Weekly Digest 46/2020


Publicist greetings

I would encourage everyone to dare to take part in the activities of the guild, because what each and everyone of you brings to the guild is invaluable.

See you on Wednesday!

I General

Department and school facilities

II What’s going on

AK Election Meeting 11.11
AK x NuDe Coffee Break 12.11.

III Job Offers

Cereerwebin työtarjoukset

I General

Department and school facilities:

Links to help finding important info





II What’s going on

AK Election Meeting
The year 2020 is coming to its end and the next year is rushing on us. It’s time to apply to become a member of the board or a guild active in the Guild of Architecture for the year of 2021!
Feel free to apply for the posts for the year 2021! More information can be found on the website. In the Guild, you can do a variety of things according to your own interests.
Even if you yourself are not going to run for any post, it is definitely worth coming to the meeting to vote for the people. It is your voice that can be decisive. Freshmen will also receive a mandatory point on the freshman points card for the meeting. Only full members of the guild are eligible to vote, and membership will be checked in the Zoom waiting room before entering the meeting!
Joining the meeting
Election meeting will be held remotely in Zoom at 3:30 p.m., and the link will open at 3 p.m. Please be there in time, as each participant will be checked for membership in the waiting room before getting to the meeting!
At the guild’s website, you can find everything related to the election. There you will find all the information, you can nominate and browse the applications of the candidates (applications will be published on November 2nd-10th). You can also run for a post at the election meeting!
You can also find information in instagram (arkkitehtikilta) and Telegam (if you’re not in the Guild’s chat, please contact puheenjohtaja (at) arkkitehtikilta. fi
Here are the election-related events entirely:
28.10. 5 pm // Board – Ask the Actives
29.10. 5 pm // Actives – Ask the Actives
9.11. 5 pm Zoom // Candidate Eve // Candidates of 2021 introduce themselves!
11.11. 3.30pm // The election meeting // board members + responsible actives will be elected. Meeting will be held remotely in Zoom!

AK x NuDe Coffee Break

Do you miss seeing your guild room neighbors? So do we! Therefore, NuDe and the Guild of Architecture will arrange a shared coffee break on Thursday 12.11. at 12-12.30! See you in Zoom (the link is in tg)!

III Job offers

Arkkitehtikillan tapahtumakalenteri