Hello and a chilly November to you all!

It is a exciting week since the Guild of Architecture will select a new board and committee responsibles for the year 2024 tomorrow! The year is coming to its end so Wähäjoulu (annual ball) is also around the corner. The Wähäjoulu Week will be kickstarted by the Wähäjoulu Week party on 1.12. (more info coming soon). The board decided on yesterday´s meeting who will be granted the Teacher of the Year -reward this year. The awarded teacher will receiver their prize on Wähäjoulu 5.12.

I wish you all a warm upcoming Christmas season!




I General Announcements

The Guild of Architecture´s Acknowledgements 2023

Avoin haku taideteoksille AYY:n taidekokoelmaan

AYY: Registeration for the spring semester starts on 27.11.


II Events

The Guild of Architecture´s Election meeting 22.11. klo 16.00 (in Finnish)

Majasäätiö´s election meeting 23.11. klo 17.00 (in Finnish)

The Guild of Architecture´s Friday Bottle Raffle 24.11.

Sign-through of Musta Neliö + Museum Tour 28.11. (in Finnish)

Vista´s election meeting 29.11. klo 17.30 (in Finnish)

Aavan´s Culture Friday 1.12.

Wähäjoulu Week´s party 1.12.

Wähäjoulu 5.12.

Independence Day Sitsit + Students’ torchlight procession on Wed 6.12.2023



III Interesting stuff

Aalto Fablab´s Open Doors




I General Announcements

The Guild of Architecture´s Acknowledgements 2023

It is time to thank those who have made the Guild the place it is!

As the Annual ball Wähäjoulu is getting closer, it’s time to choose the recipients of acknowledgement. This year, people in the Guild community are acknowledged with Guildspirit Badges and Badges of Merit.

Have you noticed someone working year after year for the betterment of the Guild? Or maybe someone has been the saving angel in the Homebase this past year?

Suggest resipients for the acknowledgements here. The acknowledgement committee will form a suggestion based on the answers to the Board of the Guild.

The time for suggestions spans from the 20th Nov 8:00 to the 26th Nov 23:59

Open call for works of art for AYY’s art collection

It’s time to build up AYY’s art collection with the artworks of its members, the students of Aalto University. The theme of the 2023 art search has been “Peace”. As few works of art are purchased as possible, the art acquisition budget is around 1,500–2,000 euros. Artists can propose a maximum of two works for the collection. The works to be acquired are selected by a jury, which includes an expert from the art field and representatives from AYY and an expert from TOKYO, the student union’s art activities.

Works can be presented to AYY during the application period 17.–30.11. with AYY’s form, and the works must be redeemable during December. The jury will decide which works will be added to the collection at the beginning of December.

AYY: Registration for the spring semester begins on November 27.

Registration for attendance for the spring semester 2024 starts on Mon 27.11.2023 and ends on Fri 5.1.2024. Transferring registration information from one system to another takes 2-3 days, so you will receive an academic year sticker valid until September 30, 2024 from AYY’s service office during opening hours (Mon, Wed & Fri 12-3pm) when your registration appears in AYY’s membership register.

II Events

Aava cultural Friday 1.12. WeeGee & KinoTapiola

During Aava’s cultural Friday, Aalto residents can visit the Exhibition Center WeeGee for free from 4:30 p.m. In addition to the exhibitions, WeeGee will also hear live music organized by April Jazz starting at 6 p.m.

After visiting the museum, we head towards Kino Tapiola, where at 19:30 a hall has been reserved for the fastest people from Aalto as the movie Napoleon directed by Ridley Scott.

The movie screening costs 6 euros (norm. 11€) for an Aalto resident, which means you get a ticket cheaper than normal!

You can buy tickets here !


Independence Day sitz of Aallon Kokoomusopiskelijat and Uudenmaan kokoomusnuoret are organized 1.12. in Otaniemi. We welcome all students to join us in celebrating Independence Day!

Time: 1.12.2023, doors open at 18:00
Place: Upstairs, Otakaari 20, Espoo, Finland
Price: 16€
Dress code: cocktail
Note: The event is organized in Finnish

Ticket sales: https://kide.app/events/1143228e-6d7f-495c-adb5-8a49d83fda76

Join the tradition of the students’ torchlight procession on Finland’s 106th Independence Day on Wed 6 Dec!

The student unions of the Helsinki metropolitan area ArtSU, AYY, HYY, SHS, ASK, Helga, Laureamko, O’Diako and METKA and the Cadet and Officer Corps Association are once again organising the Students’ Independence Day Procession.
In addition to the procession, the event will feature choral singing and speeches from representatives of the student unions and the mayor of Helsinki.

The festivities will begin with the laying of wreaths at Hietaniemi Cemetery Hero’s Cross at 4pm, and the procession will start from the chapel of Hietaniemi Cemetery at approx. 5pm. The event will end at approximately 6.15pm.
The procession is filled with festive atmosphere and light in the spirit of the forward-looking student movement. Put on your student’s cap / teekkari cap / weather-appropriate cap and warm outerwear. We recommend that flagbearers and heralds wear dark clothing, but the dress code for everyone else is ‘come as you are’!

Sign-up for organisations: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/opiskelijoiden_itsenaisyyspaiva_2023
What: Independence Day Torchlight Procession for students of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
Where: Starts at the chapel of Hietaniemi Cemetery
When: 6 Dec 2023 from 3 pm onwards
More info about event and timetables: https://itsenaisyyspaiva.ayy.fi/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1318413805477946



III Interesting stuff

Want to learn more about Fablab but don’t know where to start?

Aalto Fablab is a makerspace equipped with machines that can make almost anything. Sound interesting? We are now organizing Open Days! We’ll be giving lab tours for the whole afternoon -no booking needed.

There will also be a workshop as part of the event! You’ll have the chance to learn how to design and make your custom reflector using Fablab’s vinyl cutter & laser cutter. ✨

There is no sign up to participate in the lab tours, but the workshop has limited seats. Claim your spot here:


Date: 27.11.23, Monday

⏰ Lab Tour Times: 13.15-17.00
Workshop Time: 14.15-17.00

Location: Aalto Fablab, Otakaari 7

PS. Throughout the afternoon, we’ll be serving chocolate treats made in Fablab- with love and a CNC <3

The Guild of Architecture´s Äljöttely Competition

This Monday starts Äljöttely competition! November is the best month of the year, the month of Äljöttely. This year the competition lasts 10 days!

Äljöttely might be an unknown concept for many, so it is necessary to open it slightly.
Äljöttely means hanging out uselessly at the Guild Room. In other words, studying, working remotely, or doing other productive activities is not considered as Äljöttely. You may do Äljöttely either alone or with some friends. Coffee is the recommended sports drink in the competition.

The winner of Äljöttely competition is the person who does Äljöttely the most within a 10 days. The participants will register the daily time consumed in Äljöttely in a form.
The competition starts on Monday the 20th of October and ends on Tuesday the 30th of November.

Everybody is liable to mark their own minutes reliably and correctly. In case of fraud of any kind, a score may be disqualified.

The winner of the competition will be announced on December 6th at the Hangover brunch of Wähäjoulu. Addition to honor and glory, the winner will also get their name on the wall of the Guild room. Good luck!

Instructions in a nutshell:
Go to Guild room
Do nothing productive
Have fun
Register the daily minutes

Register your daily minutes on this sheet!