

IIV Job Offers


I General

Fill the student song culture equality form!

We re-opened the survey, and now you can answer it in either Finnish, English or Swedish.

The survey is open between 15.11. – 25.11. and it’s meant for all Aaltoes.

You can find the form in here: https://lomake.ayy.fi/laulukirja/authenticated/student-song-culture-survey/

Guild products pick up times

You can pick up pre-ordered guild products via Kide.app as follows:

In the electional sauna 17.11.

From Guild Room 2.12. from 3 to 6 p.m.

Guild’s little Christmas party 15.12

Suggest meritorious people in the guild!

The end of the year is approaching, as is the guild’s wonderful anniversary Wähäjoulu! Wähäjoulu also means that it is time again to nominate people for their good work in the guild!

Do you have in mind a person who has worked with the guild for a long time, who would earn praise for their work, or even a guild member who always keeps up the good spirits? Suggest guild members who you think deserve recognition! Proposals can be sent untill 19.11. at 11:59 p.m.

From this form➡ https://forms.gle/y1MpemJBrVgrWkg16

More information about the guild’s acknowledgements can be found on the website: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?page_id=11644

II Election

Apply for a post in the guild for 2022!

With the following form you can apply for a post in the election of the Guild of Architecture! You can apply for more than one post, but you will need to fill in the form for each post separately. The applications will be published from Nov 9th at noon onwards and the last applications will be published on Nov 22nd at 6 PM. You can also apply for a post at the election meeting.


17.11 at 18–22 // Jämeräntaival rooftop sauna (Jämeräntaival 3)

On Wednesday, November 17, there will be an opportunity to chat about operating in the Guild with the Board and Actives in a wine and sauna heated atmosphere. Candidates can also express their interest in enlistments and answer questions from others – that is, rehearse speaking at an election meeting.



23.11 at 16–21 // A1-lecture hall, Otakaari 1 X

On Tuesday, November 23, we will gather true to tradition in lecture hall A1 to elect the Board and Actives of the Guild of Architecture for 2022! Arrive to witness an exciting evening with your guild friends and good food. Influence the future of the Guild by voting or running for a post yourself.



III Coming Up


Have you heard of Dipoli parties? Or have you already forgotten what Dipoli is?

Now it is the time to experience that mystical building, because the biggest and most spectacular pre-Christmas celebration is right around the corner! 

The traditional Aalto Afterparty slept in this year, but woke up just in time to put on Santa’s disguise and entertain all of you on 8.12. with the best venue and artists. The ticket sale starts on the 17th of November at 12pm. You definitely don’t want to miss this party! 

More info at the facebook event: https://fb.me/e/4dHjqo43k

Christmas concert of the Polytech Choir

Become one with both new and old male choir music in the traditional Christmas concert of the Polytech Choir on Saturday 11 Dec. Feel the usual Christmas warmth and spirit – while also getting to know new kinds of ways to celebrate Christmas with music. The choir is led by Saara Aittakumpu. There are two concerts: one at 6PM and one at 8PM, both at the church of Kallio at Itäinen Papinkatu 2, 00530 Helsinki.

Get tickets: joulukonsertti.fi


MASKERAD is the name of TOKYO’s annual anniversary party held in late autumn. This year we are celebrating our 60th anniversary! As the name suggest, it is a costume party, the biggest one in Aalto. This years theme is DIY Space Dream.

When? 19.11.2021
Where? PURISTAMO (Tallberginkatu 1 00180 Helsinki)

Tickets: https://holvi.com/shop/TOKYOry
More info: maskerad.fi

IV Of Interest

TOKYO Christmas Sales 26-28.11.

TOKYO’s legendary Christmas Sales is coming! It is a place for Aalto ARTS students and alumni to sell their art and design objects for the wider audience. This year we are celebrating TOKYOs 60th and ARTS 150th anniversaries and with that the Christmas sales are coming home to Väre.

ARTS students can buy a table for 50€ and we also have limited spots for alumni for 80€.

Buy a spot here: https://holvi.com/shop/TOKYOry/

Aalto University: Aalto community event 23 November – meet our board

In this annual discussion event board members respond to questions submitted by the community.

You are warmly welcome to this board and Aalto community event, which deals with the longer-term development of Aalto University. The Aalto University Board wants to work closely with our community, and this annual discussion event involving the board and the university community is an important part of our living strategy and annual planning. The event is part of the University Preview, which is intended to assess our strategic choices together so that we can make changes to our long-term direction if necessary. 

The event will start with a look ahead: we will hear presentations about the future of campuses and the future of work. After this, the members of the board will respond to questions submitted in advance by the community. You can also ask questions during the event. Suggest topics that you would like to hear the board members discuss (link also available at the bottom of the page). Send your suggestions by 16 November.

The event will be hosted by Mikko Kosonen, Chair of the Aalto University Board and moderated by Professor Miina Rautiainen.

Check the detailed programme below and register to the event by 16 November!  


The ArchiFrame design competition is now open!

The competition is looking for plans for beautiful prefabricated houses that will inspire contractors to build and people to live in!

Design a durable and scalable wooden prefabricated house, and enter the global ArchiFrame competition. You can win ArchiFrame and Archicad licenses for one year (prize value over $ 8,000)! The competition is open to everyone, including students. Enter the competition through the Prefab 2030 website.

The competition is open until 12 January 2022, and the winners will be announced on 23 February 2022.
More information: https://archiframe.fi/prefab2030

IIV Job Offers

Arkkitehtikillan tapahtumakalenteri