Weekly Digest 26/22

Hello there!

Before I let you to read this week’s Digest: GUILD ELECTIONS ARE HERE SOON! Election season begins on Wednesday with Committee Marketplace in A-wing – come have some snacks and find out what activities you could do in a Guild’s committee next year!

I wish you a rewarding work week. <3

Veera Vornanen
The Guild of Architecture
Telegram: @veeratainen

I General

[AK] Committee Marketplace 2.11.

Department of Architecture 150th Anniversary 18.11.

[AK] Save the date: Guild’s Annual Meeting 22.11.

Reminder: course feedbacks

II Upcoming events


[AK] Escape Room 1.11.

[AK, MK, Kemistikilta] Old Guilds’ Vintage -sitsi’s 3.11.

Paranormal-sitsi’s 4.11.

MAIK Baby Shower -sitsi’s 8.11.

Polin Appro -pub crawl 9.-10.11. (some tickets still on sale)

[AK] Cone x A-lumni -sitsi’s 11.11. (some tickets still on sale)

[AK, SISTA, Vista] Tallinn day excursion 11.11.

[AK x Oras] Corporate excursion 11.11.

III Interesting stuff

[AK] Teacher of the Year 2022 (DL today)

[TOKYO] Maskerad 4.11.

[AK] Sportklubb: Bouldering 7.11. (sign-up DL 1.11. by 3 pm)

[AK] Propose a member who deserves an acknowledgement in the Guild! (7.-23.11.)

Teekkari Tradition Weeks 6.-20.11.

Saint Gobain: Architecture Student Contest 2023

IV Job offers

Aalto Jobteaser: check available job offers

I General

[AK] Guild’s Committee Marketplace 2.11.

What could help with your Guild hunger? The Election season has begun and now is a great time to think what you’d like to do in the Guild next year.

Throughout the month before the Guild’s annual meeting on Nov 22nd, various kinds of Guild active positions will be introduced, and first in line are the committees of the Guild! Head out to A-wing next Wednesday Nov 2nd from 4 to 6 pm, to attend the Committee Marketplace and find the most delicious Guild active position.

In this event, you can find both small snacks and introductions to committee roles from Influencers to Toads of Fun and the Sport Klubb.

Department of Architecture 150th Anniversary 18.11.

Warmly welcome to celebrate the Department of Architecture’s 150th Anniversary!
The evening will entail a festive Anniversary buffet dinner, publication of the Year Book, Music and good company.

Friday 18th November, 18-23 o’clock, Beta Space, Otakaari 1 X Lobby

Link to the signup and rest of the information is in Aalto-mail. (Sign up closes 4.11.)

[AK] Save the date: The Guild of Architecture’s Annual Meeting

Save the date! Guild’s Annual Meeting is held on 22.11., where the Board and Committees of 2023 are voted in election!

Reminder: course feedbacks

Remember to give course feedbacks on Webropol-forms!

II Upcoming events

31.10. / tickets sold // Smökki, Otaniemi

KIIMASTULI is an unprecedented, burning hot combination. Architecture students most arousing party ever, Hell and Halloween come together in a liberating spirit, beyond the reach of study pressures and social norms, in a carefree space accompanied by the rhythm of a techno beat.

Belief in the possibilities of the alternative realities does not grow by following the daily politics – KIIMASTULI – relaxes the muscles, cleanses the heart and fills the body with strength – it’s time to take a leap of faith and surrender to seductions! Come as you are and wear the outfit of your choice. The most fierce look will be awarded!

WHEN? 31.10.
DC? Creatures from Below

More info about the event on hype/info-channel in Telegram!

[AK] Escape Room
1.11. / at 17:45 – 19:00 // sign-up open // Salmisaaren liikuntakeskus, Helsinki

Go to prison tomorrow?
Come to solve escape room Prison Island on Tuesday November 1st 6-7pm
Cheap price 6,40 €, fun activity.
(Normally 18 €)

WHAT: Fun at prison escape room
WHERE: Salmisaaren liikuntakeskus, Helsinki
WHEN: November 1st, 2022, 5:45pm.
PRISE: 6,40€ / person (twice the price of student lunch)

[AK, MK, Kemistikilta] Old Guilds’ Vintage -sitsi’s
3.11. / at 6 pm // sign-up closed // Smökki
…something new and something old…
…something never seen before…
… and something never before experienced!⏳What happens when the three oldest guilds of Otaniemi collide?⌛️It’s about time KK, MK and AK are combining their powers to celebrate their oldness in a form of an academic table party❣️
Whether you just started your studies  or have been hanging around Otaniemi for a while , we welcome you to the Old guild’s Vintage sitsis. The theme for the event is vintage, so feel free to accessorize with something old or antique like your grandma’s heirloomsSo come and raise a toast with us on the 3.11. from 18:00-> to new friendships, vintage feels and old guilds.WHAT: ⚜️Old Guilds’ Vintage -Sitsis⚜️
WHERE: Servin mökki, Jämeräntaival 4
WHEN: 3.11. at 18:00, the gong at 18:30
PRICE: 14€
DC:✨ Cocktail & something old / vintage ✨
WHY: the three oldest guilds = triple the funNOTE! The sign-up begins on Thu the 20th of October at 16:00 here and ends on the 27th at 23:59, after which it becomes binding.
Paranormal -sitsi’s
4.11. / at 6 pm / tickets sold // Metallimiehenkuja 6, Otaniemi

Does your autumn need a little more spooky atmosphere and heart palpitations?

If your answer is yes, put on your overalls and a hint of the supernatural and come to chase away the darkness of November to Paranormal sitz on Friday November 4th! ✨

WHAT: Paranormal sitz
WHEN: Fri 4.11. at 18 onwards
WHERE: Metallimiehenkuja 6
PRICE: 15€
TICKETS: 24.10. at 16 on Kide.app
DC: Overalls with a spooky twist

More info in FB event.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact TG@jaloniina

MAIK Baby Shower -sitsi’s
8.11. / reg. closes 31.10. // Otakaari 20 upstairs
You might remember the wild spree at MAIK’s family reunion last year It’s time to pay the consequences now, the family is growing We are happy to invite you to MAIK’s Baby Shower at Otakaari 20 upstairs on November 11th Welcome to celebrate the upcoming baby with delicious food, rise some toasts, and first of all to sung nice songs with MAIK friends
Sign-up for the MAIK Baby Shower sitsis begins on Thursday, October 20th and the price for the party is 16€ for MAIK members, and 20€ for others. MAIK membership is free
Polin Approt -pub crawl
9.-10.11. // some tickets still on sale // central Helsinki

The traditional Polin Appro will once again take over Helsinki in the first Teekkari tradition week!

Polin Appro is located around Vanha Poli, the origins of engineering students, limiting the area from Punavuori to Kamppi. After the pub crawl, you can head to Apollo Live Club to the official afterparty where amazing artists entertain the crowd. Polin Appro is for all students and student-minded people!

Ticket sales for the event will open on Kide.app on Tuesday, October 25. at 2pm. In addition, tickets will be sold physically in Otaniemi in the lobby of the Undergraduate center (Otakaari 1) on Wednesday 26. October and Thursday 27. October, both days from 12pm to 3pm. When buying a ticket, you choose the appro day and your start time.

The ticket price is 15€ (patch included).
The age limit for the event is K18.

More information on telegram, on https://polinappro.fi and on instagram @polinappro

[AK] Cone x A-lumni -sitsi’s
11.11. / at 6 pm, sitsi’s at 7 pm // some tickets still on sale // Saha, Konemiehentie 1, Otaniemi
Cones and conks.
Time before and after graduation.
Arrangement of the opposites or a perfect coordination?
What will this unprecedented clash of the sitsit peoples of different eras and generations induce? No one knows exactly.
Will the conks, perhaps, be inspired to reveal the reality of post-graduation, or will they refresh their memory by going back to their old days? Will the cones reach the heights of the treetops to dream – will the life of the cones be more fruitful on the other side of the forest? Do the conks think they know more than the cones?
At least it is certain that this feast will be remembered. Or as the famous sitsi-song goes, will our memory fade during the evening…
But how does one distinguish cones and conks? Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this. Everyone knows that architecture students wear black (not only according to the sitsit-song), so why reinvent the wheel…
Come and experience the feast no one has ever seen before.
WHAT: The Aalto University Guild of Architecture’s first of its kind, cone x a-lumni sitsit
WHERE: in SAHA. Address Konemiehentie 1, Otaniemi, Espoo
WHEN: on Friday 11th of November – The cocktail event starting at 18, sitsit-feast at 19
WHY: because of cones, because of a-lumnis, because of sitsit, because of guild-love
PRICE: cones 18e, a-lumnis 25e
Dresscode: Cocktail – cones in black, a-lumnis in anything else but black
Kide-app page for the Cone x A-lumni sitsit event’s enrolment is now published! You can access it only via the link posted on Arkkitehtikilta-chat. The registration opens today 6 PM sharp. So be ready, since there is a limited amount of tickets available.
[AK, SISTA, Vista] Tallinn day excursion
11.11. / from 9 am – 9 pm / sign-up closed // West harbor / Tallinn

Ohoy! Join us for a first-ever interdisciplinary excursion to Tallinn!

For the first time ever, the Guild of Architecture, Vista and Sista together are organising a one-day excursion to Tallinn on Friday 11.11. Let yourself be carried by the waves towards beloved Tallinn, where we’ll get to tour the most fascinating architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture locations.

So cancel your lectures and be ready to sign up when the registration opens to the excursion in the beginning of next week – limited spots available!

The excursion tours will be held in English!

WHAT? Tallinn- excursion
WHERE and WHEN? 11.11. Departure at 9am from Länsisatama (Helsinki), arriving at 9pm to Länsisatama
WHY? Excursion abroad to the warmth of the south
PRICE? 10€!! Very cheap!!!

[AK x Oras] Corporate excursion
11.11. / sign-up closed // Otaniemi-Rauma-Otaniemi

What comes out of the faucet, is it wine or water? How many architects does it take to figure out how a faucet works? What is the best refreshment in sauna? And what do these things have to do with Rauma? Let’s find out together!

WHAT Open the faucets, here comes the legendary AK x Oras corporate excursion!
WHERE In Rauma, Finland!
WHEN On Fri 11.11., from morning till evening
HOW MUCH 5€ for the transportation, otherwise free
WHAT IS GOING ON I don’t know but in Rauma we will have food, drinks, a corporate introduction and a sauna
REGISTRATION Opens on next Monday the 24th at 16:00. There are 27 spots available

III Interesting stuff

[AK] Teacher of the Year 2022

Who has especially excelled in their teaching this year? Is it about inspirational way of teaching, understanding towards students or perhaps some other merit? Now it’s time to nominate the Teacher of the Year 2022!

Annually, the Guild of Architecture honors a teacher selected by students with the title Teacher of the Year. The traditional trophy, a chunk of pinewood older than Aaltos, is handed down to the nominated teacher. The Teacher of the Year is announced on 5th of December in Wähäjoulu.

You can propose by filling this Forms. Arguments are especially taken into account when choosing the Teacher of the Year.

Vote latest on 31.10.

[TOKYO] Maskerad 4.11.
TOKYO’s 61st Maskerad is back this year with the theme of Paradise Under Construction. We welcome you all to celebrate this long & unforgettable night with us!
Tickets are now available at the TOKYO Holvi shop.⋆ 04.11.22 door opens at 20:00
⋆ Otakaari 5L High Voltage Hall, Otaniemi
⋆ 15€ – TOKYO members, 18€ – non-members, 18€ – on the spotFollow our social media channels for more updates regarding the night’s lineup and upcoming costume workshop.
See you in paradise (under construction)!

AK Sportklubb: Bouldering 7.11.
Do you feel exhausted after a long school day? Are you just monkeying around instead of doing what you should be doing? (Don’t worry, so do I) It’s time to let your inner monkey free and go climbing!🐒🌿

Join with us on Monday 1.11. to Kiipeilyareena Kalasatama where we go bouldering together. Bouldering is a form of free climbing on low walls without the use of ropes or harnesses. There are climbing walls at Kiipeilyareena for all level climbers!

You will need stretchy pants and a shirt which is suitable for sports, and don’t forget to take your water bottle! Also, remember to cut your nails short before climbing. If you don’t own a pair of climbing boots, Kiipeilyareena will provide them for you for free of charge.

Bouldering costs five euros. Sign up by filling this form  latest 1.11. at 15:00 and paying the attending fee on MobilePay box: 3313RV, if you don’t have MobilePay, contact us, also If you need to cancel after registeration, please let us know (TG@dopaminni or TG@iisamus).

We will start climbing around 15:00. If you are coming from Otaniemi and you want to go to Kiipeilyareena together, let’s meet together in front of Otaniemi metro station at 14:30.

What: Bouldering!🙊
Why: we are all monkeys here!
When: on Monday 7.11. at 15:00
Where: Kiipeilyareena Kalasatama, (Redi)
How much does it cost: 5 euros

[AK] Propose a member who deserves an acknowledgement in the Guild! (7.-23.11.)
Wähäjoulu is around the corner, and it’s time to bring to mind all the accomplished people in the guild!

Starting next week, you can suggest guild members who you think deserve to be recognized for their activity in the guild community and who have promoted a good spirit in the guild. They will be awarded at Wähäjoulu on December 5, 2022.

The proposal form for this year is open from 7.11 to 23.11., and the link will be published later!

Read more about the Guild’s ackowledgements on the guild’s website:

Teekkari Tradition Weeks 150 6.-20.11.

Teekkari Tradition Weeks keep getting closer! The weeks start on 6th of November with Road of Teekkarius and end on 19th of November with the Teekkari Tradition Party. In honor of the anniversary year 4 completely new events are organized during the weeks on top of the traditional ones! More information can be found on our website, Facebook, Telegram info channel and Instagram.

Road of Teekkarius 6.11.

Mega Croquet 7.11. (Tickets https://kide.app/events/837e474c-1fbc-43d0-9206-8422b5692085)

Cradles of Technology 12.-13.11.

Battle of the Guilds 17.11. (Tickets https://kide.app/events/d1b6c454-ac28-4f0e-b486-366f81c7c603)

See you on Teekkari Tradition Weeks!

www.teekkarius150.fi / TG@teekkarius150

Saint Gobain: Architecture Student Contest 2023
Previously at Guild room Coffee Hour Saint Gobain threw a challenge for architecture students interested in competitions; the Architecture Student Contest 2023 starts this September!
In last year’s Contest of 2022 the first place went to students from University of Oulu – it would be amazing to see proposals from Aalto University’s architecture students as well!
More info about the Architecture Student Contest can be found here: https://architecture-student-contest.saint-gobain.com/

 IV Job offers

Työpaikkailmoitukset-välilehti on siirretty Tiedotteet-sarakkeeseen, josta löytyy myös viikkotiedotteet! Löydät sinne myös alla olevasta linkistä:
Katso uusimmat työpaikkailmoitukset täältä!

Aalto JOBTEASERIN työtarjoukset (vaatii Aalto-tunnuksilla kirjautumisen):



Onko sinulla kehitysehdotuksia?

Jos haluat tiedotteesi ensi viikon Viikkikseen, lähetäthän materiaalisi (suomeksi ja englanniksi mielellään!) sähköpostiini tulevaan perjantaihin mennessä. 

Työantajat: Työpaikkailmoituksen julkaisusta sovitaan erikseen – olethan ajoissa yhteyksissä! 


Ota yhteyttä: 

Telegram: @veeratainen