Weekly Digest 14

Yahuu! Today is already first of April! You can tell from the weather and the overall atmosphere that May Day is just around the corner and only four weeks away. Enjoy all the fantastic events that take place before the big day!

Unpatiently wating,



I Events

Sparkling Wine Tasting signin up starts 3.4.
Wienerbergers lecture and coffee 5.4.
Väärinymmärrettyjet sitsit  6.4.

II Pastime activities

Open meeting of artistic activities 3.4.
Thought Leaders’ Talk by Tero Ojanperä 3.4.
Otaniemi climate strike 5.4.
Humans vs Zombies Spring 5.-7.4.

I Events 


”To guarantee a perfect taste experience, different types of drinks are best enjoyed in their optimal temperatures. Sparkling wine should be enjoyed chilled, so a tiny bit colder than regular wine, but too much cold can also destroy all the flavors of the wine. The best temperature varies depending on the sparkling wine, but for a traditional white sparkling wine it’s 5-7 degrees celsius.”

Wappu is coming and it’s time for us to awaken our taste buds for sparkling wine! Come together with Inkubio and the Guild of Architecture to enjoy the spring evening with some bubbly.

Sign up begins on Wednesday April 3rd and ends on April 10th, after which it becomes binding.
LINK TO THE SIGN UP will be posted later.

The event is for those over 18 years old!

WHAT: AK-Inkubio Sparkling Wine Tasting
WHEN: 17.4.2019, 4 pm
WHERE: Otaranta Club Room, Otaranta 8 B
PRICE: 13€
DC: Smart Casual

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/650948685340383/


One of our guilds biggest overall sponsors Wienerberger comes to give us a short lecture about their company on friday 5.4 at 13-14. Coffee and snacks will be served! Come to see what kind of company is printed on your overalls! Dresscode: overalls

WHAT: Wienerberger lecture and coffee
WHERE: Negotiation room K101, near the guild room
WHEN: Friday 5.4 at 13-14


Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/371231373721719/



“Aport! All hands on deck!” An iceberg can already be spotted on the horizon. Every move the crew makes is already in vain. After some misunderstandings the misunderstood people are headed towards their undefeatable and frigid doom. So once more, it’s time to party before the crash!

Come aboard on one ocean-going ship’s fancy deck with the Guild of Architecture, Athene, NuDe and Prodeko. The times are hard but we won’t let that slow us down!

Sign up begins on Friday March 22nd at 12 pm and ends on March 29nd, after which it becomes binding.
LINK TO THE SIGN UP https://athene.fi/ilmo/event/1

Sitsit party are for those over 18 years old!

WHAT: Misunderstood sitsit & sillis
WHEN: 6.4.2019 cocktail event 6 pm, sitsit 7 pm and sillis 7.4. 12 pm
WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4; sillis at Rantsu
PRICE: sitsit party 17€, sillis 8€
DC: Cocktail
AFTERPARTY: Smökki, around 11:30 pm

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/391836821594761/ 

I Pastime activities 


Open meeting of artistic activities on 3 Apr at 5 pm @Café Kylteri

AYY’s Steering Group of Artistic Activities meets on 3 Apr at 5 pm in Café Kylteri (Ekonominaukio 1) and wishes all interested parties welcome in the meeting! On the agenda, Otaniemi Night of Arts, the accumulation of AYY’s art collection, the photograph mosaic and other projects. Welcome to listen in on, discuss and influence AYY’s artistic activities!

Even if you cannot make it (or even if you can), you can tell us about your interest in taking part in AYY’s artistic activities here: https://lomake.ayy.fi/taide/ayy-artistic-activities-take-part/.

You can use the same form to submit your own ideas as well!



AI has quickly crept into fields like finance, advertising, retail and sustainability – to name just a few. On Wednesday 3.4. Tero Ojanperä, Chairman and Co-Founder of Silo.AI, will take the stage and share the biggest social trends brought by AI. Join this Thought Leaders’ Talk to hear how the current technological disruption will impact our society and our lives.

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/events/509076469620295/

The event is open for all interested and free to attend!



Welcome to Otaniemi climate strike 5.4.! Thousands of young people are skipping school to go on strikes for for better climate decisions. Why should we study and graduate if our generations future is in danger?




Humans vs Zombies Spring 5.-7.4.

Humans vs. Zombies is a moderated game of tag where zombie players try to spread the infection by tagging human players. Humans can in turn protect themselves by hiding, fleeing or fighting back (using socks or foam gun darts to “stun” zombies). Exciting missions and quests will be available every day. Since teamwork is often the best strategy, players are guaranteed to meet new people.

Participation is completely free of charge. The organizers will provide the game scarf and special items for you. All you have to do is sign up, show up and play.

Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2213302415597479/
Sign up here: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/humans-vs-zombies-2019/


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