The chair of the Guild is an enthusiastic person who is good at organizing and interacting with others and isn’t afraid of a little pressure. The chairperson is primarily the head of the board but still the most important job is to motivate and support the actives to develop the Guild to be even better. Being an organization based on voluntary work, an important task of a good chairperson is leading the Guild’s direction throughout the year and also keeping up the good spirit of working. As the chairperson you get to take care that the Guild remains the open-hearted and inspiring community that we have come to know. The post of the chairperson is an ultimate adventure. One doesn’t end up in the post but grows into it – especially during the year as the chairperson!

Vice Chair-Secretary
For the coming year the board is proposing to combine two positions to create a new one, the Vice Chair-Secretary.The Vice Chair-Secretary is the right hand (or, if necessary, the left foot) of the Chair person. They help and share the responsibilities of the Chairperson in leading the organization and help the whole Board in all kinds of tasks. As Secretary they are responsible of recording the meetings of the Board. In addition, the Vice Chair-Secretary coordinates the planning and development meetings of the Guild and is responsible for the well-being of the Guild officials and other members. The Vice Chair-Secretary is in a great position to develop the operation of the Guild as they see fit. Therefore it’s a great position for an active and passionate member of the Guild of Architecture.

The treasurer is responsible for the Guild’s economy. Their responsibilities include paying the Guild’s bills and composing bills for others, sponsors for example. Together with the chairman the treasurer composes the annual budget and then monitors it throughout the year. At the end of the year they compose the financial statement. The treasurer works closely with the chairman and the public relations representative.

Communications Manager
Communications manager is in charge of communications in the Guild. They moderate the mailing lists, maintain the Guild’s website together with the Webmaster and write the weekly newsletter. The communications manager has to be able to write and speak both Finnish and English because they also translate texts from one language to another. They work closely with the Editor-in-chief and are in charge of Paperi in the board.

Host and Hostess
The host and hostess, ”IE”, organize parties, sitsis (academic parties with food and singing), Guild’s coffee breaks and lots of other great events to make the studies a bit more fun. Every Guild has their own IE, and together all the hosts and hostesses organize bigger events such as the big pub crawl, Polin appro, at the end of the year.

Freshman Captain
The Freshman Captain is responsible for the new students. The captain introduces the freshmen to the Guild of Architecture and to the Department of Architecture and helps the freshmen with anything concerning student life. The Freshman Captain organizes many events to the freshmen during their first year and helps the freshmen earn their teekkari cap. The Freshman Captain is a member of the board and the task lasts until possible Wappu 2018.

Adjutant to the Freshman Captain
The Adjutant to the Freshman Captain is responsible for all the tutors of the Guild, including the tutors and the international tutors. They start the year by recruiting the tutors and making sure they all know what to do when the new students arrive. The adjutant is working together with the Freshman Captain throughout the year organising events for the freshmen. The Adjutant is a member of the board and the task lasts until possible Wappu 2018. The adjutant to the Freshman Captain recruits all the tutors and leads them.

Foreign Legion Captain
FLC is responsible for the guild’s international affairs such as making sure that all guild-wide communication is also in English and maintaining the guild’s international relationships. Together with the international tutors, FLC welcomes the new international students and guides them through their arrival to Finland and Aalto’s student culture. One of FLC’s important responsibilities is promoting internationality in the guild, by making sure that all guild-wide communication is in English and by bringing the Finnish and international students together.

Corporate Relations Representative
The person in charge of the corporate relations is the Guild’s connection to the business world. The most important job is to take care of AK Foundation relations and organize different events and excursions with possible future employers and suppliers. AK Foundation is a corporate network, in which the Guild makes annual contracts with various companies.

Responsible for Studies
The Responsible for Studies has an important task in student advocacy. In addition to the meetings of the Guild, they participate in different administrative meetings in the university and makes sure that students’ experiences are taken into account when decisions are being made. The representative for studies is also responsible for student representatives (so-called “hallopeds”). In addition they participate the Study Council meetings which consists of every association’ responsible for studies.
The Responsible for studies needs ability to find good ways to advocate students’ rights and get their opinions taken into account.

The Space and Cabin Master
The Space and Cabin Master is responsible for all the facilities of the Guild and is also a member of the board of Majasäätiö, the foundation taking care of the Guild’s Cabin. Co-operating with the Spatial Team, the Master maintains and develops the guild room. The Space and Cabin Master has an important role of being the contact person between the Guild and the Cabin Foundation, informing both boards of the current issues. The Master has to have a burning desire for making things with their own hands and fixing anything, as both the facilities of the Guild and the Cabin require that sort of maintaining.

Responsible for Anniversary
Due to the 110th Anniversary of the Guild next year, the Responsible for Anniversary is proposed to be elected in the Board of the Guild. The Responsible for Anniversary is a necessary member of the Board in the coming year, since most of Guild’s operation will be affected by the Anniversary.