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I Events

AK Personal development Zine Workshop 12.3

Watercolors & Wine 13.3

Kiima- The Retro edition 15.3.

AK Leftover work funday 17.3

Come and celebrate St Patricks day 16.3!

White Overall Sitsit 28.3


II Announcements

Apply for the AYY’s Outdoor Game Committee!

The Radiodiodi is coming again!

The Aalto Formula Team has been founded! Join the race!


I Events

AK Personal development Zine Workshop 12.3


Welcome to AK:s zine workshop! The concept is to process a personal goal or issue, conflict, decision or future plans through making a zine, or a ”small magazine”.


You will get materials for the zine and guidance from the guild, but if you would like to use a specific medium or papers or pens, please bring your own!


It’s possible to share thoughts about your theme with others, but this is mostly a personal tool for participants to work through a personal topic in a visual, progressing format. The results are private and will only be shown to others if the participants wants to share them.


Example topics for processing through your zine:

– future plans and hopes, career paths, skill and goal definition

– personal issues, relationships, family relations

– self-appreciation


If you would like further information, please contact Saana Rossi (on facebook or @ saanaama on Telegram)


See you there!



Watercolors & Wine 13.3


When the winter cold freezes both water and wine, it’s best to crawl inside and enjoy them in the warmth of a fireplace. So come and channel your artistic side through watercolour painting – and wine. You don’t need to be an expert. We will paint different kinds of compositions. If you can’t bring your own supplies, they will be provided by the guild.


The event is free, the wine costs 3€.


WHAT: Watercolour painting evening

WHERE: Takkakabinetti (Jämeräntaival 3 A)

WHEN: Tuesday 13th of March at 6pm

WHY: Because artsy stuff, also wine





Kiima- The Retro edition 15.3.


In The Heat of the Night! The Architecture students have gone for a quest to find the best of the past for spring KIIMA. Be at Smökki on 15th of March for this intense retro- marathon all the way from 50’s towards the new millenium!


Mullets and swing dresses, outrageous shoulderpads and your beloved DC shoes from 2nd grade get to come together along the beats of DJ T. P. Uotila! Guilds hottest dance group #SWAGSWAGNAMNAM! will also show up to entertain the guests.


Event is R18


WHAT? Kiima- The Retro edition

WHERE? Smökki- Jämeräntaival 4, 02150 Espoo

WHEN? 15.3. at 20-02

COST? Tickets in advance 4€, At The door 5€ – Patch 2€


Tickets will be sold


PORTHANIA Tue 27.2. – 11:30-12:30

KUVATAIDEAKATEMIA Wed 28.2. – 11:30-12:30

ARABIA CAMPUS Thu 1.3. – 11:30-12:30

HANKEN Fri 2.2. – 11:30-12:30


OTANIEMI UNDERGRAD. CENTRE Tue 6.3. – 11-13 and Thu 8.3.


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/2029880710591439/



AK Leftover work funday 17.3


Do you have an essay leftover or some course work you never returned? Do you want to have a clean slate for finishing your spring courses or enjoying wappu festivities?


Join our team effort to finish leftover assignments!



12:00 meeting at the guild room and cracking the tasks into small components

12:30 to work

14:00 coffee and funny little exercise break

14:30 back to work

16:00 coffee and encouragement hug break

16:15 back to work

17:45 meeting at the guild room, congratulating ourselves and each other on work we did and possibly setting a date for another similar event


The credits just keep rolling in ♥



Come and celebrate St Patricks day 16.3!


The International Section of AYY, Mosaic is sending luck your way with a four leaf clover.

Join us for a St.Patrick’s day celebration on the 16th of March. Come for free beer, karaoke, quirky bingo and lots of fun!

WHAT: St.Patrick’s day

WHERE: Otakaari 20 upstairs

WHEN: March 16th, 19:00 – 1:00


Checkout the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/320536368469301/


White Overall Sitsit 28.3




Spring Sun is heating up and the sides of the pavement are wet from the melting snow. A surreptitious sound echoes from the bushes and behind the slight straws shows through a pair of smooth bulges. One of these ovals begins to wobble accelerating to serious jerking. A hard knock cracks the delicate shell and a tiny furry head peaks out from the egg. CHIRP!


A nose twitches in a crack sniffing the air. Bunny comes out of the hole having its beautiful fur shine in the sun. Gentle tussock offers the bunny an excellent place to enjoy the warmth. All of a sudden, a huge shadow covers the sun, but as swiftly it appeared, it rolled over to the grassy jungle. Cottontail lifts its gaze alertly, ready for the upcoming race.




Bunnies and chicks invite the students of AK, FK, SIK, Prodeko and the Faculty of Medicine in their white overalls to celebrate Spring in Smökki, March 28th. Cocktail event begins at 18.00 and the sitsit at 18.30. Grab along some furry ears or a beak for embellishment.


The sign up begins on March 13th at 12.00 and closes on March 20th at 23.59, after which it is binding. Every guild has reserved spots for the sitsit. The sitsit costs 13 €.


Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2030193647197347/?ti=icl


WHAT: White overalls sitsit of AK, FK, SIK, Prodeko and the Faculty of Medicine

WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4

WHEN: March 28th cocktail event at 18.00, sitsit at 18.30

COST: 13 €

DRESSCODE: White overalls with bunny or chick accessories!

AFTERPARTY: Rantasauna around 23.00



II Tiedotteita / Announcements

Apply for the AYY’s Outdoor Game Committee!


The Outdoor Game Committee is the old Humans vs Zombies committee, which is now also involved in the organization of the Academic Quidditch World Championships.


There are many tasks in the committee, both in the Humans vs Zombies game and in the quidditch strip. Take part, for example, in marketing, in modifying the HvZ game, or in judging the quidditch. Or do you want to realize your idea of any other outside game? There is also a chance for that!


If you like people, zombies, quidditch, organizing big events, or jerking ideas, it’s definitely worth to join! Anyone can apply for a committee regardless of the gaming experience. Participate in organizing one or more events according to your own interest.


If HvZ and the quidditch are not familiar yet, read the basic information about the games on the apply site!


Application period starts on 5.3. and ends on March 15. At



The Radiodiodi is coming again!

Spring is approaching, days are getting longer and Radiodiodi 2018 programmer registration is now open. Collect your friends and book your place to (the possible) Wappu’s box seat at www.radiodiodi.fi/ilmo !


You can find more information at www.radiodiodi.fi and by email at toimitus@radiodiodi.fi.


WHAT: The registration for the greatest 1-of-May-Media (Wappu)

WHERE: on the highways of the Internet, at www.radiodiodi.fi/ilmo

WHERE: n-o-w NOW

WHY: Wappu is not Wappu without its own radio program!


*) The Radiodiodi is a wappuradio from Otaniemi. This Wappu radio is on from 16.4. up to Wappu Eve. Our broadcast is produced in Espoo’s container studio in Otaniemi, at the Alvar Square, with our software engineers.


For the programmer can apply anyone – and that is the best on Radiodiodi! Over the hundred program authors who participated in the production in the last Wappu have created unique vibes for our listeners, and we want the best authors this year as well to make the best Wappuradio in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area!


What kind of mood do you want to create this year for Wappu People?



The Aalto Formula Team has been founded! Join the race!

Aalto Formula Team (AFT) is a new association aiming to bring together Aalto students from different backgrounds to design and build an electric Formula Student class race car! The goal right now is to race in the 2019 season so every helping hand is needed. More info on Formula Student here.

The members are already a varied bunch from different disciplines, but more students from all fields and all years of study are needed in this massive undertaking. Everyone will have things to contribute to! At the moment we’re well into negotiations for cooperating with businesses and different departments of the university to support the association. For example it’s possible to get ECTS credits from the project!

Interested? Join the team by filling out the form here.

The membership fee for 2018 is 1€.

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

More Info:

Chairman Petri Suurnäkki


TG: @PetukkaS

Communicator Vili-Petteri Salomaa