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I Events

Excursion to Lahdelma & Mahlamäki 4.3.
Architecture eveningschool / What Modernist Education Teaches Us About Our Western Mindset? 5.3.
Misunderstood sitsit 2020 6.3.
Overalls coffeebreak 9.3.
TuesdayTRAMPOLINE 10.3.
Cabin maintenance weekend  13.-15.3.

II Pastime activities

NEVAHÖÖD-sitsit 4.3.



I Events


Excursion to Lahdelma & Mahlamäki

SISTA organizes an excursion to Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects office in Punavuori 4.3.2020 on Wednesday. Sign up is open now through this form. Interior Architecture students will be prioritized, but if the group will not be filled with them, we will fill rest of the spots with other major students based on the sign up order. Excursion is free. Maximum number of students to attend is 20.
Long-term architectural partners Ilmari Lahdelma and Rainer Mahlamäki founded LM in 1997. Their work is a continuum of Finnish design, with a focus on sustainability, high-quality materials and attention to detail—qualities that come together with cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Both Lahdelma and Mahlamäki are internationally recognised and lauded architects, professors and lecturers.

During the visit we will be welcomed by architect Teemu Seppälä and interiorarchitect Minja Hildén.

Excursion’s language: Finnish and/or english


Sing up form:

Architecture eveningschool

What Modernist Education Teaches Us About Out Western Mindset

Although in recent years interest towards Modern Movement has risen, the focus is often limited to the works of the pioneer architects. Simultaneously, up until recently some locations and their heritage have been more exposed to the public than others. For example, Modern architecture in Africa, also referred to as Tropical Modernism or a more recent term African Modernism has not received as much attention as its Western counterparts. The author of the new book “African Modernism: The Architecture of Independence” refers to this heritage as “an amazing wealth of architectural works that are hardly known to people outside of the respective countries”. On the other hand, as the original aspirations of Modern Movement were hardly limited to its pioneer works or specific geographical contexts it is crucial to draw attention to the wider virtues and diversity of modernist forms globally.

Today, Modern architecture embodies diverse meanings in the various geographical contexts. As a matter of fact, the diversity of meanings, along with other influencing factors, is translated in the alterations the buildings experienced, the stories they embedded throughout the years and the public memory of them.

One cannot stop but wonder what this selective approach teaches us about the western mindset; why do we are still taught that Modernism is a western invention and what can we as a young professionals do to approach Modernism with its original intention: `Better quality of life for all!´

Please, join the discussion and small presentation on the topic.
You are kindly asked to listen Prof. Tom Avermaete discussing this matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr0aRH9EX4E&t=3s
And read the article `Beyond Global vs. Local: Tipping the Scales of Architectural Historiography´ by Ayala Levin.

Let´s leave our Modernist education backpack at home and be open for new ideas.
In the eveining school we will have Anna Kintsurashvili lead us to the discussion. Anna is a recently graduated architect from Aalto’s Creative Sustainability program. Anna wrote her thesis with the title: Traversing modernist memory – Investigating, documenting and representing cultural heritage values and public memory of Uganda National Cultural Centre and Theatre

What: discussion on architecture, modernism, colonialism and sustainability
Where: Väre, Heikkilä-Wiherheimo work café (in the middle of LMRQ-modules, entry in front of the Aalto Shop)
When: Thursday 5.3. 18:00
Why: because coffee and modernism


Misunderstood sitsit 2020

Are you an ambitious Sagittarius, a honest Aries or a compassionate Virgo? Is your ruling planet Venus, Moon or Uranus? Did the tarot cards predict that something exciting is about to happen? The stars and moon are aligned perfectly for an adventure. The cards and and the stars don’t lie because Misunderstood sitsit are here again!

Take fate into your own hands, polish your crystal ball and come find out what the future holds with the Guild of Architecture, Athene, NuDe and Prodeko.

Sitsit party are for those over 18 years old!

WHAT: Misunderstood sitsit & sillis
WHEN: 6.3.2020 cocktail event 6.30pm, sitsit 7 pm and sillis 7.3. 12 pm-18pm
WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4; sillis at Rantsu, Jämeräntaival 5
PRICE: sitsit party 18€, sillis 8€
DC: Cocktail with a horoscope twist
AFTERPARTY: Smökki, around 11pm->




Overalls coffeebreak

One of our guilds biggest overall sponsors Wienerberger comes to give us a short lecture about their company on Monday 9.3 at 3.15 pm. Coffee and snacks will be served! Come to see what kind of company is printed on your overalls! Dresscode: overalls

WHAT: Wienerberger lecture and coffee
WHERE: Lecture hall A2
WHEN: Monday 9.3. at 3.15 pm





Last year’s succesful trampolinepark visit had AK Sportklubb arrange a new one to Rush Helsinki on Tuesday March 10th 18:00! Common leave from guild room at 17:15.

The visit will cost 5,5€, prepare to pay 3€for the trampoline socks. If you have some other trampoline socks, Rush can exchange them to the right kind of socks for free.

Sign up opens up March 3rd 12:00.

WHAT: Trampolinepark visit
WHERE: Rush Helsinki, Valimotie 25
WHEN: March 3rd 18:00
WHY: Bouncing strengthens bones!



Cabin maintenance weekend

Welcome to the traditional Cabin maintenance weekend!

It is time to take care of the jewel of our society, the Cabin. The weekend is spent pursuing chores, but also enjoying and relaxing too!

It is recommended to come to the Cabin already on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday we will be working from breakfast to dinner (~10-18).

The weekend is completely free, including all the meals. Thirsty ones shall bring their own refreshments!

Fill the form to join the event! https://forms.gle/zRmuirjWYfwimXJ66



II Pastime activities



I heard some rumours that the Song Leader Seminar of Spring 2020 is here! In this seminar, you may have a chance to sing old and new songs you have never even heard of. If you are tired of singing the same old ko-ko-ko-koskenkorvaa or just really intrigued about learning new songs, you should definitely sing-up at https://forms.gle/U6U1tjsRTd9QbzTK7

The deadline for the sign-up is 28.2., and it is binding.

By what I’ve heard the seminar is meant for all students interested in sitsi-song culture and some songs from the brand-new international songbook will be featured as well. The night should not be over after all the singing and dining as the after-party might be held at the same location. Someone even said there is a sauna (and a hot tub) so better grab your towel with you.

What: Make (Markus) told me that it’s this spring’s song leader seminar
When: Around 5th of March, doors open 18:00
Where: Not sure but might be OK20 upstairs
Dresscode: Clothes are cool
Tickets: 14e, paid at entrance (cash or MobilePay)



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