Weekly Digest 09

It’s not coincidence that the best Guild in Otaniemi has the Best space for their Guild Room. How would you upgrade our spaces for them to be a bit more comfortable? Fill out this form and have an effect on our beloved Guild room!

pssst! There are still a few places left for the Architecture student Days in Oulu, you have still few hours left to sign up for the weekend. Do it before 12.00 on monday!

May your week be filled with light!



I Events

Masterchef Guild of Architecture signing up starts 26.2.
AYY: Art, coffee and activity 26.2.
White Overalls sitsit 27.2.
Gravitaatio 2019 5.3.

II Pastime activities

The Guild Room Survey
Sports tutor application 2019




Kettle & clock: Masterchef Guild of Architecture

The wildly popular Masterchef Guild of Architecture is back! So put on your apron, pack your knives and participate in this playful cooking competition on Tuesday, March 19th at 6pm!

Like last year, the event consists of three different tasks, each putting the contestants’ cooking skills to the test in every possible way. Can you tackle the dreaded Mystery Box? You can participate solo or in a group of a maximum of 4 persons. Each task will be scored (only the judges will see the scores) and at the end of the night the individual/group with the highest score will receive a small cooking-related prize.

The competition will be held in Otarannan kerhotila. The organizers will bring hot plates to the contestants and the oven is shared. The space has all the usual cooking equipment, but you may bring your own sous vide cooker or food dehydrator if you find that necessary.

The event costs 8€, the money will be collected in the event. Sign-up for this event starts on Tuesday, February 26th at 12:00, when the link to the sign-up will be posted to the Facebook event.

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/615828802162079/



What if an art piece portraying the Arabia chimney was created in Otaniemi? Could the metro station be utilised to display student artworks? Should the AYY t-shirts be completely redesigned? What could Otaniemi Night of Arts look like this year?

What kinds of activities do you think the Student Union should organise in terms of the art field? Come around for a cup of coffee, to bounce around ideas and to discuss the subject. The best ideas may end up as realised projects, and participation is fully up to what you are interested in and have time for. All Aalto students are welcome at the event, which is held on Tuesday 26 Feb from 5 pm onwards in Väre, in the Working Café opposite the Aalto University Shop between the building’s M and L blocks. Welcome!



One wise man said once: “Go to work”. Lead by this great wisdom Prodeko, LKS, SIK, FK and AK shall meet and add some construction cite colors to our dazzling white overalls. So take your construction helmet, gloves, jacket, fishing rods or pliers with you and join us at Worker themed White Overalls sitsit. The price for this epic evening will be 15€ and the event will be held at Smökki 27.2 startin at 18.00 with Cocktail-party.

WHAT: White Overalls sitsit
WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4
WHEN: 27.2 Coctail party at 18 sitsit at 18.30
PRICE: 15€
DC: White overalls and some worker equipment
REGISTRATION: https://ilmo.prodeko.org/fi/740

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/231959517749525/


Gravitaatio, the traditional afterparty for the Laskiaisrieha on Shrove Tuesday, will be held in Apollo Live Club this year. Wake up the Old One inside you and let the black hole pull you to the darkest party of the spring!

To reach the optimal gravity acceleration before Gravitaatio, why not join the Laskiaisappro 2019 bar crawl? From this event you will feel a pull to the deepest reaches of Gravitaatio!

NB! The age limit is 18.

Ticket sales:

Kide.app beginning 18.2.: https://bit.ly/gravitaatio2019

⏰ 10-14 ⏰

Undergraduate center, Otakaari 1, Alvar hallway:
Undergraduate center, Otakaari 1, U-wing hallway:
Väre, hallway:

Meilahti, Haartmaninkatu 3:
Viikki, Biokeskus 1:
Kumpula, Physicum:

Laskiaisrieha, AYY tent (Ullanlinnanmäki):
5.3., 12-16

What: Gravitaatio 2019
Where: Apollo Live Club
When: Shrove Tuesday, 5th of March
How: Tickets in advance 11€, at the entrance 13€. Kide.app 11€ + service fee
Why: The biggest student party of the beginning of the year. Incredible artists and the official afterparty of Shrove Tuesday’s shenanigans! You don’t want to miss this!

Collaborating with us with the event are also VT, Äpy, Radiodiodi and RWBK!

More information:



The Guild Room Survey 🏘🏕
Fill the form and make an impact on our Guild Room!


Sports tutor is a tutor-person, who is guiding the first year’s students or new foreign degree students into the secrets of university sports. You don’t have to be an international tutor to be a sports tutor – you could be a motivated person who just wants to spread the word of sports.

Next fall a new sports concept will be launched and the idea is that every week some sports association organizes a sports event where the students can come and try out the sports. The role of a sports tutor is to help organize these events and to bring new students try out new sports, so the tutor will not act alone! We will also gather a network of all Aalto’s sports tutors so if you need any advice, we will be there for you. A sports tutor doesn’t have to be a hard-ripped and very sporty person. The main requirement is an open mind and an interest in helping organizing sports events.

All sports tutors will get:
• Opportunity to help organize fun sports events for freshmen
• 4 month membership to Unisport’s services, if you:
• Attend to the sports tutors training
• Participate in some of the sports experiments in the fall
• 4 months extra membership, if you:
• Actively participate in the sports experiments in the fall, more specific terms will be defined later
• Sports tutor -badge
• Possibility to meet an interdisciplinary group of sports tutors
Apply now: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/liikuntatutorhakemus-2019/

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