Weekly Digest 49

Only 13 more night until the well-earned Christmas break!

Netta – the elf


I Events

Wähäjoulu 111 5.12.
Wähäjoulun Afterparty 6.12.
Guild of Architecture’s pre-christmas party 11.12.
The Annual Ball of the AA-club 15.12

I Events



As winter robs the plant life of all its color, we all retreat to our minds’ gardens, where color, scent and warmth nurture us for the spring to come. On December 5th these gardens shall spring to life in our corporeal world when the guild of Architecture gathers to celebrate its 111th annual ball.

The festivities start underneath the pergola that is the Museum of Finnish Architecture. From there the journey takes us to Kiltasali where the main event is held. Once the night falls and the flowers of the garden withdraw to wait for the morning sun, the guests are transported to the afterparty and night swim, both in a secret location. And when the first rays of the sun bring the garden back to life we will convene for a refreshing herring breakfast at Siltasaari sauna.

What: The annual ball of the Guild of Architecture, Wähäjoulu
When: December 5th 2019
How much: Main event 85 € (students) or 100 € (alumni), morning swim 16 €, herring breakfast 15 €
Why. “Nothing is more important than gardening, and even that isn’t particularly important.” – a Chinese proverb

Event on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/404026587140694/ 


Sometimes even the greatest gardeners grow tired of fiddling with their bushes and yearn for freedom. And what better way to do that than the official afterparty of Wähäjoulu. Reach for the top of the trees let yourself loose amidst unshaved bushes and wild plantlife.

The location of the afterparty will be kept secret until the Wähäjoulu takes place on December 5th. Those not attending the Wähäjoulu main event can inquire the location in Telegram from @krapulapoika.

Ticket sale at the spot, price 5€ (includes 1 food).
Free for main event guests.

What: Wähäjoulu Afterparty
Where: To be announced on december 5th
When: December 6th from 12pm to 3 am

Event on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/549813592468569/




Welcome to the Guild of Architecture’s Christmas Party!

The year is almost finished so what could be better than get together one last time before heading to your well-earned Christmas break. Remember to bring a towel!

What: Guild of Architecture’s pre-christmas party
Where: Vaasankatu rooftop sauna, Vaasankatu 10
When: Wed 11.12. stay tuned in facebook for the official event!
Why: Why not, really?



The Board of AA-kerho welcomes all Athenians and Guild members of Architecture to celebrate the past year. The theme of our sitsit is dictated by the extravagant parties of The Godfather, as we waltz around like at the wedding of Connie and Carlo. Cast yourself as whoever you desire and come to the grandiose Smökki on Sunday 15.12.

We commence our celebrations at 18:00 with the cocktail-event at Smökki, from where we leave towards the main event at Smökki and the ring of the gong at 18:30. You may bring some cash, but leave your listening devices and surveillance vans at home.

The most eager may bring gifts for the board. We wish, however, everyone to consider the ecology and ethicality of the given present.

Is already open and closes on Sunday 8.12. https://athene.fi/ilmo/event/46

WHAT: The Annual Ball of the AA-club
WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4
WHEN: 15.12. at 18:00 (cocktail event), 18:30 (sitsit)
COST: 15 €
DRESSCODE: cocktail, in the fashion of The Godfather
SIGN-UP: https://athene.fi/ilmo/event/46

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/542639226527084/


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