Hello and have a nice new week everyone!

Yesterday we had the traditional Kallio Pub Crawl, where students got to see the bars of Kallio. I want to thank you all who came to the event, I had a great evening! On this week we´ll have our first Coffee Hour of the autumn semester at Guild Room and also tickets to the Lakinlaskijaiset party will be sold tomorrow at Undergraduation Centre at 8.00 – 11.00. We will soon be in the end of the first period, so I wish you all health and relaxing autumn evenings! You´re doing great.



With ”I have to get a warmer coat” -vibes,




I General announcements

Call for Applications: KONE Grant for artistic purposes

AYY grants Totti Korpua as candidate for SYL´s board in 2024

AYY´s Representative Council (RepCo) is open for applications


II Events

Guildroom Coffee Hour 21.9. at 16

Kiltasitsit: Under the Sea 4.10

Maskerad 2023: The Cryptids of the Palace 11.11.

TOKYO Christmas Sales 17. – 19.11.

Otacruise 26. – 28.11.

LuTKu: Storms & Seals 5.10.


III Interesting stuff

Dash Hack 2023


I General Announcements


Artistic activities and research at Department of Architecture / KONE donation
KONE Foundation donated 800 000 euros for Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Half of the donation goes to a new doctoral school of artistic research, but each department has also a possibility to give 100 000 euros for projects related to artistic activities of the department.
There will be four calls in years 2023-2024, one in spring and another in fall, and the core team of the department will make the funding decisions according to the most suitable proposals. There will be a total of 20 000 – 30 000 euros in each call to be shared. The sum depends on the quality of the applications. Proposals are going to evaluated according to the artistic quality and their potential impact on the future development of the department. Applicants are asked to provide information on the relevance of their proposal with respect to the department respectively to the strategy of Aalto University.
The call is open for all faculty members and students of Department of Architecture. The deadline of the applications in autumn is 12.10.2023. Please send a short project plan / application letter (max 1x A4) + budget to pirjo.sanaksenaho@aalto.fi. The funding decisions will be made in October.

The core team members are:
Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Head of department
Pia Fricker, Vice head of the department
Pekka Heikkinen, Head of education
Toni Kotnik, Head of research
Elisa Lähde, representative of landscape architecture
Esa Vesmanen, representative of interior architecture

In a case core team members are applicants, the decision concerning that application is done without their presence.

AYY nominates Totti Korpua as a candidate of SYL’s board in 2024

Aalto University Student Union nominates Totti Korpua as a member of the board of the National Union of University Students in Finland. Totti Korpua, 25, is a master’s student in Art Education at Aalto University of Arts and Design. In the past year, they have served as a member of the board of the Aalto University Student Union and areas of responsibility being education policy, elections and well-being. Korpua has extensive experience in various positions of trust in the Aalto community. In their free time, Totti enjoys going to concerts and galleries.

”I am very grateful for the trust I have received. Promoting a better student life is required at every level of society, and I am ready to continue my listening, forward-looking and decisive work at SYL,” Korpua commented on their choice.

Korpua reflects on the important goals of the student movement for the upcoming year: ”The structures of education must better support the ability to study and the accessibility of education, so that raising the level of education and studying in general can really change Finland. Structures and funding alone are not enough, but the student’s livelihood must be sufficient and support the same goals. SYL must take care of the status and participation of international students in the Finnish higher education field and lead by example the entire student movement. In the European Parliament elections, the student movement must be widely heard throughout Europe, and SYL plays a key role in this.”

SYL will elect the board for 2024 at its union meeting in Tampere on November 17-18, 2023. SYL represents Finnish university students at the national level and takes a stand on education policy, social policy and international issues.

More information: Totti Korpua, totti.korpua@ayy.fi, tel. 0404824213
Chair of the Board Ida Parkkinen, ida.parkkinen@ayy.fi, tel. 0400984545

Don’t settle for grumbling, apply for AYY’s Representative Council! The nomination of candidates is now open until 2 Oct 4pm. Every AYY member has the right to stand for election in the autumn 2023 Representative Council elections. Further information here on our website

II Events

Guildroom Coffee Hour 21.9. klo 16

Guild room Coffee Hour is back from summer break! ☕️
There’s coffee and snacks as usual – we’ll also hear about the upcoming sporty events from AK Sportklubb.   See you at the guild room! ❤️

Kiltasitsit: Under the Sea

Under the Sea! With Architecture Guiiild!
Welcome to the seaworld of AK guildsitsis 4.10.2023!
Dress up as your totem sea-animal and rise to the surface of OK20 upstairs for the coctail event at 18:00! The sitsis start at 18:30 and after which we’ll be diving to the after party under the sea!

WHAT:Under the Sea-tsit – AK guildsitsis <3
WHERE: Otakaari 20
WHEN: 4.10. coctail event at 18:00, gong at 18:30
PRICE: 15 €
DC: Creature from Under the Sea
WHY: ‘Cause under the sea! With Architecture Guiiild!

‼️SIGN-UP starts on Friday 22.9 at 12:00 and closes on 30.9. at 23:59, and after that it will be binding. To buy the sitsi-ticket, you’ll need to be a member of the Architecture Guild. Get the membership here !!

Maskerad 23: Cryptids of the Palace

Maskerad Tickets are up for sale!!

The tickets will be more expensive at the door / closer to the event so snatch your tickets now!!

Maskerad is the crazy, historic, annual party of ARTS. We go full out on our outfits under the yearly theme: Cryptids of the palace.

You can expect bouncy music, wild costumes, arts vibes, media art and exciting performances under the Vanha Ylioppilastalo roof on the 11.11

Member ticket – 8€
Non-member 18€


Christmas Sales update!

The event will be held on the 17-19th of November at Väre
More info coming soon about the table sales but you can expect that to happen towards the end of the month




O T A C R U I S E   2 0 2 3

Feeling stuck in Otaniemi? Longing for a change of scenery and some fresh air?

Well we have the answer, Otacruise 2023

Once again, Otacruise gathers 2500 Aalto students for a cruise to Stockholm and back on 26-28 of November 2023 !

Online sale on 25.9. on KideApp at 17.00.

Campus sale on 27.9. at 8.00.

All tickets for Otacruise will be sold as cabins that house 2-4 students each. The online sale will contain cabins with 2-4 spaces in each. All campus sale cabins are 4 person cabins.

More info coming shortly on Telegram and Instagram @otacruise! So stay tuned

What: Otacruise 2023
Where: Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki
When: 26-28 November 2023
Who: All Aalto Students
Info: @otacruise


This event and its program is held in Finnish. Information regarding food and schedule of the evening will also be provided in English during the event.

The mythical CthLuTcu has awakened from its deep slumber and the waltz of the ancients is playing in the dark. Help us protect our community and ensure that the seal lives at the end of the night. This roleplay oriented sitsit is full of variation as the dice will define the fate of your party.

LuTku proudly presents: fantasy-themed songmaster seminar on Thursday 5.10.2023! The upper doors of Otakaari 20 tavern open at 18 and the gong rings at 18:30. There is room for 50 and on the registration form you can mark if you want participate as a bystanding NPC or if you want to take part in the flow of events. Registration opens on Kide.app on 20.9. at 12:00 and closes on 29.9. at 23:59. This adventure costs 16e and there is a possibility to go sauna during the afterparty. More info & questions: @lukkaritirehtoori in Telegram.

What: Songleader seminar; Storms&Seals
Where: OK20 Upstairs
When: 5.10. at 18:00, gong at 18:30
For who: All friends of seals & song culture
DC: Epic fantasy

III Interesting stuff

Dash Hack 2023 participant applications are OPEN!

Apply and experience a weekend of electrifying ⚡️ innovation alongside the world’s top companies . No matter your background, we want you to bring your unique skills to the table and join one of the many multidisciplinary teams that will be competing to find radical solutions to real-world challenges .

This is your chance to get the attention of our partner companies, win prizes , and have an unforgettable experience alongside amazing people . This isn’t just an event—it’s a gateway to endless possibilities .

Applications are open until September 22nd! ⏰


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