Weekly News – Week 39


School has really kicked off but so has everything else! On Wednesday you can have coffee with the guild, and find out everything that is going on in October and on the Campus Expo you can find associations with whom you can fill your free time. The weekend will be kicked off by one of the biggest parties of this autumn – Lakinlaskijaiset!

Wed 28.9. Coffee break with the guild
Wed 28.9. Kampuskarkelot
Fri 30.9. Otatarhan ajot and Lakinlaskijaiset
Mon 3.10. Sign-up for Good vs Bad goes to Hogwarts – sitsit party

Wed 28.9. Coffee break with the guild
September was full of events but you will find things to do in October as well! Arrive to the cafeteria of Miestentie 3 on Wednesday 28.9 at 12.30. You will hear about the events the Guild of Architecture will arrange in October. There will be coffee and snacks.
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Wed 28.9. Campus Expo 2016
What is AYY? What are the activities of special status associations, such as the guilds or KY? What was that nice association that I visited at the Aalto Party? Do we have any tennis clubs? Who organises all the parties? You will find answers to all these questions from one place – AYY’s Campus Expo!
Whatever is on your mind, please head to the second floor at Otakaari 1 at 10am-2pm on 28 September to see all that Aalto has to offer! All associations that operate within AYY are there to present their activities, so you might even find a new hobby for yourself ;)
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Fri 30.9. Otatarhan ajot race ja Lakinlaskijaiset

The last day of September starts with a bang when the Otatarhan ajot race takes place right before the the traditional Lakinlaskijaiset! Challenge yourself and others, and build a race car for the toughest competition of the year! The vehicle can’t be powered by any sort of engine, but other than that only your imagination is the limit.

Now that Otatarha’s race is over, it is time to tune up towards the evening and Lakinlaskijaiset with the official pre-party in Smökki! If you’re feeling hungry or thirsty, you should probably reserve some cash with you.

Fall is finally here and we once again it is time to put the student caps to rest and take out our fur hats because winter is coming. To celebrate the occasion we have organized a party like no other in the mecca of horse races, Vermon ravirata! Say what? Yes! Put your student cap on once more, pack up your whips and spurs and saddle up! This is a party you cannot miss! (Tickets 13/15)
Otatarhanajot race on Facebook.
LL pre-party on Facebook.
Lakinlaskijaiset on Facebook.

Mon 3.10. Sign up for Good vs Bad goes to Hogwarts – sitsit party
Kannunvalajat & the Guild of Construction Architecture & the Guild of Architecture presents: Good vs Bad goes to Hogwarts on Saturday 22nd October at Smökki. The sitsit costs 17/15 euros (with/without alcohol). The cocktail event starts at 18.00 and we will seat ourselves to tables at 19.00. The afterparty starts at 23.00. Remember to take your student card with you, if you’re only coming to the after party. The registration for the sitsit begins on 3rd October at noon. The link for the registration will be posted on the Facebook event.
Event on Facebook.