Weekly News – Week 3

Hello, over the course of this week and the next you can join ice-hockey, sledge-building, or have some fun at the Guild Sitsit!

to 21.1. Ice-hockey/Skating
ma 25.1. Kiltapäiväkerho: AK goes laskiaisrieha!
ti 26.1. Kiltasitsit goes vanhainkoti / Guild Sitsit

Thursday 21.1. Ice-hockey/Skating
We will play ice hockey Thursday 21.1 19.00!
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Mon 25.1. Kiltapäiväkerho: AK goes laskiaisrieha
On Shrove Tuesday, 9.2.2016, it’s time to find you something that passes for a sled and head on over to Kaivopuisto, Helsinki (Iso Puistotie 1, Helsinki)! The most daring and ambitious take part in the legendary downhill race, where teams pilot their home-made sleds down the Ullanlinnanmäki hillside in the hope of winning the grand prize! They are judged not only on their run’s distance, but creativity and showmanship as well. Welcome to plan and create the most epic sled for the Guild of Architecture on Monday 25th of January at 6 pm at the guild room.
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Tuesday 26.1. Kiltasitsit goes vanhainkoti / Guild Sitsit

Welcome to the traditional sitsit party of the Guild of Architecture! This time we are celebrating retirement home-style. So grab your dentures and arrive with your rollator to the Jämeräntaival 3A game room on Tuesday 26.1. Evening starts with cocktails at 18:00 and the sitsit starts at 18:30. So come and mingle with other elderly people!

The sign-up ends tomorrow, 21.1, so if you want to join, do so ASAP!
More information and sign up on the event on Facebook.