Weekly Digest 16

It’s a beginning if a new period, which means that we are again a week closer to MaYdAy!

Mayday always on my mind,


I Events

Guild afterworks Lund excursion 15.4.
Summer-Kiljava sign up starts 15.4.
Vista explores Plehat 17.4.
AK-Inkubio Sparkling Wine Tasting 17.4.
Sitsi competition 20.4.
The Brunch Sittning 25.4.

II Pastime activities

Energy communities workshop 23.4.
Vista 30: Competition

I Events



It is time for the most fantastic trip of the year: Lund excursion! Come hear more about this amazing adventure at the guild afterworks on Monday.

Guild’s Nordic collaboration will culminate in visiting our Swedish friends. This year the Lund excursion will offer something to everyone from architecture students to interior and landscape architecture. During the trip we will visit for example the landscape architecture school in Alnarp and the university of Lund that has architecture and industrial design in the same department.

The excursion will be organized 10.-13.5. You can join the trip later or leave earlier if necessary or stay longer on your own. All attendees will book their own transportation and there is a 100 euro compensation travel costs per person. We will stay at local students’ apartments.

The trip will begin at the Copenhagen airport from where we will take a train to Sweden. We will spend the day at Alnarp and head to Lund in the evening. Saturday we will spend with the local students. On Sunday we will chill in Lund and those who have to can already head back to Helsinki. On Monday those flying back to Helsinki in the evening can spend the day in Copenhagen.

The sign up for the excursion opens on Monday at 19.00 at the Guild afterworks. The sign up form will be posted to this event. There are spots for the first 10 people. More info on the trip will be posted to this event. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact matti.jankala@aalto.fi or @mattiiij on Telegram.

What: a weekend trip to Lund
Where: Copenhagen-Alnarp-Lund-Copenhagen
When: 10.-13.5.
Price: free accommodation and 100e travel compensation

Event on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/events/381662145755531/



Come and join us to celebrate a summer-cam oranized by Student-SAFA! There will be some funny workshops, hanging around the campfire and of course getting to know new and old architecture students! The assembly is going to take place in Vähä-Kiljava. Vähä-Kiljava is a holiday resort approximately 50km from Helsinki owned by SAFA, the organisation of Finnish architects.


Participation fee for the weekend is 10 euros. For the fee you get:
– Accomodation (take a sleeping bag with you!)
– Meals: breakfast, evening meals and Saturday lunch (except for your dish of preference for the BBQ-party!)
– Bus from Helsinki to Kiljava and back
– Sauna (remember to bring your own towel and swimsuit)
– Coffee and toilet paper

The bus to Kiljava leaves from Helsinki on Friday afternoon (exact time will be released soon) The bus takes us from Kiljava back to Helsinki on Sunday afternoon.

There´s room for everyone to accomodate indoors in the main building, but if you want you can also bring your own tent/hammock if you prefer camping outdoors.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them on Opiskelija-SAFA Facebook account messenger.

– Student SAFA
Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2544550979105392/



Jump in to virtual reality and explore passage of time in digital model.

Plehat has invited Vista and everybody interested to visit Plehat’s office in Otaniemi at Wed 17th of April. Plehat has specialized offering landscape-architectures digital and consultant services. Now you have a change to try out Plehat’s new VR-development platform Spacetime where you can control the time of day and months as well as weather like rain, wind and fog while exploring the design.

The event starts at 17.00 in Otakaari 5 A. You can come straight there or meet with us at the guildroom of the Guild of Architecture at 16.50 and walk there together.

The event lasts about from hour to two hours.
Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2265871343480720/



”To guarantee a perfect taste experience, different types of drinks are best enjoyed in their optimal temperatures. Sparkling wine should be enjoyed chilled, so a tiny bit colder than regular wine, but too much cold can also destroy all the flavors of the wine. The best temperature varies depending on the sparkling wine, but for a traditional white sparkling wine it’s 5-7 degrees celsius.”

Wappu is coming and it’s time for us to awaken our taste buds for sparkling wine! Come together with Inkubio and the Guild of Architecture to enjoy the spring evening with some bubbly.

Sign up begins on Wednesday April 3rd and ends on April 10th, after which it becomes binding.
LINK TO THE SIGN UP: https://www.inkubio.fi/ilmo/event/9

The event is for those over 18 years old!

WHAT: AK-Inkubio Sparkling Wine Tasting
WHEN: 17.4.2019, 4 pm
WHERE: Otaranta Club Room, Otaranta 8 B
PRICE: 13€
DC: Smart Casual

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/650948685340383/



It’s time to get your team together and hone your sitsi behaviour to its peak, because on Saturday the 20th of April starts the traditional sitsi competition!
So gather your team and come to the square in front of Alvari to present your theme, offerings and other assets. The competition begins at 1 pm and the Distinguished Jury will choose the winners on the basis of the best theme, execution and overall feeling.
The winning team will be announced at the declaration of Wappurieha on 30.4.Sign your team up for the competition by 12.00 am on Wednesday 17.4.
Sign up is now open at:
https://lomake.ayy.fi/teekkarijaosto/sitsikilpailut-2019/Remember that what’s most important in these competitions is to get involved in a relaxed way and that Alvari is left neat and tidy.
There will be an after party at OK20 starting at 6 pm. Remember to bring a towel!What: Sitsi competition
Where: Alvarin Aukio
When: 20.4. competition starts at 1 pm
Costs: Nothing!


Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2295608497163781/



Wappu is coming! A lovely exuberant and decadent brunch with TOKYO, NuDe and the Guild of Architecture! Come and enjoy a late brunch in Otaranta 25.4. and spend time in the greatest company.

There are 10 spots for each association’s students and in addition 10 extra free spots.

Sign up begins on Thursday April 11st at 12 PM and ends on April 19th, after which it becomes binding.
LINK TO THE SIGN UP will be posted later.

Sitsit party are for those over 18 years old!

WHAT: Brunch sitsit: AK, NuDe, TOKYO!
WHEN: 25.4.2019, 4 pm
WHERE: Otaranta Club Room, Otaranta 8 B
PRICE: 8€, a bottle of sparkling wine is +8€

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1214391325395799/




II Pastime activities



Come and join us here at VTT on 23.4. at 16:00 to showcase the world energy leaders that young people in Finland have immense potential, are innovative and think of the future. This multidisciplinary workshop is created by VTT for young people to discuss energy future, innovate new business ideas and network as a preparation for the CEM10/MI-4 ministerials held on 27th to 29th of May in Vancouver, Canada. The workshop is for you if you want to be an active participant in building our energy future and hear how your energy consumption is about to change in the coming years. The goal of the workshop is to come up with beyond the obvious ideas and for that, we need a multidisciplinary crowd. So please join us all backgrounds are welcome!

The participation in the workshop is free of charge and we provide coffee and snacks, so please register before 18.4. at: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/energy_communities_workshop_230419

WHAT: ENERGY COMMUNITIES WORKSHOP – towards business models for the new normal
WHERE: VTT, Digitalo, AP107 (Vuorimiehentie 3, Espoo)
WHEN: 23.4.2019, 16:00 – 18:00

TICKETS: free of charge; register at https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/energy_communities_workshop_230419

WHY: make your mark on our energy future


Part 1: Forming Energy Communities

  • Introduction: Energy community concept
  • Discussion: Forming energy community – challenges and solutions

Part 2: Business Models for the New Normal

  • Introduction: Traditional business models do not generate as much revenue as previously
  • Discussion: Services for energy communities & new business models

Wrap-up & Open questions



Vista organizes a design competition for board members academic medal and overall badge.
The competition will be published on Monday 4th of March at 9.00 on Vista’s webpage.
The competition takes place from the 4th of March to 30th of April. Award for the winner is 100€!
Find out more: https://vista.ayy.fi/?page_id=1434


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