Weekly Digest 40/2020


Publicist greetings

An equally nice start to the week for everyone.

On Wednesday in Otatarha, drivers will take over the walkways and in the evening it’s time to lay rest for the usage of Teekkari Cap for this season. On Friday, the AO-days will start with a talkative theme, and on Saturday, the opportunity to come and listen to a discussion on issues of equal implementation of environmental design.

I General

The Design Calendar 2020–2021
Department and school facilities

II What’s going on

AO-päivät 2.10.
Otatarha Grand Prix 30.9.

III Job Offers

Arknieminen, published 14.9.
Cereerwebin työtarjoukset


I General


The Design Calendar 2020–2021 reflecting elementary school nostalgia

New calendars, fresh out of the print, are finally here! This year, the academic year calendar, i.e. the Design Calendar, was published for the third time in cooperation with TOKYO, Students of Art, Design and Architecture in Aalto University.

Read more https://www.ayy.fi/fi/design-kalenteri-2020-2021-tarjoilee-ala-astenostalgiaa 

Department and school facilities:


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II What’s going on


What do you want to speak about at the moment?
It’s here again! This year’s Architecture Student Days are different, yet much louder than before! 👀👀
The event starts on Friday 2nd of October at 2 P.M. with interesting speakers. As the whole event will be held remotely, everyone can join and watch the stream from the safety and comfort of their home-sofas. In the evening we have an entertainment show and we recommend you to grab a few of your closest friends and hold a picnic in front of your screen.
We will publish a more detailed schedule with speakers and performers later, so stay tuned!
The stream links will be published at this Facebook event and at Architecture Student Days webpage.

If you want to order an overall badge of the event please fill this form: https://forms.gle/2gCepgNyTjhTWTBg9
Also please note that you cannot cancel your overall badge order.

Otatarha Grand Prix

The last day of September, the day of the Lakinlaskijaiset party is once again started with the Otatarha Grand Prix, a competition that doesn’t lack speed or fun!
Challenge yourself and others, design and build the greatest vehicle and come and compete for the win of the race at Otaniemi sport track! You and your friends have a chance to participate in this contest wilder than the Formula 1 races with a self-built vehicle that isn’t motor-powered. Points will be awarded for the vehicle’s aesthetics and speed, but also for the overall spirit of the team. The winners of the race will receive glorious prizes, so start preparing for the contest NOW!

Even if you don’t participate in the race, you should watch the stream by OUBS, or come to Otaniemi sport track spectator stand to enjoy the stunning race atmosphere! If you are considering joining live, you must give your contact info at the entrance! Note that there is a limited number of people we can fit in the stand. We recommend watching the event remotely
Since the event takes place in Espoo’s sport area, smoking, alcohol and snus is forbidden in the event
The sign-up for the teams participating the race is at:

III Job offers


Published 9/14/2020

Creating a SketchUp model of an old people’s pavilion (townhouse) I designed. Not all apartments need to be built on a model; 3 pieces of different housing types are enough.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: sari.nieminen@arknieminen.fi

According to the message, a preliminary estimate of the number of hours spent on the work and the hourly rate, or the amount of the total bonus. The price estimate can be refined once the final workload is known.
Work can begin on September 21, 2020.

Here you can see what the house looks like:



Sari Nieminen
arkkitehti SAFA, taiteilijaprofessori

050 58 65 426

Job offers can be found at:




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