Weekly News February 18th

Guild Coffee with Wienerberger

Join us for a coffee on the February 19th at 11-13 in Miestentie 3. The Guild’s collaboration partner Wienerberger will be giving a presentation about their company.

Mosaic World Dinner

World Dinner is the perfect opportunity to enjoy exotic delicacies and show off your cooking skills. Joining in on this experience is simple: sign up at lomake.ayy.fi/mosaic/world-dinner/, cook something delicious to serve and come to Smökki to enjoy the treats made by others. You can participate in the event individually, but it is easiest to gather a group of 2-5 people and cook a large meal together (meaning at least as much, as your group together would eat).

See you in Smökki!

WHAT: World Dinner
WHEN: Thursday, Feb 19th, 18.00
WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4
WHY: Enjoy great food from all around the globe!
SIGN-UP: lomake.ayy.fi/mosaic/world-dinner/

Kino Sheryl Opening Night

Please behold the long expected party, as Kino Sheryl opens its doors to those nearest and dearest to her!

TOKYO ry’s new cinematheque has been built with astonishing speed, spirit and vision. Now it is time to reward our lovely community and offer a special night to all Aalto ARTS students FRIDAY, FEBRUARY THE 20TH – just among us friends!

We commence
18:00 with Heidi Lindéns (ELO Film School Helsinki) short film ”Premiere”
and continue effortlessly to
Pawel Pawlikowski’s ”Ida”

20:00ish we shall hear the live performance of
”Shotgun Club”

And yes, there shall be beer.

Gather your besties and beasties and join with us for a night of spectacular fun and spectacular cinema!

Yours, Sheryl

Palotalkoot – Fix the Cottage! 20th – 22th February

The Guild Cottage roof has been partially burnt and needs to be fixed! All extra hands are more than welcome, so join your fellow Guild members for a weekend at the Guild Cottage.

There will be food for all participants and a sauna evening after the work.

You can also join the event for a shorter time as well!

See you at the Cottage!

The sitsit of the Misunderstood

Its time for all the misunderstood teekkaris of Otaniemi and the misunderstood artists of Arabia to gather up again. Whether you are looking for understanding or just epic sitsis, come to Smökki on Thursday 26.2. and put on your best suit or cocktail dress and let’s start with a kippis at half past six. The dinner party itself starts at seven o’clock.

The sign-up opens on the 12th of February at 12.00 here:

SAY WHAT: sitsit dinner party for Prodeko, Guild of Architecture, Athene and Young Designers
WHERE: Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4)
WHEN: the 26th of February at 18.30
PRICE: 16/13 e (non-alcoholic)

The after party is open for everyone, starting at 23:30!

MAIK cruise

It’s time for the traditional, annual MAIK-cruise! Gather your own cabin crew and take a cruise across the Baltic Sea with the guilds of Civil Engineering, Surveying, Architecture and Mechanical Engineering. On cruise there will be a bingo and naturally the traaditional MAIK-olympics. The cruise starts at 22nd of March and ens 24th of March.

You can form your cabins here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HO_xDOYhjkY93qgn76k8zMQWCIBZBwQMsYnOCLAc0CE/edit?usp=sharing

The actual sign up-form can be found here (open from 11.02.15 12:00 o’clock to 19.02.15 klo 12:00 o’clock): http://ik.ayy.fi/ilmomasiina_raksalle/signup/531

WHAT: MAIK-cruise
WHEN: sun 22.3 to tue 24.3
COSTS: 28 euros including the cruise, overall patch and cruise-bingosheet

ESN Aalto Poker tour

Welcome to ESN Aalto’s Poker Tour. Come and join us to show your mad bluffing skills at Holdem Poker!!

Each player will be given an initial amount of token. There will be several tables where you can play to win more tokens. The winners will get awesome prizes!

We will have a grouped order of pizzas (6 €) with an extensive menu for hungry players and drinks for the thirsty ones.

The participation fee is 5 € with ESNcard, 6 € without. The tickets will be sold during the following helpdesks in the main building (Otakaari 1):
-Tuesday 10.2 at 11-13
-Wednesday 11.2 at 11-13
-Thursday 12.2 at 10-12
The remaining tickets (if any) will be sold at the entrance.

ESN Aalto will provide the tokens, the cards and the dealers.

NOTE : It is strictly forbidden to bet money during this event as it would go against the Finnish laws. The tokens given are only for playing purpose and they don’t induce any money operation.

For questions, please contact Maël Kimmerlin

Aalto High5

Aalto High 5 – come and celebrate our joint achievements at Dipoli and listen to Boston Promenade

There are many exciting happenings going on at our university but we rarely have the time and the opportunity to explore what we all do and get excited about the successes of others. On Thursday, 26 Feb, starting at 2pm, we have time for inspiration and getting to know each other, when all Aalto members meet at Dipoli.

At 2pm-6pm, you have the opportunity to experience Aalto University in a nutshell. Would you like to try out a chair developed by Aalto ELEC, which takes health measurements and is combined with a lie detector? Or challenge your friends in the game room of Aalto SCI and Aalto ARTS? Or see the icebreaker in action in the Arctic room? Or ask any questions from the professors in different fields?

The day climaxes at 6pm when Boston Promenade gets on the stage.

All Aalto members are cordially welcome to the event. Transport to Otaniemi is organised from Töölö and Arabia campuses.

Click and sign up!: https://eage.aalto.fi/?fs%2FAaltoHighFive
Further information on Into: https://into.aalto.fi/display/events/Aalto+High5

Aalto Predators vs. Lappeenranta Wildmen

New season, new tricks, new team! This is how the upcoming season of Aalto Predators looks like.

Come follow the first match of the year, where Aalto Predators and the series new-comer Lappeenranta Wildmen face off. Come to Otahalli on 28.2.2015 at 17:30 to witness immense hitting and furious bellowing. It will surely be fully-fledged hunting event.

What: American football Predators vs. Wildmen
Where: Otahalli (Otaranta 6, Espoo)
When: 28.2 at 17:30

The event is free for everyone!

Summer of Startups

The application for the Summer of Startups is open now!

Summer of Startups is a 9 week program which is targeted for ambitious people to help them get started with their own businesses. You will get a grant of 2000€ – 5000€ (depending of the size of the team) for your team so you can fully focus on the program and not worry about the rent. You will also get a place to work, coaching and the support of the startup community.

For more information, check their website or contact Joona Karjula (joona@aaltoes.com, 0440330475).