What Cabin?

The Cabin

The Guild of Architecture has a cabin in the woods of Sipoo (Metsäkalliontie 46, 01120 Sipoo), which is rentable via AYY.

The Cabin is run by the Cabin Foundation of the Club of Architecture, or more commonly the ‘Majasäätiö’.


The Cabin can be reserved via the AYY Rental of Facilites -portal ( https://ayy.fi/en/students/services/rental-of-facilities/ ) or at the AYY Otaniemi Service Point.

The keys should be returned to the AYY Otaniemi Service Point (Otakaari 11) the next available weekday.

Address AYY Service Point, Otakaari 11, 02150 Espoo
AYY Services office is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 12noon and 15pm.
Telephone 050 520 9400
Email ayy (at) ayy.fi



Currently the Cabin is rented according to the following list of rental prices. The prices are per one day (24 hours); the rental time starts at 2 p.m. and ends the next day at the same hour. Person who has a valid student card and has paid the membership fee of the Guild of Architecture for the academic year being, is entitled to a discount. The Foundation reserves all rights to change the prices listed below.

PRICES 3.4.2023


i.e. Sun 14.00 – Mon 14.00

Fri–Sat / holidays

i.e. Sat 14.00 – Sun 14.00

Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Interior Architecture students* who have paid the membership of the Aalto University Guild of Architecture, and the sections and committees of the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) 80 € 250 €
Members of the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) and affiliated guilds, clubs and associations 200 € 400 €
Others 450 € 500 €

* The architecture students of the Universities of Oulu and Tampere, who have paid the membership fee of the Aalto University Guild of Architecture are also entitled to a discount.


Please read the following before renting the Cabin:

Maja manual 2023
Maja rental contract 2022

Also fill the Checklist as soon as you arrive to The Cabin.



Location and Arrival


The Cabin is situated by the Pond Särkilampi in Västerskog (literally, western forest), Sipoo. The address is Metsäkalliontie 46. The location is about 25 km from Helsinki to the direction of Porvoo. The best way to reach the location is via the Helsinki–Porvoo highway or the older road to Porvoo ironically called the Uusi Porvoontie. Approaching via the highway, the closest intersection is called Västerskog.

The Cabin is also accessible via busses 848 from Kamppi and 841 from Itäkeskus, which both have bus stops on a walking distance from the Cabin.

If you are to arrive with a charter bus, you should not order the bus to go farther than the intersection of Särkilammentie and Metsäkalliontie, as Metsäkalliontie is quite impossible for large vehicles to drive on.

The closest shops to the Cabin are in Söderkulla, about 5 km from the Cabin. There you can find K-Supermarket, S-Market and Alko.


– A kitchen with the usual Finnish stove and an oven, microwave oven, a large fridge with a freezing box, water boiler, coffee maker, pots and pans and an assortment of china and kitchenware for about 20 persons.
– a cozy, cabin-like room which fits 25 people around a table
– sleeping area for 25 people comfortably (21 mattresses), a few pillows and blankets
a warmth reserving fire place and an ac-unit
– an outhouse
– a wood heated sauna
– a drill well which supplies warm water to the kitchen and cold water for the sauna
– a compost
Note this:
There is firewood in the shed which is next to the sauna. For the safe use of the Cabin and the sauna, remember to carefully read the Cabin manual (folder), which can be found in the main room.


The Foundation

The Foundation of the Club of Architecture was founded in 1935 by Aarno Raveala and Lauri Tolonen who were students at the Helsinki Polytechnical School (later Helsinki University of Technology and now Aalto University). The mission of the Foundation has not only been to care for the upkeep of the Cottage, but also to secure a place for the members of the Guild of Architecture to practice their technical and artistic skills, to refresh and relax oneself and to do sports. Ever since the beginning it has also been a key point to share the valuable grounds and opportunities with others for a small charge. The same tradition continues with the new Cottage.

Billing address: Arkkitehtuuriklubin Majasäätiö / AYY, Postal box 69, 02151 Espoo
The Cottage / Maja: Metsäkalliontie 46, 01120 Västerskog
Email: a-maja (at) list.ayy.fi


The Board 2023

Chairman Iiris Moisio
Vice Chairman Kasper Luoma
The Cottage Master Katri Halkonen
Secretary Peppi Kouti
Treasurer Ronja Karvonen
AYY representative Ossi Kilkki



Samuel Hautamäki, Sini Hintsala, Sofia Sheverdyaeva, Leo Jussila, Kuisma Kyyhkynen, Pinja Lindholm, Aapo Niinikoski, Iisa Mustonen, Pietari Sulonen, Eveliina Kunnaton, Lassi Luotonen, Matias Murole, Niko Korhonen


Briefly about the construction

Ecological construction guidelines and traditional methods have been implemented in the construction of the Cottage. Local and low energy-consuming materials have been favored. Also recycling has been a key point in many phases — the largest example being the body of the Cottage which is completely built of recycled logs. Traditional, simple and ecological planning and construction solutions have been a useful opportunity to learn for the students of architecture that are and have been involved in the process of building the Cottage.