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This week is Helsinki Design Week so there is a lot of interesting events in Helsinki for students of arts and design fields. For a recommendation there´s free entry to Habitare Design Fair for students of arts and design. More info below. Yours truly will spend the end of this week celebrating 10-year-old GAYY (lgbtqia+ community in Aalto University).

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I General announcements


Objects of Student Associations for the Museum of Students Culture



II Events

Luova´s Taco Night

Free entry for student to  Habitare

Physicists’ Spex 2023 – Student Musical in English

Helsinki Design Week 8. – 17.9.2023

Tickets to Lakinlaskijaiset: where and when?

Finland Sitsis

III Interesting stuff

The Effective Altruism Intro Program

Taekwon-do beginners´ course starts 17.9.

Polijazz dance courses start 12.9.

I General announcements

The aim of the Museum of Student Culture is to represent the colorful student culture of Aalto University as comprehensively as possible, so we want to include in our permanent exhibition also a small overview of the recreational clubs operating within Aalto University.

You can use the attached form to suggest objects for the exhibition. The form also contains additional information about proposing objects and the related conditions. The form can be accessed via the following link:
Best regards,
Museum Section and museum employees

II Events


Want to Taco part in AYY decision making?
What they Taco ’bout in the big halls?
Want to make an impacTaco in the community?
Come to the guild room on 19.9 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM to hear about what, why, and how is the RepCo, Luova, and tacos?
We’ll have tacos (veg) to munch on, so there’s more to feast on than just information!

Luova’s representatives will be present to talk about the representative council in general, working there, and their personal experiences. This event is a great opportunity to get involved in the representative council activities!

If you want to inquire about topics in advance or can’t make it, feel free to contact @MrFriendshipMan or @saikku about anything related to the representative council, Luova, or tacos!

AYY caramba!!



Habitare 13. – 17.9.2023

Free entrance via registation to Habitare!

Distribution: Students & teachers of departments of design, architecture, art and media


Habitare 13.–17.9.2023

Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre


Registration, https://visit.messukeskus.com/registration/Registration/Login?id=498-23122-1573

Login with code HABI23.


Admission is free of charge for students and teachers of the following fields throughout the event: design, architecture, interior design, arts and crafts, lighting and electrical design, horticulture and landscaping, construction, real estate, conservation and antiques.

Warm welcome!



Physicists’ Spex 2023 – Student Musical in English

Physicists’ Spex 2023 student musical is here – also in English!
In the Kingdom of Teeth the tooth fairies and rot goblins compete for the

most valuable resource of all – teeth. What happens when a fame-hungry

fairy criminal and the princess of the Fairies, find themselves caught in

the midst of a vicious power struggle.
Spex combines musical theater and improvisation. Sink your teeth into the

show in English on Nov 20! Tickets on Kide.App. More info:


Helsinki Design Week 8.9. – 17.9.2023

Helsinki Design Week is now open! All the interesting program can be found here: https://helsinkidesignweek.com/?lang=en

The City of Helsinki together with their partners is organizing an open competition for multidisciplinary student groups! You just have to solve the issue of making our centers lively againBest suggestion wins and the main prize is 15 000 €!

At the Helsinki Design Week Main Venue Merikortteli, we are organizing a launch event on Wednesday 13.9. 12-14 will be a panel discussion and a free lunch.

Please register via this link

⚓️Tickets to Lakinlaskijaiset: How and when?

Ticket sales to Lakinlaskijaiset will happen on Wednesday 20th of September between 8.00-11.00. If there are unsold tickets after this, the rest of the tickets will be sold on kide.app on Thursday 21st of September. The ticket costs 16 euros and contains a wristband and an overall patch. Age limit for the event is 18 years.

IMPORTANT!! Possible queue will be formed OUTSIDE OF Z-DOOR AT ALVARI, NOT INSIDE THE UNDERGRAD CENTER although the doors open at 7.45. Queue should be straight and it stays on one side of the sidewalk so that people are able to pass by. The organizers will let you in when the sales start and the tickets will be sold only to those who have queued properly. One person can buy 3 tickets and payment is possible with card or mobilepay. If there is a reason to suspect ticket scalping, we reserve the right to invalidate their tickets. Reselling without intention of profit is allowed

Finland Sitsit

On 29 September, the Master’s Committee of Aava brings Finland to sitz tables and cracks the blue-white curtain before the Northern, slightly weird, people. The night includes a dive into the Finns’ favorite pastime activities, which will be followed by Finnish students’ dinner party, sitz.

The cocktail party of the event will be Finnish-themed sports tryouts in the Smökki surroundings. The event is mainly for the new international students.

Tickets are sold on Kide.app.
Price: €15.

III Interesting stuff


The Effective Altruism Intro Program

How can you do the most good?

Do you want to build a career that not only benefits you but also has a real positive impact on the world? Are you interested in learning and discussing the most pressing problems out there? Would you like to meet interesting people from multidisciplinary backgrounds, who have a shared passion for doing good? How about connecting with a global community of like-minded people? Now you have the opportunity, as we in Effective Altruism Finland are organising an introductory program for you!

Read more about the intro program and apply by September 24th 23:59 here: https://www.altruismi.fi/program

The Effective Altruism Intro Program is an intensive and rewarding 8-week programme starting October 2nd. Every week consists of reading and discussion on themes like effective career choices, empathy, global health, forecasting and existential risks. We are looking for fellows who will not be content with doing some good, but instead have the ambition and drive to do the most good they can.

Effective Altruism is a global community and movement striving to find out how we can use our resources to help others the most. The Finnish Effective Altruism community has local university groups operating in University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and Tampere University and city groups in Jyväskylä and Kuopio. In addition to the Effective Altruism Finland Intro Program, we also host a range of events and activities for the wider Effective Altruism community, including discussion events, workshops, and career advising. You can learn more at https://www.altruismi.fi/

Welcome to Aalto EA!


Are you curious to know more about our student club? We warmly invite you to attend our kickoff meeting for this academic semester. We will discuss the history and purpose behind our group as well as plans for the upcoming semester, including how you can get involved. There will also be a chance to get to know new and old members through thought-provoking conversations! A simple vegan lentil stew will be served.


When: Monday, September 18th from 18:00-20:00

Where: Aalto Design Factory’s new location at Puumiehenkuja 5, 02150 Espoo

 Taekwon-do beginners´ course starts 17.9.

Trainings start 17.9.2023!

Have you always wanted to learn flashy kicks, punches and blocks? Do you want to improve your balance, flexibility and mobility of body? Are you in need of self-defence skills?

University of Helsinki Taekwon-do Club provides a beginners’ course for all adults (over 18 years). The beginners’ course starts September 17th. Training sessions will be given in Porthania gym (Yliopistonkatu 3) on Sundays at 11:00-12:30. The course costs 60.00 €, 50€ if you participate with a friend. Fee includes training, membership and belt exam fees, and ITF Federation license fee. Until the beginning of October you can attend beginners’ course for free.

Languages: Finnish and English

When: Sundays at 11:00-12:30, Starts on 17.9.2023

Where: Porthania, Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki

Please, register for the beginners’ course via the form https://hytkd.myclub.fi/flow/events/6075667

About Taekwon-do:

Taekwon-do is a fast-paced Korean martial art that can be used for defence and offence. This martial art is especially famous for its diversity of kicking techniques and suits people from different groups of age, both as a competitive and general fitness sport.

Taekwon-do develops physical features of the body, such as coordination, agility, mobility and general fitness level. Additionally, it improves focus, perseverance and self-confidence in facing new challenges.

Taekwon-do can roughly be divided into six forms: basic techniques, patterns, sparring, special techniques, power breaking and self-defence. Further information about Taekwon-do’s forms can be found from Internation Taekwon-do Federation’s or Finnish ITF Federation’s website:




Homepage: http://hytaekwondo.com/

Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/192610733921/

Our Instagram: @hytaekwondo

See you in trainings!

Polijazz dance courses start 12.9.

I hope this past summer has treated you well! Its time to get back to school again but worry you not, the Polijazz dance courses start aswell in September! We’ve got all kinds of events and workshops planned for this semester!


The sign up is open now! We offer a discount when you bring a friend with you! Read more from our websites: https://polijazz.fi/en/courses/


Spring term 12.9-15.12.2023 Otaniemi


Modern dance: Thursdays

17:00-18:00 (intermediate)

(Starts on 14.9, location: Multifacility hall)


Breaking: Wednesdays

19:00–20:00 (beginner)

20:00–21:00 (advanced)

(Starts on 27.9, location: Multifacility hall)


Oriental dance: Tuesdays

17:00-18:00 (beginner – intermediate)

(Starts on 12.9, location: Association room


If you have any questions, you can join our telegram group here:


or ask me directly @Nokkahiiri


Hope to see you this autumn!