Weekly Digest 04


Well hello again! The Guild is being spoiled with amazing events and occasions in the upcoming couple of weeks. The Guild’s own Sitsit are here again and also the first Kiltapäiväkerho of this year!  Signing up for the Endangered Guild Sitsit closes tonight at 23.55, so act fast!

Have a sunny week everyone!


I Events

FK&AK Season Opening 22.1.
Endangered Guild Sitsit Party 25.1.  
Kallio Pub Crawl 2.0 25.1.
Kiltapäiväkerho: Training for guild officials 30.1.       

II Pastime activities

Polijazz dance classes start on 22.1.
Apply to be a part of the Guild’s Wellbeing team!
Apply to the AYY10 anniversary year section!

I Events

FK&AK Season Opening 22.1.

It’s a new year finally! On Tuesday 22.1.2019 the guild of Architecture and the guild of Physics have a season-opening at OK20 big side. Doors open at 18 and there are some food and drinks also. Remember to bring your own towel if you fancy going to the sauna!

WHAT: FK&AK Kaukkarit
WHERE: Otakaari 20, big side
WHEN: 22.1.2019 at 18
DC: Overalls
WHY: Because you have a chance to meet new people and get to wear your cool white overalls!

Endangered Guild Sitsit Party 25.1.

The strap of my backpack is gnawing on my shoulder. I have just arrived at a site not known for the mankind yet. When I left from beloved Otaniemi, I never would have believed I would end up here. I hope that my journey was not for nothing…

UNBELIEVABLE! I have found it! An endangered plant! The first proof that the humankind has not destroyed everything on the planet we live on. After my initial discovery I start to discover more and more endangered species. Can we save everything after all?

Sign up begins on Monday January 14th at 12:00
and ends on January 21st at 23:55, after which it becomes binding.
LINK TO THE SIGN UP https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLyIsMNw4YhnJvEUVQumAHKUcMrQSBH44HKx_LjSU5QWMyWw/viewform

Sitsit party are for those over 18 years old!

WHAT: Traditional sitsit-party of the Guild of Architecture
THEME: Everything endangered
WHEN: 25.1.2019 cocktail event at 17:30, sitsit at 18:00
WHERE: Otaranta Club Room, Otaranta 8B (basement)
PRICE: 11€
DC: Come as you are or release your inner endangered species!
WHY: Our biodiversity needs game changers!!!!!!

Kallio Pub Crawl 25.1.

What better way to start the year than with a pub crawl in the heart of Kallio. This time we will have a Kallio Pub Crawl 2.0 because we have our colleques from Sweden joining us. The student section of Swedish Architects is having a meeting in Helsinki and we will introduce them to the best pubs in town. Come meet friends after the holidays and get to know architecture students from Sweden.We will start the tour from Tenho at 7pm where you can get a map of the recommended bars until 20.00. You can tour in a group of your choosing and at 11pm we will all meet up in Siltanen for an after party.

What: Kallio Pub Crawl 2.0 with Swedish architecture students
Where: In Kallio, starts in Tenho and after party in Siltanen
When: Friday 25.1. 7pm onward
Why: great company and get to know new friends from Nordic countries

Kiltapäiväkerho: Training for guild officials 30.1.

The Guild of Architecture has started its activities with a new group of actives for year 2019. Therefore, the Guild organizes a training for the guild officials about communicating, organizing events etc. The training is open for all of the Guild’s officials, but it is particularly important for event organizers. There will be snacks!WHAT: Training for guild officials
WHERE: Guild room, Otakaari 1, K-wing
WHEN: Wednesday 30.1. at 6pm

II Pastime activities

Polijazz dance classes start on 22.1.

Come dance with us! Polijazz dance classes start on 22.1 and are held in the Association Room (Jämeräntaival 1, ground floor in the inner yard).

Break dance (open level) 20.30-21.30Wednesday
Modern dance (intermediate) 17.45-19Friday
Oriental dance (open level) 16-17

Apply to be a part of the Guild’s Wellbeing team!

The Wellbeing coach searches a small team for ideation and developing themes concerning Wellbeing issues. The team work is quite flexible and gives a chance to create your own ideas within the subject. The deadline for applying is 31.1.2019.Find more info and apply here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?p=12384

Apply to the AYY10 anniversary year section!

Apply to the AYY10 anniversary year section! Application period is open until 27.1.2019.

 Our beloved Student Union has been forging ahead for some years already, and we are soon celebrating our first full decade. Now is, at last, the time to start recruiting for the section many have been waiting for: the AYY10 anniversary year section!

 As the member of the anniversary year section, you will be part of conceptualising and executing the anniversary year and the 10th annual ball itself. Will the anniversary year feature separate anniversary year spectacles, or will the usual events be organised bigger than before and with an AYY10 twist? How can we make the entire community participate in the anniversary year? And in particular, of course: where and how to organise the culmination itself, the annual ball that ends the anniversary year? You will ensure that this party will remain a conversation point for the Aalto community for a long time to come!

 There will be about 6-10 persons appointed for section and responsibilities will be assigned based on applicants’ wishes and interests. This section will look like its members so don’t hesitate to apply! Members of the section will be appointed based on their applications and interviews.

 Greetings from chair of the section Titta Saari:

“My goal is to gather a section that represents everyone in Aalto community, and with whom we can make unforgettable anniversary year. In addition to organizing events there will be tasks for example in corporate relations and communications. More important than previous experience is the spirit and interest to do things together for the anniversary year. I recommend to apply!”

 Application ends on Sunday 27th January. Apply to make AYY history here: https://ayy.fi/stop/en/ayy10/ !

 Any questions? For more information, contact the Chair of  AYY10 anniversary section Titta Saari or Niina Palm, the producer of the Annual Ball (first.last@ayy.fi).

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