Weekly Digest 14/21


The fourth period of studies is soon ending and Wappu and the Summer are soon upon us. Good luck with the last of the periods school work and afterwards you can relax for example in the company of the following happenings:

I General

Department and School Facilities

II Coming Up

Now Boarding: The Safest Trip of 2021 14.4.

III Of Interest

Badge Sale 5.-11.4.
Wappuapu Fundraise
Design Challenge: Affordable Community Living in Smart City Kalasatama
Guild Magazine Paper

IV Job Offers

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I General

Department and School Facilities:

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II Coming Up

Now Boarding: The Safest Trip of 2021 14.4.

Are you bored of the same old view you see everyday from your window? Is your Pinterest on hold because you can’t stand the travel fever? Well worry no more! Be ready to embark on the safest trip of 2021! This virtual voyage simulates the different phases of a typical trip abroad – perfect for waking up your fondest (or awkwardest) travelling memories!

On this journey, you don’t need to stress about finding your passport or last-minute panic packing – you can escape with us from the comfort of your home for the low price of 0€! Prepare for loads of fun activities and a thrilling race to win a surprise goodie bag!

Psst! No good trip is complete without any souvenirs – that’s why by attending this evening you’ll get a cool badge to mark your adventurousness on your student overalls!

All you need is your own device and the lust for travelling. Hurry, fill up the enrollment before we take off! Sign-up is open 6.-11.4 in: https://bit.ly/3crpVwY

This event is held in English!

WHAT: Travel themed quiz night
WHEN: 14th of April at 19:00-20:30
WHERE: On Zoom – link will be emailed after sign-up
DC: Dress like you’re going on a trip you most crave at the moment!


III Of Interest

Badge Sale 5.-11.4.

The Teekkari Section organizes the traditional badge sale this spring! In the Badge Sales the badges of AYY’s guilds and associations are sold all in one place, so you can pick the ones that suit your overalls the best! Welcome to buy the funniest and coolest badges for Wappu, before the best ones are sold out!

The sale will take place remotely on kide.app from 5.4. at 12 noon onwards on https://kide.app/products/398d0b7c-1cf1-47d1-af1c-bcd0a37dff8b. The badges can be bought until 11.4. or until they are sold out. Please read through carefully the instructions on kide.app.

In addition to badges, you need to reserve a pickup time for week 16 or 19. Payment (only card) will take place upon pickup. Please note that there is a limited amount of pickup times. If the pandemic takes a turn for the worse, it is possible that some pickup times must be canceled.

If you have any questions, please contact the Teekkari Culture Directors: Mimi Mokka and Joona Nevalainen (firstname.lastname@ayy.fi).


WappuApu Fundraise

Loneliness is something that should not be a taboo. Especially during the corona pandemic, more and more students are struggling with loneliness. Together with the Fuksi Committee of the Aalto University Student Union, we want to provoke a discussion on an important topic and remind us to ask family, friends and, most importantly, ourselves, how it is going. In addition, we encourage you to participate in our WappuApu fundraising! By participating in the campaign, you support HelsinkiMission’s work to reduce young people’s loneliness and increase their well-being.

If you or a friend needs help, visit: helsinkimissio.fi/nuorten-kriisipiste . The Youth Crisis Point provides free and short-term conversational assistance with a crisis worker.

Web Page : https://oma.helsinkimissio.fi/nuori/16-3669

Design Challenge: Affordable Community Living in Smart City Kalasatama

The European Federation for Living (EFL) launches the first ever EFL Design Challenge: Affordable Community Living in Smart City Kalasatama

The European Federation for Living (EFL), a European wide network of over 70 housing actors from 19 European countries, has just launched its first ever EFL Design Challenge: Affordable Community Living in Smart City Kalasatama in collaboration with Village Co-Living and Living in Metropolises (LiM).

This Design Challenge offers student teams around the world the chance to design a concept for a real site near the centre of Helsinki, Finland in the 175-hectare Kalasatama neighbourhood. The winning design will eventually be inhabited by a co-living community, brought together by Village Co-Living.

EFL is looking for interdisciplinary, co-creative student teams who want to push the limits of creativity and bring forth new ideas for sustainable urban communities on a real-life site.

The winning team will win a €4000 prize and their design will be implemented onsite. The runner up will win a prize of €2000. There is also an innovative thinking award of €500 and an undergraduate award of €500.

Closing registration: 21 May 2021
Closing submission: 21 June 2021
Competition website page: https://ef-l.eu/helsinki-village-co-living-competition-2021/
Registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKiEFaHFuj8dwfK0zOZDB_uh2tl-U0jn093EctkwxJ_mXbvw/viewform

The Guild Magazine Paper


How are the fuxes?
What have been discussed about remote teaching and wellbeing with institution, teachers and students?
The best outdoor sportplaces in Helsinki-area
Free softwares when one can not afford adobe
Horoscope when the future is uncertain
These and many others are now here to be read in this years first Guildmagazine Paperi.



IV Job Offers

Job offers can be found at:




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