Weekly Digest 4/22

Hello! I’ve updated the information for tomorrow’s Winter day schedule! On Tuesday there’s a discussion about teaching modes & academic tutoring with the Department of Architecture at A1-hall; there’s also coffee and snacks served. A few registration links open during the start of the week – there’s a lot of stuff on this week’s Weekly Digest, but I suggest reading it carefully. :)

Veera Vornanen
The Guild of Architecture
Telegram: @veeratainen


I General

AllWell? Questionnaire opens 16.2.

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

II Upcoming events

Fuksi’s Winter day 14.2

Department Coffee Hour 15.2.

R-AK-AS Snowfootball: registration opens 16.2.

Fuksi’s Singing Test Sauna 22.2

Laskiaisrieha, Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl & Gravitaatio 1.3.

Apply to volunteer in Gravitaatio 14.2.

III Interesting stuff

AK Culture Committee movie nights

TG-group for Guild’s MA students has been made!

Inkubio Fuksi Party: Meioosi 2022 tickets available 14.2.

The search for Guild Room Committee is still open!

IV Job offers

Kalvotalo: Haemme pienoismallin tekijää!

Virkkunen & Co: Arkkitehtiylioppilas saa paikan

Gravicon Oy: Haluatko tehdä töitä joustavasti opiskelujesi ohessa?

Aalto Jobteaser: check available job offers

I General

AllWell? Questionnaire opens 16.2.

Dear 2nd year Bachelor’s and 1st year Master’s students – how are you? Please answer the study wellbeing questionnaire emailed to you. You get personal feedback and help us develop.

The questionnaire will be available online from 16 Feb. to 2 March 2022. Your response will remain anonymous.

After replying, you will get personal feedback with ideas on

  • how to handle stress in a better way
  • how to improve your study skills
  • how to stop procrastinating with difficult issues
  • how feelings affect study performance

We will communicate the programme level results to the heads of the degree programmes for the development of teaching.

Link to Into-page: https://into.aalto.fi/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=58430665

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

Dear student! There are four important things to remember when you are registering for courses in Sisu. More information on Into:


COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

Up-to-date website for facilities and COVID regulations on campus


Reservable AYY workspaces closed until 7.2 + general current information:


COVID info from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:


II Upcoming events

Fuksi’s Winter Day
14.2 at 2.30–5.30(-9.00)pm // Alvarin aukio / Otaniemi
Winter Day is here! ☃️
Winter Day is a checkpoint crawl for first-year students. The event will be held on Monday 14th Feb in Otaniemi! So gather a group of 6-10 people and come to Alvarin aukio for the grand start at 2.30 pm. At the start, checkpoint cards will be distributed and the patch of the event will be sold (in cash). Checkpoints are held by ISOs (tutors) as well as various associations, committees and clubs. Checkpoints are open from 14:30 to 17:30.
The sauna tour is divided into two-hour slots (4pm – 6pm, 6pm – 8pm and 8pm – 10pm) and certain slots are divided into each fuksis. (The two-hour sauna slot for the Guild of Architecture fuksi’s is 8pm – 10pm.)
During the sauna tour, you can buy drinks and snacks from Smökki between 5 pm and 9 pm.
After the sauna tour, the afterparty is in Alvarin aukio with the theme of after ski! So put on your overalls and add after ski themed accessories and come and dance in Alvarin aukio! ⛷❄️
If you have questions you can contact Fuksi Major.
Fanni Mattsson
fanni.mattsson@ayy.fi (mainly)
TG @Rouvamajuri
Department Coffee Hour
15.2. at 4-5 pm // A1-hall & lobby / A-wing, Otakaari 1X

Dear students,

Welcome to the Department coffee hour to Otakaari 1X, hall A1 and lobby, on Tuesday February 15th at 16 – 17.15. You may attend also via Zoom if you are not able to come in person. Link below:


Programme is planned together with the Guild of Architecture

16:00 – coffee in the lobby

16:10 – Beginning of discussion, Zoom-connection starts

16:15 – Department of Architecture greetings and news

16:25 – A-Guild’s introduction

16:35 – Teaching mode -free discussion

16:55 – Academic tutoring – free discussion

17:05 – Other issues? – free discussion

17:15 – closing the event


Lämpimästi tervetuloa – warmly welcome!

Pirjo Sanaksenaho

Head of Department of Architecture

R-AK-AS Snowfootball
26.2 / registration opens 16.2. // Otaranta

You might be wondering, if it’s too early to start the football season in February❄️? What about the BBQ season? Madness right?!?

Not quite. The Guilds of Architecture and Automation and Systems technology welcome you to join us for an outdoor event on the 26th of February at Otaranta. Activities in the event include winter football with overalls and a twist! ⚽️
Warm food and beverages will be available for purchase during the event, in case you get hungry
The outdoor games start at 3pm and will go on untill around 6pm after which we will have an outdoor rave togerther !1!
‍♂️Are you ready to sweat??‍♂️

So grab your long johns and overalls and frolic to Otaranta on the 26.2. to play some outdoor games! And remember to dress according to weather and bring some cash with you for the food and beverages!

The registration for the event opens on Wednesday 16th of February! (Link updates later / check The Guild of Architecture TG-chat!)

WHERE: Otaranta
WHEN: 26.2. 3pm ->
WHY: Sausage, Hot Chocolate & Snowfootball❄️⚽️
DC:  Your guild’s overalls, ofc

Fuksi’s Singing Test Sauna
22.2 at 6 pm // Rantasauna

The Singing test point is mandatory on the Fuksi Point Card, and an important event! The event will start at the Rantasauna at 6 p.m. Because the point is important and mandatory, we are also trying to get the opportunity to participate remotely so that everyone can get involved.

After the offical program is over, you can stay and spend the evenings going to the sauna and eating the food and snacks that are available!


Laskiaisrieha, Laskiaisapprot Pub Crawl & Gravitaatio
1.3. // Kaivopuisto park / Helsinki

The craziest downhill race is here again!
On Shrove Tuesday (1.3.) it’s time to find you something that passes for a sled and head on over to Kaivopuisto park, Helsinki! Students from all over are showing up for an action-packed afternoon outdoors – so why not you as well?

The most daring and ambitious ones take part in the legendary Academic Downhill Race, where teams pilot their home-made sleds in the hope of winning the grand prize! Sleds and teams are judged not only on their run’s distance, but creativity and showmanship as well.

After the amazing afternoon sledding the action continues with the Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl where you can slalom through downtown Helsinki touring bars all the way to the official afterparty Gravitaatio!

WHAT: Laskiaisrieha 2022

WHERE: Kaivopuisto park, Helsinki

WHEN: Shrove Tuesday 1.3.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.facebook.com/events/1131578604245200, (registration for downhill race closes on 20.2.)

1.3. // Apollo Live Club

Get ready to experience the pull of Gravitaatio as we stumble down the rabbit hole from Laskiaisrieha all the way to Apollo!

After sledding and crawling, we get to fight the influence of gravity while jumping and dancing to the beat of some of the best artists in Finland!

Gravitaatio is held on Shrove Tuesday (March 1st) as an after party for Laskiaisrieha & Laskiaisappro. More information coming soon on the website and the Teekkari Section (Teekkarijaosto) Instagram and Facebook!

Interested in volunteering in Gravitaatio? Application form opens on Monday 14.2. at 11 am.

III Interesting stuff

AK Culture Committee movie nights

The first movie night hosted by the culture committee is held this Friday 18.2. at 18:00.

This time we are watching a musical classic! By joining the AK culture chat, you can vote on which musical we will be watching.

We’ll see you at the guild room on Friday!

TG-group for Guild’s MA students has been made!

Welcome to join the official group chat for all MA students in the Guild of Architecture!

In this group you can find essential information about events and topics concerning MA studies. The group can also be used as a shared forum for questions and open discussion to support MA students continuing straight from BA as well as new MA student’s from Finland and around the world. Feel free to use this chat actively!

Link to the chat:

Inkubio Fuksi Party: Meioosi 2022

Dear passangers!

Have you had enough of the snow, the ice and the cold? Do you miss the bright sun and days on the beach? Well you are in luck because you don’t have to go any further than Smökki if you want to enjoy warm and relaxing holiday! This year you can experience the beach party of your lifetime at Meioosi 2022! We sincerely welcome you to enjoy a well deserved vacation!

PARTY : 8.3. starting at 19:00. We have outstanding performers and some thrilling games scheduled for you!

TICKETS : Monday 14.2. 12:00 in Kide.app.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date! Keyword : Inkubio


COVID-19 : Regarding the COVID-19 we follow the instructions of active official guidelines. COVID-19
passport may be required. If the event is cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 regulations, we will
inform about it on our social media platforms.

What? Meioosi 2022!
Where? Smökki!
When? 8.3. starting at 19:00

Tickets? In Kide.app on Monday 14.2 12:00. Bracelets and overall badges can be picked up in return for
Kide.app ticket. When and where you can exchange will be updated in Facebook and Instagram!
Cost? 10 € ! Overall badges are included in the price!
Theme? Holiday in the warmth of the sun! No overalls.
The event is for those over the age of 18.

AK-Raati: Guild Room Committee

Love swimming in the ball pit? Interested in Monstera cuttings? Do nostalgic PS2 games bring joy to your days filled with never ending Rhino work? If your answer to any of the above is yes, it’s not too late to join the Guild Room Gang!

Interested? Send a message to Guild Room & Hut Supervisor @samuelhautamaki on Telegram.

 IV Job offers

Työpaikkailmoitukset-välilehti on siirretty Tiedotteet-sarakkeeseen, josta löytyy myös viikkotiedotteet! Löydät sinne myös alla olevasta linkistä:
Katso uusimmat työpaikkailmoitukset täältä!

Aalto JOBTEASERIN työtarjoukset (vaatii Aalto-tunnuksilla kirjautumisen):



Onko sinulla kehitysehdotuksia?

Jos haluat tiedotteesi ensi viikon Viikkikseen, lähetäthän materiaalisi (suomeksi ja englanniksi mielellään!) sähköpostiini tulevaan perjantaihin mennessä. 

Työantajat: Työpaikkailmoituksen julkaisusta sovitaan erikseen – olethan ajoissa yhteyksissä! 


Ota yhteyttä: 

Telegram: @veeratainen