Weekly News – Week 8

Majan vuosijuhlatunnelmia kesältä

Fri 26.2. Game night
Fri 4.3. AK + RAK SAUNA
Ilmoittautuminen Majatalkoisiin
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pe 26.2. Game night
Welcome to a game night at the guildroom! The culture sector has been given 100€ to update the guilds game selection. The new games will be unveiled 26.2 at 5pm. Before that we have to decide which games to invest in. All suggestions and game donations are welcome.
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pe 4.3. AK + RAK SAUNA
Sauna with the Rakennusarkkitehtikilta. English info not available yet – coming soon to Facebook.
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Sign up for Communal Cabin enhancement weekend
A weekend full of fun tasks and recreational activities at the Cabin on 11.-13.3. The event is free of charge. Sign up HERE.
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Apply to be a tutor!
Yes, you can still sign up to be a tutor over the course of this week!!!!!!! Apply here.