Hello and a great Wappu time for you all!

Otaniemi will blossom again since Wappu events fill the campus every day of the week. With the Guild of Architecture there will be for example Wappu terrace opening with other ARTS associations, overall patches sewing and watching of Fuksijäynäs together. On Sunday we´ll get to wear our caps again and see Manta´s crowning.


I hope you all a very nice and safe Wappu times!





Reminder to submit course feedback


at 14:00 Alvari square – The Sitsi Competition

at 18:00 Helsinki city center – AK115 x PT Wappuspåra

klo 15:00 terrace of the guild room – The Opening of the Wapputerrace

at 17:30 A-wing marble yard (raincheck: guild room)

at 15:00–17:00 A-wing, Candidate center – Mead with the Department

at 15:00 guild room – Publishing of Serpenttiini
at 16:00 guild room – Fuksi Spex Grand Stand
about at 20 Alvari square – Tour de Walpuri
at 21:00 Wappufestival

at 12:00 The Yard of Smökki – Declaration of the Wappu Rowdiness
at 15:00 – Joint Journey to the Guilds Wappu ferry
at 17:30 – The Statue of Runeberg at Esplanad park
at 18:00 Statue of Havis Amanda – Crowning of Manta
evening – Dipoli – Dipolin Wappu
at 23:50 A wing Courtyard – Putting on the Caps Together

8:00- Ullanlinnanmäki – Wappu Brunch

Come when you manage (maybe like at 16:00) – guild room – Collective Headache
PDP course gala 12.5.
Tour de Terde 16.5.



Join Fyysikkospeksi 2023 theater production!



Reminder to submit course feedback!

The new period is around the corner so it is the time to remind you all to give course feedback. The guild room has also a letter box where you can leave comments about courses or general teaching feedback that will be discussed on the board meetings.


Wappu events


at 14:00 Alvari squareThe Sitsi Competition – In this Competition the usual rules of sitsit are broken and the guilds team will think of something entirely new! The guild’s entry to the competition will be planned together at guild afternoon club at kiltis on 12.4. at 17:00


at 18:00 Helsinki city center –  AK115 x PT Wappuspåra – A Tram ride in the center of Helsinki together with the Association of Process Engineering Students. In the event we will also celebrate our own guild turning 115 years old this year! 


klo 15:00 terrace of the guild roomThe Opening of the Wapputerrace – Get together to feel the wappuspirit at the terrace of our guild room! Maybe we will also be able to break in the new terrace furniture! 


at 17:30  A-wing marble yard (raincheck: guild room) – Mocktails + Patch Sewing Eve – Come fix your overalls before Wappu and to enjoy some tasty mocktails! 


klo 15:00–17:00 A-wing, Candidate center  – Mead with the Department – Students and the staff of the Department of Architecture come together to celebrate Wappu!


klo 15:00 guild roomPublishing of Serpenttiini – Be the first to get your hands on the Wappu magazine of the Guild!

klo 16:00 guild roomFuksi Spex Grand Stand – Watch the stream together at the guild room and win amazing prizes in the Wappu Bottle Raffle!

about klo 20 Alvari squareTour de Walpuri – Guilds, groups and gangs hold fun checkpoints around Otaniemi.


at 12:00 The Yard of SmökkiDeclaration of the Wappu Rowdiness – Music, speeches, prizes, and the fantastic declaration of the Wappu rowdiness! The Declaration will ring from the roof of Smökki at 14:00! 

at 15:00 Joint Journey to the Guilds Wappu ferry – The Guild of Architectures transportation to Manta will leave from New Port at Keilaniemi. We will go there together and the walk starts from the guildroom at 15:00. The Sign up for the ferry will be up on the 14th of April. Stay tuned! 

at 17:30The Statue of Runeberg at Esplanad park – The Guild Wappu punch – Head to the Statue of Runeberg in the middle of the Esplanad park from the Ferry to enjoy punch with the members of the guild and its alumni! 

at 18:00 Statue of Havis AmandaCrowning of Manta  – The Statue of Manta is traditionally crowned with a student cap and this year AYY will do the Crowning! 

eveningDipoli Dipolin Wappu – Music and a party at Dipoli!  

at 23:50 A wing CourtyardPutting on the Caps Together – When midnight comes we will put our caps together as a guild at the courtyard of A wing! 


8:00Ullanlinnanmäki Wappu Brunch – This is where wappu celebrators all around gather to celebrate the most wonderful day of the year. Come see the sun, the people and the feeling!


Come when you manage (maybe like at 16:00) – guild room – Collective Headache – Watch animal videos to heal the pain. Bring your own food, we only have sympathy to give.



PDP course gala

Where were you when the future of product development was unboxed?

When: 12th May 2023 9:00 – 17:00

Where: New Design Factory, Puumiehenkuja 5A Espoo

Who: Everyone – no need to register!

What is the Gala? Since September 15 PDP teams have been working hard on their unique

projects. At the Product Design Gala 2023 it is time to reveal the results to the world. For the whole day Design Factory has it’s doors open to everyone who is interested in coming to see the innovations that the future product developers have created. The projects are on display around Design Factory and visitors can interact with the students, try the prototype and get inspired by the atmosphere of the event. There are visitors from all walks of life and great connections can be formed.

PDP core principles: The PDP course brings together students from all schools of Aalto University to work on real world challenges presented by an industry partner. All teams have a budget of 10 000 euros that can be used for the realisation of their project. The challenge is provided by an industry partner and the collaboration between the company and the student team is active throughout the year. PDP is an environment that is as close as you can get to real world working conditions with the additions of the freedom to experiment and fail plus the interdisciplinary composition of the teams that in many places is just a buzz word but in PDP it’s true.

History: The PDP course has been running for 26 Years and over 300 projects have been completed today. The total number of students who have taken the course is over 3000. These



Wappufestival 29.4.

The traditional Wappufestival is happening on Saturday 29.4. at 21:00 in

Smökki. The event is the official afterparty for Tour de Walpuri and it’s

open and FREE for every student. The evening is going to be full of RÖKing

live music and the feel is going through the roof. Grab your friends and

arrive to party the long awaited Wappu with the best festival of Spring 23.


What: Wappufestival

When: Saturday 29.4. – 21:00 – 02:15

Where: Smökki

Why: What would Wappu be without Wappufestival?

Costs: 0€!




Tour de Terde 16.5.

Are you ready to start the summer terrace season? Now you can do it at a student-friendly price when Tour de Terde pub crawl takes over the bars and cafés in Helsinki city centre. This time, the theme of the tour is beach party, so bring your friends and celebrate the start of the summer with us!

Along the way, you can have coffee or something stronger in the afterwork hours, as the tours start between 3 pm and 6 pm. When the tour ends at 10 pm, the party starts at Kaivohuone where the lineup features Akystic, AaltoDJ and a mystery artist.

The event is part of the AYY 13th anniversary week.

WHAT? Aava’s Adventure Committee’s Tour de Terde pub crawl

WHERE? Helsinki city centre, starts from Allas Sea Pool

WHEN? Tuesday 16 May 2023

FOR WHOM? All students!

PRICE: 13,50 € including the pub crawl, overall patch, cloakroom fee and afterparty

DC? Overalls

WHY? Early start to summer and terrace season!

More information:

Ticket sales:

If you have any questions about the event, contact @tuukkare on Telegram.

Tour de Terde is a fair and equal event with zero tolerance for harassment. The event complies with AYY’s Safer Space Policy. However, if you encounter inappropriate conduct or harassment, you can contact AYY’s harassment contact persons at

The age limit is 18.




Join Fyysikkospeksi 2023 theater production!
Would you like to make an all-night musical theater show? Fyysikkospeksi 2023 (The Physicist Spectacular) call is now open!
You can join regardless of your field of study and prior theater experience. Most teams can be joined in English. There’s everything from dancing and band to costume and set design. Make your year a spectacular one and join us!
Applications for dancing and band will close on 1 May. Applications for other areas will be open until 9 May. Apply here


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