New Board of the Guild elected

On Friday November 20th the new board and guild actives were chosen in an elective meeting which took place at Miestentie. Below you can see the new board members.

The board of 2016 excited about the future. Saana Rossi and Oliver Kärki missing in the picture.

Board of 2016
Chairman Miia Suomela
Vice President Hanna-Mari Ikonen
Treasurer Emma Savela
Secretary Meeri Tolonen
Freshman Captain Jaakko Viertiö
Adjutant to the Freshman Captain Petra Minkkinen
Foreign Legion Captain Lotta Harjula
Hostess Johanna Vuorelma
Host Sanni Ruikka
Student Advocacy Suvi Vendelin
Editor-in-Chief Saana Rossi
Cottage Master Oliver Kärki
Public Relations Jens Regårdh