What Guild?

What Guild?

The Aalto University Guild of Architecture is a student organization especially for students of architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture.  It functions under the student union, AYY. The Guild was founded in 1908is known both for its creative mindset and long lasting traditions.

The Guild of Architecture is a subject association for students of architecture, landscape architecture, and interior architecture. The most important tasks of the Guild are to provide a balance of fun in addition to studies, to take care of the well-being of the Guild members and to monitor the interests of the students in the various institutions of the department and the university. Founded in 1908 the Guild of Architecture is one of the oldest associations in Otaniemi. Today, the colourful culture of our Guild of more than 400 members accommodates many traditions that have evolved over time, as well as constantly changing new ideas.

Versatile Guild activities provide professional and refreshing content in addition to studies on a weekly basis. The event supply is from side to side from sketch evenings to trampoline park visits and from sitsis (Academic table party) to company excursions. The year culminates in our most beloved and important annual celebration, Wähäjoulu, on the eve of the Finnish Independence Day (5.12). In addition, our Guild works a lot with other student organizations, both interdisciplinary and nationwide. The events are a great way to find things to do in addition to school work and meet new great people!

The Guild also offers services that you can enjoy by joining the Guild. The Guild sells overall badges, the Guild of Architecture’s Black Songbooks, and great Guild products such as shirts and canvas bags. The Guild’s own guild room, or kiltis, serves as a place for the Guild members to hang out, have a coffee break with a friend, play board games, take a dip in the ballpit or even have a movie night. It is also possible to rent the Guild’s trailer at a fair price, for example to help to transport moving boxes. Guild members can also relax at the Guild Cabin at an affordable discounted price. You can easily join the Guild when registering for the academic year. Later, you can do it by following the instructions on the website.

The Guild of Architecture is an active community that lives and renews with its creators. Our Guild’s extensive activities are made possible by a large number of enthusiastic and active volunteers. The rich supply of events and strict lobbying is taken care of by the Guild Actives, which consists of a 13-member Board and about 70 additional actives. Operating in the Guild offers unique doctrines and experiences that are both a joy and a benefit at all stages of life. The Guild provides a great framework for implementing ideas and working together.