Weekly Digest 17/22

Nice Monday morning to you all! Summer is getting closer and last events of the spring are here. There’s going to be a Guild’s Summer event in June, save the date! More info will come later. :)

After next week, Weekly Digest will go on a summer break. Any possible announcements during the summer will be announced on Guild’s Telegram and social media.

Veera Vornanen
The Guild of Architecture
Telegram: @veeratainen

I General

ARTS homebases Summer Cleaning by 27.5.

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

II Upcoming events

Tour de Terde 2022 16.5.

White overalls & funny hat -sitsi’s & sillis 20.5.

Sitsi’s at the Cabin of the Guild of Architecture 25.5.

Save the date: Guild’s Summer Day 17.6.

III Interesting stuff

Aalto Cocktail workshop: Hanami Cocktail Picnic 17.5.

TOKYO: What’s going on ARTS? 23.5.

Teekkarius 150: Outdoor hot tub screening for ice hockey 26.5.

AK VS MK: Kilometrikisa- cycling competition

Guild’s official announcement channel on Telegram

IV Job offers

Aalto Jobteaser: check available job offers

I General

ARTS homebases Summer Cleaning

All ARTS facilities will be thoroughly cleaned during the Summer break.

  • Due to the entrance examinations all homebases in Väre and Otakaari 1 must be emptied before 5 pm on Friday 27.5.
  • ARTS infra workshops will close for maintenance. Please make sure that you have collected all your belongings before 5 pm on Wednesday 15.6.
  • All lockers in Väre will have annual maintenance and must be emptied before 5 pm on Thursday 16.6.

Please collect all your belongings in due time. Items left behind may be obliterated/discarded during the Summer cleaning.

For further information, contact studentservices@aalto.fi

Important tips for course enrolment on Sisu

Dear student! There are four important things to remember when you are registering for courses in Sisu. More information on Into:


COVID guidelines from Aalto, AYY and THL

Up-to-date website for facilities and COVID regulations on campus


Reservable AYY workspaces closed until 7.2 + general current information:


COVID info from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:


II Upcoming events

Tour de Terde
16.5. / ticket sale opened 20.4. // central Helsinki
What is a better way to start the summer than a terrace crawl? This traditional Finnish activity is now possible with a student friendly budget at the Tour de Terde crawl! Along the route you will find refreshments from cappuccinos to stronger drinks.
The bars and cafés of Helsinki city centre are serving the hungry and thirsty students both for lunch and after work purposes, since the starting times vary between 14 and 19 pm. At the latest at 22 pm when the crawl ends, you should start moving towards Kaivohuone where the terrace is open and a mystery artist will entertain the party people during the evening.
WHAT: Aava’s Adventure Committee’s Tour de Terde crawl
WHERE: Helsinki city centre
WHEN: Monday 16th of May
WHO: All students!
WHY: An early start to the terrace season ‍♀️
TICKETS? 20.4. at 14.00 on Kide.app: https://kide.app/events/356dd5af-f04b-4804-8fe1-bf3c3021f899
PRICE? 10e
White-overalls-and-a-hat-sitsi’s & sillis
20.5. / 21.5. / reg 10.5. at 12 pm, for sillis at 3 pm // Smökki
It is that time of the year when Prodeko, LKS, SIK, HLKS, FK and AK come together to sitsaamaan with all of our white overalls!!
This year everyone shall find a funny hat to compliment all of the different shades of white. Whether that is a colourful flower hat, hairnet, beer helmet or a Santa hat, we want to see it 20th of May at White-overalls-and-a-hat-sitsit&sillis (VaHaHaSiSi)!The price for this evening will be maximum 15 €. This epic event will be held at Smökki 20.5. starting at 18.15 with Cocktail-party and the sitsit themselves begins at 19.00. The event is mostly held in Finnish.
Registration opens 10.5. at 12 and closes 16.5. at 23.55 after which it is binding.Sitsi sign-up: https://ilmo.fyysikkokilta.fi/event/313 Sillis will be held the day after, Sat 21.5. from 12-18 at Rantasauna (Jämeräntaival 4). You can find more info and the separate sillis registration here. Registration for sillis begins 10.5. at 15.TLDR
WHAT: White Overalls (and a funny hat) sitsit
WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4
WHEN: 20.5. Cocktail party at 17.30, sitsit at 18.00 + sillis next day 12-18 at Rantasauna
PRICE: max. 15 €
DC: White overalls and FuNnY hAt
WHY: Well, you have to get your overalls dirty at some point
Sitsi’s at the Cabin of the Guild of Architecture
25.5. / cocktails at 6 pm, sitsi’s at 6.30 pm // The Cabin / Metsäkalliontie 46, Sipoo
Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and spring has arrived to the Guild of Architecture’s cabin too. All the Maja minded people will gather together at a sitsit-table on saturday the 14th of May to celebrate Maja and the beginning of summer! So put on your fanciest partywear and show up at Maja at the beginning of the cocktail party at 18.

Entry for Majasitsit is here! Hurry up, only first 25 get a spot! https://forms.gle/vsG1ZFwnuX6HaGB28

WHAT? Sitsit at the Cabin of the Guild of Architecture
WHERE? Metsäkalliontie 46, Sipoo
WHEN? Wed 25.5. cocktails at 18, sitsit at 18:30
DC? Spring-themed cocktail
WHY? Maja is love <3

Guild’s Summer Day
17.6. // Otaniemi

 More info coming soon!

III Interesting stuff

Aalto Cocktail workshop: Hanami Cocktail Picnic
Hanami (花見, ”watching flowers”) is one of the Japan’s most important annual folk celebrations. Hanami occurs during the bloom of cherry trees in spring. So come and get a taste of Japanese cocktail flavors inspired by Hanami!
The cocktail picnic is organized on 17th of May at 18:00 outdoors in beautiful Roihuvuori (location: https://goo.gl/maps/fNuDQqWyZ6srN1PY9). Price is 18 € and it includes three Hanami-style cocktails prepared by our top cocktail specialists as well as some delicious Hanami snacks picked and paired carefully for the occasion! Bring your own picnic blanket if possible!
If the weather isn’t favorable the event will be held at the terrace of 100 Monkeys event space (Jämeräntaival 11 G).
WHAT: Hanami Cocktail Picnic
WHERE: Roihuvuori (location: https://goo.gl/maps/fNuDQqWyZ6srN1PY9)
WHEN: 17th of May at 18:00
PRICE: 18 €
TICKETS: https://holvi.com/…/produ…/8778ec6cf4b522c2d13fdf7cdfec5b56/
Hope to see many of you there!
What’s going on ARTS? 23.5.

Save the date for What’s Going on ARTS! It will be taking place on May 23 from 17:00 to 18:30 at Kipsari Väre. More information to follow in the upcoming weeks. Follow our Telegram (AALTO ARTS) and Instagram (@tokyo_aalto_arts) for more updates.

Teekkarius 150: Hot tub screening of the Ice hockey Championships 26.5.
What could be better than watching the Ice Hockey World Championships in good company? Watching it from a hot tub of course! Teekkarius 150 event committee invites all hot tub enjoyers, ice hockey fans and anyone who enjoys a fun atmosphere to join in on an outdoor hot tub screening for the quarter final games on the 26.5. at Alvari square!
It is possible to rent a hot tub from the screening for your friend group’s private use. There are 10 hot tubs available for reservation and each fits around 8 people at a time. The reservation for a tub is 60 euros, but there are also two hot tubs available for common use for free. In addition to the tubs, there is also free-for-all table seating for around 90 people. You may also bring your own hot tubs, tables, chairs or picnic blankets if you wish.
The reservation of the private hot tubs will be open on 10.5. between 12-16, and the reservations will be raffled from all of those who signed up during this time.
The quarter finals will be played at 16.20 and 20.20. When Finland is not playing, we will vote amongst the spectators for what game will be screened.
What? Hot tub screening of the Ice Hockey Championships
When? 26.5., 16 o’clock onwards
Why? Friends, hot tubs and hockey
PS. In the unfortunate event that Finland would not play in the quarter finals, the event will be pivoted into a movie screening.

AK VS MK: Kilometrikisa – cycling competition

Come ride with us for fun and wellness, and also to make sure the Guild of Architecture will cycle more kilometres during summer than the Guild of Surveying Engineers!

Kilometrikisa briefly: Kilometrikisa is a playfyl competition between companies and associations aiming to encourage people cycle more. Thus, enjoy cycling during summer time and register the kilometres and/or time you have cycled on website linked below.

The competition is held between 1.5.-22.9. You can join Guild’s team by registering to site on following address: https://www.kilometrikisa.fi/teams/join/

Team name: Arkkitehtikilta
Team password: AK1908

Guild’s official announcement channel on Telegram

An official announcement TG-channel for the Guild of Architecture has been made!
Announcements and info about events and news aimed towards the members of the Guild will be messaged on the channel.
For now info about events, etc will be announced on the Arkkitehtikilta-group chat as well, but finding the information will now be easier with the help of an announcement channel. ⭐

The main languages on the channel are Finnish and English.
For now the admin rights for the channel belong to this year’s Board of the Guild of Architecture. (2022)


 IV Job offers

Työpaikkailmoitukset-välilehti on siirretty Tiedotteet-sarakkeeseen, josta löytyy myös viikkotiedotteet! Löydät sinne myös alla olevasta linkistä:
Katso uusimmat työpaikkailmoitukset täältä!

Aalto JOBTEASERIN työtarjoukset (vaatii Aalto-tunnuksilla kirjautumisen):



Onko sinulla kehitysehdotuksia?

Jos haluat tiedotteesi ensi viikon Viikkikseen, lähetäthän materiaalisi (suomeksi ja englanniksi mielellään!) sähköpostiini tulevaan perjantaihin mennessä. 

Työantajat: Työpaikkailmoituksen julkaisusta sovitaan erikseen – olethan ajoissa yhteyksissä! 


Ota yhteyttä: 

Telegram: @veeratainen