Weekly Digest 6/22

Hi everybody! ISO/BIG-application form closes tomorrow! There’s still a chance to come to the undergraduate center lobby tomorrow at 10.00-14.00 to get more knowledge about international tutoring.

Veera Vornanen
The Guild of Architecture
Telegram: @veeratainen


I General

Aalto ARTS education portfolio to be renewed

AllWell? Questionnaire

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

II Upcoming events

Laskiaisrieha, Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl & Gravitaatio 1.3.

Fuksi’s Singing Test Sauna moved to 7.3.

Kindergarten-sitsit & Song leader seminar 14.3.

AK: AlkuaiNe – Guild sitsit 16.3.

MAIK-Cruise 27.-29.3.

III Interesting stuff

Apply to become a BIG of 2022!

Radiodiodi at A Bloc 28.2.

AO-Forum (in Finnish) 7.3.

Inkubio fuksi party: Meioosi 2022 info

Guild’s official announcement channel on Telegram

IV Job offers

WSP Finland: N-vuoden arkkitehtiylioppilas Jyväskylään & Helsinkiin

Vantaa: Asemakaavoittajan sijainen

Aalto Jobteaser: check available job offers

I General

Aalto ARTS education portfolio – what, why, when?

As of 1 August 2022, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture will have a revised education portfolio. This page gives information on the renewal, its schedule, and instructions and material for students:


There will be info sessions and clinics for students about ARTS education portfolio renewal. Timetable for these sessions and clinics will be updated here at the beginning of spring 2022.

AllWell? Questionnaire

Dear 2nd year Bachelor’s and 1st year Master’s students – how are you? Please answer the study wellbeing questionnaire emailed to you. You get personal feedback and help us develop.

The questionnaire will be available online from 16 Feb. to 2 March 2022. Your response will remain anonymous.

After replying, you will get personal feedback with ideas on

  • how to handle stress in a better way
  • how to improve your study skills
  • how to stop procrastinating with difficult issues
  • how feelings affect study performance

We will communicate the programme level results to the heads of the degree programmes for the development of teaching.

Link to Into-page: https://into.aalto.fi/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=58430665

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

Dear student! There are four important things to remember when you are registering for courses in Sisu. More information on Into:


COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

Up-to-date website for facilities and COVID regulations on campus


Reservable AYY workspaces closed until 7.2 + general current information:


COVID info from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:


II Upcoming events

1.3. // Kaivopuisto park / Helsinki

The world’s craziest downhill race is here again! 

On Shrove Tuesday (1.3.) it’s time to find you something that passes for a sled and head on over to Kaivopuisto park, Helsinki! Students from all over are showing up for an action-packed afternoon outdoors – so why not you as well?
In addition to the casual sledding and the magic of winter, there will be music, competitions and great activities!
The most daring and ambitious take part in the legendary Academic Downhill Race, where teams pilot their home-made sleds in the hope of winning the grand prize! Sleds and teams are judged not only on their run’s distance, but creativity and showmanship as well.
Got an idea? There have been many kinds of slides over the years, but You can be the one who surprises everyone’s expectations with an unprecedented downhill ride! 
After the amazing afternoon sledding the action continues with the Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl where you can slalom through downtown Helsinki touring bars all the way to the official afterparty Gravitaatio! ⛷
Round up your team, design your own sled and fascinate the audience and judges to win great prizes! You can enter the race by signing up at www.laskiaisrieha.fi. (Registration closes on 20.2.)
Sledding with us: Aalto-yliopiston ylioppilaskunta – AYY.
12:00 The event begins, DJ
13:30 Academic Downhill Race / Pick-up of Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl maps
15:30 DJ
16:00 Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl begins
Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl
1.3. // Helsinki

Laskiaisrieha is over but the Gravitaatio party is still hours away? The remedy is here: Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl! After the sledding at Kaivopuisto park, you can slalom your way through downtown Helsinki touring bars all the way to the official afterparty, Gravitaatio by AYY.

Based on your performance you will be rewarded with a completion badge from three different levels. 
No previous Laskiaisappro attendance is required.
❓WHAT: Laskiaisappro 2022 Pub Crawl
❓WHERE: Helsinki city center (starting from Kaivopuisto)
❓WHEN: Shrove Tuesday 1.3. 4 pm onwards
❓TICKETS: 6€, the tickets will be sold on Kide.app starting on Friday 18.2. at 14
There will also be a limited batch of combo tickets for both Laskiasappro and Gravitaatio, stay tuned!
1.3. // Apollo Live Club / Mannerheimintie 16 / Helsinki
Get ready to experience the pull of Gravitaatio as we stumble down the rabbit hole from Laskiaisrieha all the way to Apollo!
After sledding and crawling, we get to fight the influence of gravity while jumping and dancing to the beat of some of the best artists in Finland!
Gravitaatio (organized by Teekkarijaosto’s Party Committee JTMK) is held on Shrove Tuesday (March 1st) as an official after party for Laskiaisrieha & Laskiaisappro.
The artists will be announced later!

NB! The age limit for the event is 18.

What: Gravitaatio 2022
Where: Apollo Live Club
When: On Shrove Tuesday 1.3.
How: Ticket sale begins Friday 18th at 14.00 o’clock on Kide.app, link will be published on Facebook
Why: Gravishype!! The biggest student party of the beginning of the year. Incredible artists and the official afterparty of Shrove Tuesday’s shenanigans! You don’t want to miss this!

The event is in collaboration with Vapaateekkarit, Radio Diodi, Julkku and Jäynä! More information on the website and the Teekkari Section (Teekkarijaosto) Instagram and Facebook!
Fuksi’s Singing Test Sauna
moved to 7.3. // Rantasauna

The Singing test point is mandatory on the Fuksi Point Card, and an important event! The event will start at the Rantasauna at 6 p.m. Because the point is important and mandatory, we are also trying to get the opportunity to participate remotely so that everyone can get involved.

After the offical program is over, you can stay and spend the evenings going to the sauna and eating the food and snacks that are available!

Kindergarten sitsit & Song leader seminar
Reg. 28.2. at 14.00  // Otakaari 20 / upstairs

Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!

The Songleader Committee brings back the time you wore overalls before your student overalls. The first time you tied your shoelaces, daily naps and the merriest of nursery rhymes.

The nice nannies of the Songleader Committee make sure the evening will be full of fun you don’t want to miss!

Sign-up begins on Monday 28.2 at 14 through the link announced later on.

WHAT: Kindergarten sitsit, Song leader seminar for everyone interested in song culture
WHERE: Otakaari 20 upstairs
WHEN: 14.3 at 17:30 (cocktail party with kids’ shows), 18:30 sitsit
DC: Kindergarten (Best outfit nominated)
WHY: Wheels of the bus go round and round!
FB: https://fb.me/e/e7uCEfvYc

AK: AlkuaiNe – Guild sitsit
16.3. // Otakaari 20

Sitsit of the Guild of Architecture are back – more info coming soon!


27.-29.3. (reg. 22.2. at 12 pm) // Olympia Terminal / the Baltic Sea / Stockholm

It’s time for the traditional, legendary MAIK-cruise across the Baltic Sea with the guilds of Civil Engineering, Surveying and Architecture.

The cruise costs only 20, including the cruise itself and an overall patch. The ship leaves from Olympiaterminaali on Sunday March 27th at 17:00 and returns on Tuesday 29th at 10:30

Sign-up begins on February 22nd at 12:00, and closes on 3.3. After this the sign-up is binding. There is room for 92 people.

Are you ready to receve your first clue for the race across the Baltic sea and step into an adventure?

WHAT: MAIK-cruise
WHEN: Sunday to Tuesday 27.-29.3.
THE COST: 20€ / person
WHY: Because amazing MAIK, amazing cruise and amazing adventure


III Interesting stuff

Apply to become a BIG of 2022!

The recruitment of BIG’s for 2022 has begun!

BIG’s are the backbone of our guild’s transgenerational student life, and the chance to apply to this rewarding, and first of all fun job is at hand. The application to becoming a BIG is done through the form that is linked here. please fill in the form no later than 28.1.

Being a BIG is among the best ways to partake in the student life of Otaniemi, however, each applicant should be aware of the responsibility and workload that continues until the potential wappu of 2023. Answer the form thoroughly!

The BIG-counselor @Niko_Toivonen and Master of Masters @amandapuerto (on Telegram) are happy to answer all questions that may arise.

Regards: Niko Toivonen, BIG-counselor.

Radiodiodi at A Bloc 28.2.

Finland’s fastest hearing television, Radiodiodi, will be here again soon!

The mascot and frequency of 2022 will be announced in A Bloc on Monday 28 February 11-14. So come on the spot to get to know the look of this year, ask for news or just chill with us. On the same day the programme maker registration will open – so be ready!

What is a Radiodiodi? Radiodiodi is an annual wappu production from Otaniemi, where students have the opportunity to make their own radio programme. Programmes are produced by volunteering Aalto students (even you!). The Radiodiodi team has no clue about the content of the broadcast – we facilitate it, you make it. The activity is free for students and does not require any previous experience. The radio is heard during the broadcast season both online and on FM. Find out more about Radiodiod at radiodiodi.fi.

Join Radiodiodi chats on Telegram: https://t.me/radiodiodichat (casual conversation channel) and https://t.me/radiodiodi (info channel).

Follow Radiodiodi at Instagram @radiodiodi.

AO-Forum 7.3.
Tervetuloa AO-Foorumiin!
Suomen Arkkitehtiliitto SAFA järjestää perinteisesti vuoden alussa AO-foorumin, jossa kaikkien kolmen arkkitehtikoulun opiskelijat pääsevät tutustumaan ja keskustelemaan opiskelusta sekä ajankohtaisista aiheista. Myös tänä vuonna tapahtuman ensimmäinen päivä, maanantai 7.3.2022, on kaikille arkkitehtiopiskelijoille avoin. Tapahtuma järjestetään etänä zoomissa ja mukaan pääset seuraavasta linkistä:
AO-Foorumi ohjelma 7.3 (17:00-21:00)
17:00 Tapahtuman avaus,

            Minttu Martelin

17:10 Opiskelijajärjestöjen esittäytyminen (5 min/esitys)
            Tampereen Arkkitehtikilta
            Oulun Arkkitehtikilta
            Vista ry
17:40 MARK puheenvuoro
           Säde Palmu
17:50 SIO puheenvuoro
            Minna Borg
18:00 SAFAn kilpailutoiminta ja ajatuksia opiskelijakilpailuista
19:00 Tauko
19:15 SAFAn tervehdys
           SAFAn Varapuheenjohtaja Noora Laak
19:30 Arkkitehdin pätevyydet ja kelpoisuus sekä MRL-uudistuksesta
           Pia Selroos erityisasiantuntija, ammattipolitiikka, koulutus, pätevyydet 
20:00 Ajatuksia opiskelijatoiminnasta ja -vaikuttamisesta, Liittovaltuuston opiskelijaedustajat

21:00 Päätös

Minttu Martelin
Suomen Arkkitehtiliitto SAFA

Inkubio fuksi party: Meioosi 2022


Meioosi on Tuesday 8.3.2022 starting at 19:00 @ Smökki !! ️

DC and theme: Tourists in the warmth of the sun! No overalls.

IG: @inkubio

Facebook: Inkubio

Guild’s official announcement channel on Telegram

An official announcement TG-channel for the Guild of Architecture has been made!
Announcements and info about events and news aimed towards the members of the Guild will be messaged on the channel.
For now info about events, etc will be announced on the Arkkitehtikilta-group chat as well, but finding the information will now be easier with the help of an announcement channel. ⭐

The main languages on the channel are Finnish and English.
For now the admin rights for the channel belong to this year’s Board of the Guild of Architecture. (2022)


 IV Job offers

Työpaikkailmoitukset-välilehti on siirretty Tiedotteet-sarakkeeseen, josta löytyy myös viikkotiedotteet! Löydät sinne myös alla olevasta linkistä:
Katso uusimmat työpaikkailmoitukset täältä!

Aalto JOBTEASERIN työtarjoukset (vaatii Aalto-tunnuksilla kirjautumisen):



Onko sinulla kehitysehdotuksia?

Jos haluat tiedotteesi ensi viikon Viikkikseen, lähetäthän materiaalisi (suomeksi ja englanniksi mielellään!) sähköpostiini tulevaan perjantaihin mennessä. 

Työantajat: Työpaikkailmoituksen julkaisusta sovitaan erikseen – olethan ajoissa yhteyksissä! 


Ota yhteyttä: 

Telegram: @veeratainen