Weekly Digest 7/2020



Greetings, come to enjoy “Sitsit” in international way on 21.2



I Events

Tutor recruiting info  12.2
Planning the Guild’s budget 12.2


II Pastime activities

International Sitsit – Suomi / Vinlantia 21.2
Replay 22.2



I Events


Tutor recruiting info 


Let’s make the first year unforgettable for our new freshmen and Master’s degree students of 2020!

The applications for Tutors is soon upon us, but before you apply, it would be good to find out what being a Tutor means: all the fun, but also the responsibility.

So come to our Tutor-info session (On Wednesday 12.2. at 12:30 at the guildroom) to learn all there is to know about Tutoring and we will also answer any questions you may have about it.

WHAT: Tutor recruiting info

WHERE: Guild room

WHEN: 12.2. at 12:30

Planning the Guild’s budget 


The Guild of Architecture hosts a workshop where we plan the Guild’s budget for year 2020. Everyone is welcome to listen, ask and make wishes.

WHAT: Planning the Guild’s budget
WHERE: Guild room, Otakaari 1 K
WHEN: 12.2. at 17:00



II Pastime activities


International Sitsit – Suomi / Vinlantia


Oh behold, all you internationally minded people of Aalto, your Sitsit is now dawning!

The International Committee warmly welcomes you to Servin Mökki for an evening full of Finnish culture, food, drinks and singing.

The International Sitsit is definitely for you, if you feel the desire to answer the call of the wilderness, want to get to know the Finnish student party culture in more depth or if you just need a bit more steam (a.k.a löyly) in your life. Or do you think that you already know all there is to know about the Finnish way of life? Come find out!

The Sitsit consists of a three-course meal, traditional Finnish drinks, singing and some performances.

And remember that if the birds wake you up with early lights of the morning and the threat of morning sickness needs to be driven away, we do have a solution. Aim your steps towards Rantasauna for the classic International Sillis, where we will revive your spirits with even more food, sauna and hot-tub.

Both events are for all Aalto students and they will be held completely in English. The allergies and food restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) will be taken care of. It is also possible to participate with a non-alcoholic drink menu.

Tickets will be sold on 10.02-12.02. (or as long as they last) in the lobby of the Undergraduate Center (Otakaari 1) for 15€ each for the Sitsit. For an additional 7€ you can reclaim a ticket for the Sillis as well. Please have your dietary requirements and cash ready with you when signing up. Seats are limited so be fast!
You can buy three (3) tickets per person.

The after party will start at Smökki when the sitsit is over and is open for everybody.

WHAT? – International Suomi-Finland themed Sitsit and Sillis
WHERE? – Sitsit it at Smökki & Sillis at Rantasauna
WHEN? – 21.2. Cocktails at 18.00, sitsit begins at 19.00 & Sillis 22.2. 12.00-18.00
WHY? – To get to know better the international students, Finland and enjoy the atmosphere
DC: According to the theme
TICKET SALES: 10.02-12.02. 12.00-16:00 at Otakaari 1 Main lobby.
PRICE: 15€ for sitsit and 7€ for Sillis next morning (10€ at the door) CASH ONLY



Experience the most memorable events of AYY and its associations in Replay! Replay is an event where the 10 year history of Aalto’s student culture is replayed through videos, stories and simulations. The simulations are arranged by the organizers of the original events. Replay is one of the largest events of AYY10 celebrations and is open to every Aalto student.

The event is organized at Saturday afternoon 22.2.2020 from 2 pm to 7 pm in Dipoli. When the day turns into evening, busses will take you to afterparty in unknown location X….

More information about the event as well as the detailed time travel programme will be published later – stay tuned!

Welcome all to Replay!


All To X

In celebration for the 10-year old Aalto university student union, we have published All to X mobile application for the whole Aalto community! Update your Aalto-vibes, find all AYY:s and its association’s events in one place and collect All to X-points! Register as user in http://alltox.ayy.fi and save the web page as an application in your home screen of your mobile device. By gaining points we can increase the amount our sponsor TEK will donate to charity! The donations will go to “Eväitä Elämälle” (Fuel for Life) programme aimed to children at risk of social exclusion by Pelastakaa Lapset ry (Save the Children).


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