Rent a trailer

The Guild of Architecture has its own trailer which can be rented cheaply. To rent the trailer fill in the form here.


Farmi PRO 355T
Size: 150 x 350 x 34 cm
Hood: 125cm high Jaxal-hood which can fit max 140cm objects under it.
Gross weight: 750 kg
Weight: 260 kg
Carry weight: 490 kg
Tire: for summer conditions
Included: Hood, lock, front wheel, 4 safety pins for the hood
EU qualification approval

Prices and rental times (AYY members/others)

6 hours 15€ / 30€
12 hours 25€ / 50€
24 hours 40€ / 80€

During weekends the trailer will be rented for minimum of 24 hours.

Own risk 300€

Pictures of an identical trailer

Rental contract (in Finnish)