Weekly Digest 48/2020


Publicist greetings

Last week, a Guild election meeting was held and new active-members were appointed. Once again, huge congratulations to all the new and “new old” guild activists! The mind rests knowing how in good hands our beloved guild will move on to the next season in our series of Architect Guild-Where-Amazing-Happens.

I General

Department and school facilities

II What’s going on

Christmas calendar, DL to sign 26.11.
PePu 27.11.
Aalto Gamers Tournament 28.11.

III Job Offers

Cereerwebin työtarjoukset

I General

Department and school facilities:

Links to help finding important info





II What’s going on


Christmas calendar
December is approaching and at the same time the year’s ark’18 Christmas calendar. This year, others have the opportunity to participate in the implementation!
As in previous years, the hatches to be implemented will be distributed among those who have registered. Your own hatch can be almost anything: drawing, painting, performance, singing, dancing, or anything else imaginative! The hatch doesn’t have to have a special theme, but winter or Christmas are recommended. If you participate, you should start making your own door in good time so that there will be no last minute crisis. For others who do not participate in the calendar, a link to the telegram group will open right at the beginning of December.
NOTE! Registration is currently in progress and ends on November 26, 2020 at 9:00 PM!
Link to registration: https://forms.gle/t7TDKj841Gqi1Vo86

PePu aka Friday Bottle

Friday The bottle is back again and includes both old and new.
For the recipient of the bottle is now determined with the help of the Zoom competition!
So wait for the start of registration and see you in the spectacle.

More to come


Aalto Gamers Tournament


Aalto Gamers presents League of Legends Preseason Showdown Tournament for all AG members and friends! It’s time to show your best 2020 plays and earn the AG throne for your team. The tournament will take place on Saturday 28.11. all online – Gather your old team or discover your new one and start prepping!

Info about sign-ups and more: https://www.facebook.com/events/797150264183167/

WHEN? Saturday 28.11.
WHERE? Anywhere, online
WHO? AG members & friends
HOW? Sign-ups will close on 27.11. for Flex and full premade teams!


III Job offers

Arkkitehtikillan tapahtumakalenteri