Apply to Wellbeing team!

New year new me! Apply to be a part of the Guild’s Wellbeing team!


Wellbeing Coach is a new post among the Guild actives. The wellbeing of the students in the department of Architecture has been a hot topic for almost ten years now. The post of the Wellbeing Coach was coined as an answer to the demand for concrete actions to be made concerning the wellbeing issues of the students. There’s a lot to do and not all will be done in a year, obviously. This is the kick-start of the wellbeing work, which will hopefully continue later on as well. With small steps and concrete actions it will be possible to achieve great goals.

The Wellbeing coach searches a small team for ideation and developing themes revolving around Wellbeing issues. The team work is quite flexible and gives a chance to create your own ideas within the subject. The deadline for applying is 31.1.2019.

What the Wellbeing team could start working on with:

  • find out benchmarks for wellbeing work in other associations
  • organize wellbeing and working skills related events (e.g. together with the study psychologists)
  • To ponder how to better integrate wellbeing coaching into basic studies (together with the department of Architecture)
  • you name it! The team more or less decides itself what it will start doing

Apply to be a part of the team here 

More info:

Emma Savela / Wellbeing Coach 2019
Telegram: @emsavela