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Dear friends,

Within a short period of time, our entire daily lives have changed completely, and our everyday student life has turned upside down. Our studies with high attendance have suddenly turned into remote learning, and we shouldn’t go anywhere unless it’s necessary. The events of the Guild have been canceled or postponed, which is sad, but on a scale of the current situation very small.

The most important thing right now is to take care of ourselves and therefore of our loved ones and other people.

– Julia

On a brighter note, Wappu is almost here! That said it’s time to start making your very own Sima and bake your Munkit! All you need to know to do this is just to follow AK’s Instagram account!

You will find the Wappu-counter from the first day within your browser: https://www.instagram.com/arkkitehtikilta/?hl=fi 



An important website: 


 Library: closed, but you can get books by booking it from Finna and then getting it from the lobby!

 Aalto Takeout: closed, but the necessary tools for studying can be borrowed (contact your course teacher)!

 Study and career counselling psychologists, student counselors and Aalto chaplains: can be reached by telephone and possibly remotely.

 KELA and student financial aid: If it has not been possible to study, payment of the student financial aid can still continue even if the study progress has not been sufficient. The maximum period of payment of student financial aid can also be extended.

 YTHS (Student health services): If you do not have corona symptoms, you can go to the appointment for other reasons. Remote appointment is also possible Cancellation: 1h before at the latest, otherwise you will have to pay cancellation fee!

 UniSport: closed but different remote trainings are provided.

 Student Service Points: Closed, but can be contacted by mail or phone.

Remote connections, applications and IT services: help for VDI and VPN, remote access to programs, Adobe applications free for students until 31.5.

Other useful links:

Effects of the coronavirus on studies: questions and answers (updated 17.4.2020)

I Remote Events

Sillis as a Service
Students’ Mental Health Day
Opportunity to influence AK’s songbook
M.A.D Summer camp


I Remote Events



Yes, you heard it quite right!

This year, the Jäynä Competition will become even more spectacular and will culminate in the Final on April 22nd at 16 o’clock! We will provide you with an interactive, surprising and fascinating show that you get to experience on your own sofa! So take a comfy position, appropriate snacks and enjoy the spectacle – we’ll take care of the rest.

The top three teams will be selected for the Final. This year, the winner will be chosen by public vote, so now it is time for all the roommates, friends and home crowds to vote their favorite to win! The prizes are once again amazing and will be soon announced.

The Competition is still running and you still have time to participate until Friday 17.04 at 17:04. Remember to follow the latest official guidelines regarding the pandemic while planning and designing your jäynä. Now or never it’s time to find out the most innovative ways to create a jäynä and YOU have the potential to be the winner of the 33rd Jäynä Competition!

WHAT: 32nd annual Final of the Jäynä Competition – Jäynä Untouched
WHEN: Wed 22nd of April, 4 p.m.
WHERE: Wherever you are! The link to the post will be published later in this event.

And btw, what is a jäynä? It’s traditionally a prank which is meant to bring joy to the people around and to the people creating it. It doesn’t take a stand on religion or politics, nor does it cause any financial, mental or physical harm to anyone. It’s an expression of student humor and designed to entertain people.

Sillis as a Service


Wappu is coming in a way we’ve never seen it before! Now YOU have once in a lifetime opportunity to get to enjoy authentic Ullis atmosphere + food at home.

Yes, you read it right! Wappu committee has it spoons in the soup as we present to you: Sillis as a Service – SaaS! This event made of pure awesomenes includes everything you could hope for: snacks, beverages, program and — of course — sillis people!

In practice, we deliver a package full of wappu to your doorstep on 1.5. (inside Otaniemi only, sorry!), that will take your wappu day to a whole new spheres of existence! Packages are delivered between 10-14. Also, Via livestream you can enjoy wappu themed program, including but not limited to: bingo, livemusic and other traditional sillis activities!

Price for all of this is no more than 10 euros!

Link to order the package will be posted on this event feed on Monday 20.4. at 12:00.

Do NOT miss this one of a kind opportunity to enjoy your funky cap in it’s fullest!

What: Wappu sillis at your home
Where: At your home (Delivery only in Otaniemi)
How: Wappu committee will take care of it
When: 1.5. at 10-14
Why: Wappu and sillis



Students’ Mental Health Day


Students’ Mental Health Day will be Thursday 23 April, and the campaign will run for two weeks, from 14 to 24 April 2020. Our goal is to provoke conversations about students’ mental health and to invite everyone to support the cause of mental wellbeing. In 2020, the campaign theme is friendship. With the #letsdosomething campaign, we want to highlight the significance of friendship to students’ wellbeing and mental health.

Read more:

Opportunity to influence AK’s songbook

Opportunity to influence the content of the songbook

Are you enthusiastic to influence the content of the 3rd edition of the songbook of the Guild of Architecture?

The Songbook Committee has opened a survey for all Guild members, where they are able to suggest songs that are missing from the current book or post their own or their acquaintance’s self-written song.

Replies will be collected until Wednesday 22nd of April through the attached form.



IE presents remoteWAPPUSITZ

Even though social distancing is keeping us apart, we must not let that disturb our Wappu mood! To get everyone to enjoy the most important holiday of the year, IE has decided to host two remote wappusitzs! Get dressed in your overalls, wake up your inner wappu spirit and get ready to experience the unique wappusitz for the whole Aalto community. Registration for the events begins on 13.4., registration link will be published later. The participation fee includes an unbelievable overall badge!

Where: The wonderful world of the internet

When: Friday 24.4. AND + Saturday 25.4.

Price: 3€ (+voluntary food expenses). Overall badge is included!

Signup: 13.-19.4. The link will be published in this event

DC: WABU + Overalls

Why: Let’s get this wabu started!

Stay tuned! Link to the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/235012004312761/

M.A.D Summer camp

Free of charge  ARCHICAD Summer Camp is once again running from June to August. Read more and apply now!

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