Weekly Digest 9/22

Good evening! There’s still time to apply for AYY’s halloped-position in Urban Studies and Planning department until tomorrow 12 pm. The AK-spots for Misunderstood sitsi’s are full for now, but there’s time to apply till Friday – keep your eyes open for opening spots until then! On to the Weekly Digest…

Veera Vornanen
The Guild of Architecture
Telegram: @veeratainen


I General

Annual meeting of the Guild of Architecture 23.3.

AYY hallopeds: Urban Studies and Planning 21.3.

Aalto ARTS education portfolio to be renewed

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

II Upcoming events

MAIK-Cruise 27.-29.3.

Misunderstood sitsi’s & sillis 1.4.

III Interesting stuff

ARK’21 fuksi party: Y2Kiima 24.3.

T150: Magic of Technology 28.-30.3.

STOP CUTTING ARTS! -demonstration in Väre 31.3.

Guild’s official announcement channel on Telegram

IV Job offers

Arkkitehtuurin tiedotuskeskus Archinfo hakee viestinnän ja tapahtumatuotannon koordinaattoria

Vantaa: Asemakaavoittajan sijainen

Aalto Jobteaser: check available job offers

I General

Annual meeting of the Guild of Architecture 23.3. at 16.30

You can find the invitation to the annual meeting 2022 below. The meeting is held only in Finnish, but all Guild members are allowed to be present and vote. Welcome!

Arkkitehtikillan vuosikokous 2022

Aalto-yliopiston Arkkitehtikilta ry

Vuosikokous 2022, 23.03.2022, klo 16:30.

Paikka: Otakaari 1 A, 02150 Espoo

Arkkitehtikillan vuosikokouksessa esitetään sääntömääräisesti vuoden 2021 tilinpäätös ja toimintakertomus, päätetään niiden hyväksymisestä sekä vastuuvapauden myöntämisestä vuoden 2021 toimijoille.

Kokouksessa esitetään myös toimintasuunnitelma ja talousarvio vuodelle 2022 ja päätetään niiden hyväksymisestä.

Kokous järjestetään A2-salissa osoitteessa Otakaari 1 A. Saavuthan paikalle hyvissä ajoin, sillä osallistujien jäsenyys tarkistetaan ovella.

Vuosikokouksen materiaalit löytyvät tästä.

Ystävällisin terveisin,

Arkkitehtikillan hallitus 2022

AYY hallopeds: Urban Studies and Planning

Are you interested in advocacy and studying USP (urban studies and planning)? Apply for halloped in Urban Studies and Planning Programme Committee! AYY is looking for 2 representatives and 2 deputies.

Link to the call: https://beta.halloped.fi/en/aalto.fi/search-and-apply/420

Deadline for applications is 21.3. at 12 pm.

Aalto ARTS education portfolio – what, why, when?

As of 1 August 2022, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture will have a revised education portfolio. This page gives information on the renewal, its schedule, and instructions and material for students:


There will be info sessions and clinics for students about ARTS education portfolio renewal. Timetable for these sessions and clinics will be updated here at the beginning of spring 2022.

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

Dear student! There are four important things to remember when you are registering for courses in Sisu. More information on Into:


COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

Up-to-date website for facilities and COVID regulations on campus


Reservable AYY workspaces closed until 7.2 + general current information:


COVID info from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:


II Upcoming events

27.-29.3. (reg. 22.2. at 12 pm) // Olympia Terminal / the Baltic Sea / Stockholm

It’s time for the traditional, legendary MAIK-cruise across the Baltic Sea with the guilds of Civil Engineering, Surveying and Architecture.

The cruise costs only 20, including the cruise itself and an overall patch. The ship leaves from Olympiaterminaali on Sunday March 27th at 17:00 and returns on Tuesday 29th at 10:30

Sign-up begins on February 22nd at 12:00, and closes on 3.3. After this the sign-up is binding. There is room for 92 people.

Are you ready to receve your first clue for the race across the Baltic sea and step into an adventure?

WHAT: MAIK-cruise
WHEN: Sunday to Tuesday 27.-29.3.
THE COST: 20€ / person
WHY: Because amazing MAIK, amazing cruise and amazing adventure

Misunderstood sitsi’s & sillis
1.4. / reg. closes 25.3. at 12 pm // Smökki / sillis at Rantasauna 2.4.


Strong alone, rulers of the universe together. Become one of the five natural elements and whirl, blaze, quarry, wind, or flow to Smökki on April 1st, to celebrate the Misunderstood Elements together with the Architectural Guild, Athene, NuDe, Prodeko and Teknologföreningen!

Registration for the sitsit opens on 18 March at 13 noon and closes on 25 March at 12 noon. Registration for the sillis opens on 18 March at 13.15 noon and closes on 25 March at 12 noon. Use the ”Ilmoittaudu: AK” -link and be fast, the spots are limited!

Sitsi registration: https://athene.fi/ilmo/event/199
Sillis registration: https://athene.fi/ilmo/event/200

WHAT: Misunderstood sitsit & sillis
WHEN: 1.4. cocktail event 5.30pm, sitsit 6 pm and sillis 2.4. 12pm-17pm
WHERE: Sitsit at Servin mökki, sillis at Rantasauna, Jämeräntaival 5
PRICE: sitsit party 18€, sillis 8€
DC: Cocktail + your organization’s element

The five misunderstood elements:
AK: Air🌬
Athene: Fire🔥
NuDe: Earth🌿
Prodeko: Metal⛓
TF: Water🌊

Fb-event: https://fb.me/e/2ntSdowNg

III Interesting stuff

ARK’21 fuksi party: Y2Kiima

Oops, we did it again…

Kiima is coming again 24.3! It is time to take out your (or your parents’) fanciest Britney Spears and Paris Hilton costumes, drag your friend along and find your way to Smökki!
What to expect from Kiima? Great performers and colourful vibes from the early 2000s! There is also a costume contest with amazing prices, so make sure to dress up in your best costume! The party in Smökki continues all the way till 2am.
The night filled with glitter and pop music is made possible by ARK’21!

WHAT? Y2Kiima
WHERE? Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4, 02150 Espoo
WHEN? 24.3.2022 6pm-2am
WHY? ARK’21 and party omG <3
DC: Apple bottom jeans (jeans), boots with the fur (with the fur) … The most sparkly and over the top clothes inspired by the 2000s!

The ticket sale opens 14.3 at noon in Kideapp: https://kide.app/events/46718ccf-7932-47d8-b034-d587ca2aec2d
Join the official event page in Telegram for info and hype! https://t.me/+zrYzWy924JFiYjhk
With any questions message @maistraatti or @salmari42 on Telegram.

T150: Magic of Technology 28.-30.3.

“Tekniikan taikaa” or Magic of Technology is a 150th Anniversary event that showcases contemporary tech student culture, our history, our studies, and cutting edge research in the field. Come explore the triumphs and impact of technology from the past to the present and all the way into our vision for its future! More info: https://fb.me/e/1Klkh1BVJ

STOP CUTTING ARTS! -demonstration in Väre 31.3.

Please note: this is not a Guild event.


Now if ever you can make a difference! ARTS students will hold a demonstration in Väre on March 31. and take over Väre. Everyone is welcome and your help is needed!

Link to the Telegram-group: https://t.me/+jK18xtKtftpjNGI8

Guild’s official announcement channel on Telegram

An official announcement TG-channel for the Guild of Architecture has been made!
Announcements and info about events and news aimed towards the members of the Guild will be messaged on the channel.
For now info about events, etc will be announced on the Arkkitehtikilta-group chat as well, but finding the information will now be easier with the help of an announcement channel. ⭐

The main languages on the channel are Finnish and English.
For now the admin rights for the channel belong to this year’s Board of the Guild of Architecture. (2022)


 IV Job offers

Työpaikkailmoitukset-välilehti on siirretty Tiedotteet-sarakkeeseen, josta löytyy myös viikkotiedotteet! Löydät sinne myös alla olevasta linkistä:
Katso uusimmat työpaikkailmoitukset täältä!

Aalto JOBTEASERIN työtarjoukset (vaatii Aalto-tunnuksilla kirjautumisen):



Onko sinulla kehitysehdotuksia?

Jos haluat tiedotteesi ensi viikon Viikkikseen, lähetäthän materiaalisi (suomeksi ja englanniksi mielellään!) sähköpostiini tulevaan perjantaihin mennessä. 

Työantajat: Työpaikkailmoituksen julkaisusta sovitaan erikseen – olethan ajoissa yhteyksissä! 


Ota yhteyttä: 

Telegram: @veeratainen

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