Weekly Digest 46

The Election week is here! On this Wednesday the new board will be chosen for the year 2020. Election hype starts today at Candidate eve, where you can ask one last questions from the new candidates before the Election meeting. See you in Guild room today at 18.00!



I Events

Candidate Eve 11.11.
Election meeting 13.11.
MAIK x KIK: 24h cruise sitsit party 16.11.
Vista: 30 & fabulous 21.11.
Good vs. Evil sitsit 21.11.
The Finland Excursion of the Guild of Architecture 22.11.

II Pastime activities

Suggest guild members who deserve to be acknowledged!

I Events




Have you already heard who’s applying for posts in the Guild? Do you have any questions? Does the idea of becoming a guild active sound appealing?On Monday the 11th of November at 6pm every candidate has the chance to give short presentations of themselves. Come present yourself or hear other candidates out and ask questions afterwards. Snacks will be served, too. Event takes place in the guild room!

Apply easily at: https://forms.gle/n5EVS7b3T8CxJ7vcA
Applications will be published daily on the website of the Architectural Guild from Nov, 6 to Nov, 12. You may also apply at the Election Meeting.

Don’t forget the Election Meeting on the 13th of November!

Everything about the election can be found here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?page_id=6733


Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2556725511079661/



The year 2019 is coming to its end and the next year is rushing on us. It’s time to apply to become a member of the board or a guild official in the Guild of Architecture for the year of 2020! The application time has begun and the board members and other guild officials will be elected at the Election Meeting held on the 13th of November at 3:00 pm at Otakaari 1X, room A1. Food will be served starting at 2:30 pm.Every applicant has 1 minute to introduce themselves in the election. After that, the Guild members may ask four questions to the applicants. Even if you are not applying for a post, it is extremely important to show up at the meeting to give your precious vote for the nominees. Your vote might be the one that makes the difference. To vote you need to be a member of the Guild.


You will find all the information about the election here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?page_id=8526

Mon 28th Oct, 18.00 Election Info: Ask the Actives, AK Guild room
Hear more about everything you can do in the Guild!

Mon 11 Nov 18.00 Candidate Eve, AK Guild room
The best place to get to know the candidates or present yourself if you’re applying!

Wed 13 Nov 15.00 Election Meeting, Otakaari 1X, room A1
The new board and guild officials are chosen! Every member of the Guild can vote.

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/540685169998845/



Hee-a-hoy! Release the anchor and let’s head out to sea!
Autumn Holiday is only a distant memory and Christmas party season is already knocking on the door.
Neon lights and trip to South in the best company will brighten up the darkening fall evenings!MAIK x KIK 24h cruise sitsit party starts with boarding on Sat 16th of Nov at 18.30 at Otakaari 20 Small side. After boarding the sitsit party will start at Otakaari 20 upstairs with hitting the gong at 19.00. After sitsit party the night will continue with good old karaoke and Atlantis Palace night club. After midnight it is time to climb to the Moonlight Bar at Deck 12.Rain and cold won’t catch those who purchases the Naughty or Nice -suite package as they may enjoy the night at the upstairs guesthouse suite. The suite package includes an exclusive cocktail party for the suite guests that starts already at 18.00.When the sun rises the next morning it is time to set the course back home. Journey back home couldn’t be spent more lusciously than in our spa area with marvelous delicacies.Be quick as there won’t be many tickets on sale. Sign up begins on Fri 1st of Nov at 12.00 and closes on Fri 8th of Nov after which it becomes binding. Link to the sign up will be published later. Each Guild (AK, IK, MK & KIK) has 20 persons quota for the sitsit party. The Naughty or Nice -suite is available for the 20 first enrollee despite the guild.WHAT: MAIK x KIK 24h cruise sitsit party
WHEN: 16th of Nov cocktail event 6.30 pm, sitsit 7 pm (Naughty or Nice -cocktail 6 pm) and sillis on 17th of Nov at 12 pm
WHERE: Cocktail party Ok20 Small side, Sitsit Ok20 upstaris, Sillis Ok20 downstairs, Naughty or Nice -suite Ok20 Guest room
PRICE: sitsit party 13€, Naughty or Nice -suite package 5€, sillis 7€
DC: Cruise stereotypes with Christmas party twist
Why: MAIKyolo x KIKEvent on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/422389291797789/




On the 21st of Nov will be exactly 30 years since Vista was founded. To celebrate that the board of Vista serves 30 bottles of young and nippy sparkling wine at Otakaari 1, A-wing. Arrive with empty glasses and festive spirit!




The darkness has fallen over Otaniemi, and the delinquents have found their way to Smökki with their catch. The masked group is just about to open up the confined treasures, when suddenly something interrupts the moonlight. The criminals are not alone. The good forces have arrived. What will happen when the evildoers face their punishment?Decide on your inner morals and arrive at Smökki together with the Guild of Architecture, Kannunvalajat and Rakennusarkkitehtikilta on thursday 21.11. at 18:30. Are you a superhero or a supervillain? Will you side with the good or the evil?

The ticket sale ( to the event starts on 31.10. at 12:00 in the kide.app (https://kide.app) and will act as the sign up to the event. The sign up will be binding when the ticket is purchased, but you can sell the ticket in kide.app to another person. The ticket will cost 16 euros and does not include the service fee of 0,40 euros. It is recommended to sign up for the app beforehand.
The event adheres to the Kannunvalajat Safer Space Guidelines. More information can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RD5M5zjcefLyvB0C3BxxyQSbcSUpdkGVYQaci1ajnTs/edit?fbclid=IwAR0jcoVQxYAWrWHLhVdxjrDEpHgLacGDHn0YYgapkabh1UonY1F6vG8MktI

WHAT: Good vs. Evil sitsit
WHERE: Servin mökki, Jämeräntaival 4, 02150 Espoo
WHEN: thu 21.11.2019, cocktail event starts at 18:30, sitsit begin at 19:00.
AFTERPARTY: In Smökki until 2 AM!
COST: 16 €
THEME: crime & justice
DC: crime & justice
WHY: Find your inner balance with good and evil and celebrate with AK, Kannu and RAK.

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2414670435484585/



Come and join in to the legendary and truly anticipated Finland Excursion of The Guild of Architecture. During this excursion we’ll have the chance to see the most inspiring firms and some breathtaking architecture and landscapes. When signing up to this excursion, the only thing you can be sure about is that you’ll sleep the worst night’s sleep of the year and have the absolute best and most bizarre experiences.The journey starts the 22th of November at 8.45 in front of the main entrance of the Undergraduate Centre in Otaniemi and ends the following day at 19-ish o’clock. The only things you need bring besides yourself are stuff you need to stay overnight and crazy spontaneous spirit.

The registration for this excursion will be opened on Wednesday 30.10. at 12. There are only 29 seats on the bus, so sign up fast!

WHAT? The Finland excursion of the guild of architecture
WHERE? Somewhere in Finland
WHEN? 22.-23.11. We’re leaving from the entrance of the Undergraduate Centre at 8.45 am.
WHY? Come and see

Event on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1390144654476870/


II Pastime activities




The guild’s acknowledgement committee has had their meeting, and have officially opened the form for this year! Suggestions that have already been sent will also be taken into account. Suggest wonderful guild members who deserve to be acknowledged. The deadline for this round is 18.11 at 23.59!

Suggest people here:



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