Weekly Digest 46

Have you thought about what to do in the Guild of Architecture in 2019? See you in Ask the actives on Monday and in Candidate evening in the following week!


I Events

Ask the Actives 12.11.
Finland Excursion 16.11.
Living-themed week 12.-16.11.
Candidate eve 19.11.
Vahanen Wine tasting session in EMMA 21.11.
Election meeting 22.11.

II Studies & influencing

Vote for the Teacher of the year
Apply for AYY’s exchange grant
TEK is looking for student representatives

III Pastime activities

AYY x Westend Indians: Floorball practice
Coolest Wall Painting Competition 15.10.-7.12.
Invitation Open Doors events – Embassy
of the Netherlands in Helsinki 13.-14.11.

I Events

Ask the Actives 12.11.

What does the Guild do? What are the board members and other guild officials up to? What could YOU do in the Guild in 2019?

The year is coming to its end and it is time to elect new people to run the Guild. Come and listen to past year’s actives and find out your future Guild career in the Election Info: Ask the actives on Monday 12th of November at 6PM!

Don’t forget the Candidate Eve on the 19th of November and the Election Meeting on the 22nd of November!

Candidate Eve:https://www.facebook.com/events/726900254339146/
Election Meeting:https://www.facebook.com/events/336102270301723/
And everything about the election can be found here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?page_id=8526

Finland Excursion 16.11.

The Guild of architects leave on 16.11 again for the annual Finnish conquest, Finland Excursion! There will be interesting architectural sites in Finland, corporate visits and a nice night out in good company! The great and prosperous journey starts on Friday 16.11 at 8.45 from Teekkarikylä Terminal stop and ends at the same place on Saturday night about 19.00.

More detailed program is announced later!

WHAT? Finland Excursion
WHERE? Finland
WHEN? 16.-11.17.2018
WHY? Because travelling and architecture are the best
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/events/2057178387671880/

Price 30 €
which includes bus, accommodation, tours, and dining on Friday

Enrollment starts 26.10 at 12:00 and ends 9.11: https://goo.gl/forms/B3NO2tvuerkUBcF32
There is room for first 30, be quick!

Living-themed week 12.-16.11.

Your apartment during your studies might be temporary, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a home.

Campus Section wants to encourage all residents to make their own home and its environment comfortable! In honour of this, November features a Living-themed week on 12–16 Nov. During this time, different living-related themes are brought up on different days that will together help shape your apartment into your very own home. The days’ themes are: Courtyard, Get to know your neighbour, Painting, Cleanliness and Castle Wardens.

WHAT? Living-themed week
WHERE? Your own home
WHEN? 12–16 November
WHY? Because home sweet home!

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/events/1904361549679713/

Candidate eve 19.11.

Have you already heard who’s applying for posts in the Guild? Do you have any questions? Does the idea of becoming a guild active sound appealing?

On Monday the 19th of November at 6pm every candidate has the chance to give short presentations of themselves. Come present yourself or hear other candidates out and ask questions afterwards. Snacks will be served, too. Event takes place in the guild room!

Don’t forget the Election Meeting on the 22nd of November: https://www.facebook.com/events/336102270301723/
Everything about the election can be found here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?page_id=8526

Vahanen Wine tasting session in EMMA 21.11.

Vahanen organizes student evening at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art in EMMA Wed 21.11. The program has a wine-tasting session with tasty red wines and a look at the techniques of wine tasting!

After that,  art historians teach you to use the art vocabulary mainly with the help of the Saastamoinen Foundation’s art collection. After a Taidetasting round, you can brilliant with an art speech in a situation like a situation.

Enroll here!

Election meeting 22.11.

The year 2018 is coming to its end and the next year is rushing on us. It’s time to apply to become a member of the board or a guild official in the Guild of Architecture for the year of 2019! The application time has begun and the board members and other guild officials will be elected at the Election Meeting held on the 22th of November at 3:00 pm at Otakaari 1X, room A1. Food will be served starting at 2:30 pm.

Every applicant has 1 minute to introduce themselves in the election. After that, the Guild members may ask four questions to the applicants. Even if you are not applying for a post, it is extremely important to show up at the meeting to give your precious vote for the nominees. Your vote might be the one that makes the difference. To vote you need to be a member of the Guild and have your member sticker with you at the door.


You will find all the information about the election here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?page_id=8526

Mon 12 Nov, 18.00 Election Info: Ask the Actives, AK Guild room
Hear more about everything you can do in the Guild!

Mon 19 Nov 18.00 Candidate Eve, AK Guild room
The best place to get to know the candidates or present yourself if you’re applying!

Thu 22 Nov 15.00 Election Meeting, Otakaari 1X, room A1
The new board and guild officials are chosen! Every member of the Guild can vote.

II Studies & influencing

Vote for the Teacher of the year!

Who do you think has been the best teacher? The Guild of Architecture yearly gives the title ”teacher of the year” to a teacher voted by the students. The winner is announced in Wähäjoulu 5.12.
You can vote until Sunday 11.11.
Link to the voting:

Apply for AYY’s exchange grant

In the autumn, AYY is handing out exchange grants to support the internationalisation and active community action of students. The exchange grant can be applied for by those who are going on an exchange, are on an exchange at the moment and those AYY members who have returned from an exchange after April 2018.

The grant is meant for the degree students of Aalto University.

The grant can be applied for from 12 noon on 24.10 to 11:59 pm, 14.11.

You can find further information about the grants and an application form here: https://ayy.fi/en/students/services/scholarships/

TEK is looking for student representatives

TEK’s student representatives represent students in TEK’s committees and TEK in Akava’s student delegations. The language used in committees and delegations is Finnish. Please apply latest 15.11.2018.

As a student representative you can influence and create valuable networks. You will also be invited to TEK’s Halloped training, Teekkariseminaari, Saimaa-ilmiö and and TEK’s Glögijuhla.

Student representatives are appointed for one year at a time. There will be about 6-10 meetings per year. Student representatives’ mission is to bring students’ voice in meetings and to share information with other Hallopeds.

All TEK student members are eligible to apply and no previous experience is required. More important than experience is that you are motivated to engage in activities, influence, and learn new things.

For more information in Finnish: https://www.tek.fi/opiskelijavaikuttajaksi

III Pastime activities

AYY x Westend Indians: Floorball practice

Westend Indians & AYY are organising sport activities for students in November. Sign up to explore the most popular ball game in Finland.
We are organising a floorball “league practice” lead by a professional coach. The event consists of diverse exercises, games, and also warm up and stretching. The sport events are suitable for people with all levels of physical abilities: for the first timers and for those who are experienced players.
After the workout, there is a short break (for showering and changing) and afterwards all the participants are invited to watch Westend Indians floorball league game and enjoy food and drinks. Read more at https://www.facebook.com/events/659317254462265/

Come join as for a fun sports experience!

WHAT: Floorball open practice and Westend Indians league game
WHEN: 9th, 10th and 11th November
WHERE: Otahalli (Otaranta 6)
SIGNUP: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/ayy-x-westend-indians/

Coolest Wall Painting Competition 15.10.-7.12.

The Coolest Wall Painting Competition is here again! In honor of the AYY Year of Arts, Campus Section wants to encourage all AYY members living in shared apartments to work together for a cozier living environment by means of art. You may take part in the competition by signing up here:


WHAT? Coolest Wall Painting Competition
WHERE? AYY shared, friends and family apartments
WHEN? 15.10.-7.12.
WHY? Because of art, home and prizes!
FACEBOOK? https://www.facebook.com/events/1600284900071728/

Invitation Open Doors events – Embassy

of the Netherlands in Helsinki 13.-14.11.

Because of the 100 year relations between Finland and the Netherlands, we organize Open Doors events at our historical wooden Residence ‘Villa Kleineh’ in Kaivopuisto.

We offer an interesting program of 75 minutes, in which we show people around the beautiful house and tell about the history of our relation with Finland and the work of an Embassy (see invitation).

The events take place on 13 & 14 November and are free of charge. I believe it is a very interesting and unique experience for students, especially because embassies rarely open their doors to the public. I would appreciate it if you could send the invitation forward to your members of the student community at Aalto University.

In case you would like to come as a group, we can also arrange a suitable time for this. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the event.

Note that we have limited seats and students need to register via this link: https://opendoorsnl.eventbrite.com

Kind regards,
Raymond van Teeffelen
Research Officer

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