Hello everyone and welcome back on campus!

I hope you all had peaceful Easter holiday. Now is a great time to return to the campus since the Wappu events will have a kickstart this week. There will be a lot of interesting events all over Otaniemi, so remember to keep up with the upcoming events! The weather has been amazing during the weekend, do remember to enjoy the outdoors.


Bright days to you all!



I General

Survey for international degree students

Construction work in front of Jämeräntaival 3, 5 and 6

REMINDER: The clean up of homebases at A-wing for the entrance exams

II Upcoming events

17.4. at 18:00 Wappu spirited Singing Sauna


Otaniemi Patch Sale Otakaari 1

TIK x AK Game Night at 16:00/ Takka Cabinet


19.4. 24h + 15min Reverse

20.4. Käpy x Alumni Wappu Hat Sitsit


The Jäynä Finalé at 16:00/ U2-hall

Äpy Cocktailparty at 18:00/Aalto-hall

Äpy Gala at 19:00/Aalto-hall

Aalto Open Air at 21:00/ Alvari square

24.4. The Sitsi Competition

Dipolin Wappu volunteer application

Tour de Walpuri 2023 checkpoint application (closes on 22.4.)

Sustainability and Wellbeing events at Aalto

Wiinaton Wappu 2023

III Interesting stuff

Boston Promenade is looking for trumpet players

IV Job offers

Aalto Jobteaser: check available job offers

I General

Survey for international degree students

Finnish student unions are gathering information about international tuition-fee-paying students’ experiences about the quality of their studies in comparison to their tuition fees. Has your education at Aalto been worth the money? We would greatly appreciate your answers to our short questionnaire about your satisfaction in your studies in Aalto. It helps us to advocate for your rights. You can write in as much detail as you want, but also short answers help. Thank you!

Respond to the survey:

Construction work in front of Jämeräntaival 3, 5 and 6

The energy company Fortum is starting construction work on 17th April at Jämeräntaival. The tenants are kindly adviced to be aware of their surroundings during the construction work. The construction work will take approximately 2 months to finish. Take care of yourself and your friends during Wappu while walking near the construction site!

REMINDER: The clean up of homebases at A-wing for the entrance exams


The following homebases need to be emptied before due dates:

29.5.2023 the clean up will take place in the following classrooms:

A202a (ARK 2. year.), A229 (ARK landscape arch.), A235 (ARK 1. year)

5.6.2023 the clean up will take place in the following classrooms:

A122a (ARK 3+ year), A202b (ARK 2. year)

If you have any questions please contact the workshop master Pauliina Parjanen

Mobile +358 50 4709277


II Upcoming events

Upcoming Wappu events


at 18:00 / 6 p.m.  Wappu spirited Singing Sauna – Rantasauna

More info below



at 10 – 16 / 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Otaniemi Patch Sale – Otakaari 1 – Undergrad. Center

at 16:00 / 4 p.m. Takka cabinet – TIK x AK Game Night – Chilling, playing games, together with the Guild of Computer Science!

at 18:00 / 6 p.m. Smökki – Minuuttikalja – The grand buzz of a sporting event with 1 minute, 1 shot of beer. Legendary hockey in the background. More info: 



at 9:00 / 9 a.m. Smökki – 24h + 15min Reverse – A full weekend of events, but faster. And backwards. 



at 18:00 / 6 p.m. OK20 Upstairs – Käpy x Alumni Wappu Hat Sitsit – Starting the wappu in the way of the older guild members – everyone starting from the 4th year of studies is welcome!



at 16:00 / 4 p.m. U2-hall, Candidate center – The Jäynä Finalé – The climax of the Jäynä year! Awesome skits, performances and the great finalists of the Jäynä competition! 

  1. 18:00 / 6 p.m. Aalto-hall, Candidate center   – Äpy Cocktailparty – An EXCLUSIVE cocktail party for Äpy sellers before the Äpy Gala! 
  2. 19:00 / 7 p.m.  Aalto-hall, Candidate center  – Äpy Gala – What is the Äpy of 2023 like? Come find that out at Äpy Gala! 
  3. 21:00 / 9 p.m. Alvari square – Aalto Open Air – Open air festival at Alvari Square. Come listen to music…. and maybe sell your first Äpy?



at 14:00 / 2 p.m. Alvari square – The Sitsi Competition – In this Competition the usual rules of sitsit are broken and the guilds team will think of something entirely new! The guild’s entry to the competition will be planned together at guild afternoon club at kiltis on 12.4. at 17:00


All the upcoming wappu events are listed on The Guild of Architecture´s info channel


Dipolin Wappu volunteer application

Come to volunteer for Dipoli’s Wappu! 

The beloved Dipoli’s Wappu needs many volunteers. Now is a great opportunity to get a one of the two needed work points for getting the party workers’ pink string! In addition to the work points, there are other amazing benefits for the volunteers, such as a bus ride from Otaniemi to Kaivopuisto on Wappu Day and an awesome overall patch!

Tour de Walpuri 2023 checkpoint application


The sign-up for hosting checkpoints in Tour de Walpuri opens today!


Sign up yourself and your friends to host a checkpoint from this link:


The checkpoints of Tour de Walpuri are traditionally a couple of steps crazier than in other checkpoint tours so let your imagination fly while planning the checkpoint. This is a unique opportunity to bring your favourite association to the spotlight, so don’t miss your chance! Additionally, the best organizers will be rewarded at the Declaration of Wappu rowdiness!


The registration closes on 22.4.


Additional information can be found behind the link above, and with any other questions you can be in touch:

Sakari Ropponen,, @bittisakke

Wappu spirited Singing Sauna


”Wappu is like having Christmas and Finland winning gold in Ice hockey World Cup tournament on the same day”

Does your Wappu need more singing? Do you long for the warmth of sauna and familiar tunes floating on the waves of hot tube? Songleader Committee (LuTku) and Song Culture Committee (LaKu) are here to offer salvation. Join us in the Wappu-spirit-lifting Singing Sauna in Rantasauna on 17 April!

There will be singing, sauna, hot tub, a chilled atmosphere and program and later in the evening, karaoke! The grill of Rantsu is in public use, so bring your own food and start the grilling season! Admission to the event is free and open for the whole Aalto community. Grab your friends and sauna equipment and head towards the most song filled event of Wappu!

What: Wappu-spirited Singing Sauna

Where: Rantasauna, Otaniemi

When: 17.4. starting at 6 pm

What it costs: free!

Why: Singing and Wappu!

Questions: Send message in Telegram to @lukkaritirehtoori or @PokemOnni

Sustainability and Wellbeing events at Aalto

30.5. Green Minds, Healthy Hearts – Social Sustainability Symposium


Wiinaton Wappu 2023 by The Guild of the Cross

Welcome to Wiinaton Wappu, a non-alcoholic wappu party, on 30.4. at 8 PM at Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4). There will be entertaining activities and wappu atmosphere without forgetting the traditional wappu foods and drinks. Live music is performed by several bands from SRO Musalinja. Come celebrate teekkariwappu in good company! At midnight, technical students will put on their caps after the singing of the teekkari hymn.

The event is free and organized by the Guild of the Cross. While the primary language of the event is Finnish, all integral content and instructions are also provided in English.

III Interesting stuff

Boston Promenade is looking for trumpet players

 Boston Promenade has originated from the School of Business and is a big band of 25 members, entertaining party people since 1964.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re a talented trumpet player, a student at Aalto or otherwise just a great individual.

The auditions will be held at one of Boston’s Wednesday rehearsals. Hope to see you soon!

Apply & ask more
-DM us @bostonpromenade
-Vesa (lead trumpet) 050540689
-Antti (chairman) 0451232633


 IV Job offers

Työpaikkailmoitukset-välilehti on siirretty Tiedotteet-sarakkeeseen, josta löytyy myös viikkotiedotteet! Löydät sinne myös alla olevasta linkistä:
Katso uusimmat työpaikkailmoitukset täältä!

Aalto JOBTEASERIN työtarjoukset (vaatii Aalto-tunnuksilla kirjautumisen):