Event organiser’s guide

Before the event

Make sure that the event does not override on another Guild event or an event that is for the entire Aalto community. You can check this from our guild’s event calendar. It is also good to check from one of the board members that there is no other event scheduled for the same day.

The board will handle the reservation of the potential AYY space in order to reserve in the name of the guild and not as a private person.

Be sure to plan the event budget and inform the treasurer of future bills (rent, bus, etc.). If the event involves a participation fee, agree with the treasurer how the payments are processed (bank transfer / cash). Be in touch with the treasurer for monitoring fees and sending payment reminders.

Enter the name, time, and brief description of the event in both Finnish and English in text form to the Guild’s publicist the latest on Friday before the event. Also, add the links for a Facebook event and sign up.

Create a Facebook event in the Arkkitehtikilta-page (Note: Not in the group!). If you do not have rights to the page, contact a board member. To ensure that event information is successful, and to ensure that the event is consistent with the guild’s communication strategy, follow the guide to a good Facebook event below.

Share the event to the FB-group Arkkitehtikilta – The Guild of Architecture and enter a short description in both Finnish and English. The link itself (http://www.facebook.com/events/…) can be deleted when Facebook has downloaded the widget below your post. Share the event also with the telegram group Arkkitehtikilta, and if really necessary also to the freshmen’s telegram-group.

Ask a guild photographer to take pictures or take at least a few pictures yourself. Send a photo you would like to share to the guild’s social media stars.

After the event

The temporary storage space for the lost and found is at the guild room, but they must not be left there for longer than two weeks. Post clearly to the Facebook-event where the lost and founds can be found and also remember the address of the guild room – all the participants may not know Otaniemi that well. Also remember to tell how long the lost and founds are stored.

Make sure that at least one image is shared of the event to social media: Instagram and Facebook. The publication can be delegated to social media stars. If multiple photos are taken from the event, the pictures should be added to the gallery at the our website as soon as possible. Additionally, it is a good idea to write (or delegate to the photographers) an article on the event, which briefly describes the photos of the event and the pictures found in the gallery. This is also worth mentioning on the Facebook event and on the Facebook page of the Guild.

Ensure that all money transactions after the event are handled as soon as possible, at least three weeks after the event.  If you have used your own money in the making of the event, remember to fill a reimbursement form quickly.

Useful links:

Logos and material

Expenses return form

Guide to a good Facebook-event

Remember: Create a Facebook event on the Arkkitehtikilta-page (Note: Not in the group!)

Facebook always shows only the first few lines of an event description. In order to make communication in both Finnish and English equal, write the key info of the event in the beginning of the description in both languages. Also clarify if the event is for guild members or is it open for everybody.

An example of an Facebook event:

Headline: Tapahtuman nimi (in Finnish) || Event Name

I chapter in Finnish (max 2 lines): Mikä tapahtuma on kyseessä, missä, milloin ja kenelle se on kohdennettu?

II chapter in English (max 2 lines): What, where, when and for whom the event is organized? “More information below!”

III chapter in Finnish (tapahtuman markkinointi ja info): Paljonko tapahtuma maksaa? Miten maksu suoritetaan? Mistä ja milloin tapahtumaan ilmoittaudutaan? Milloin ilmoittautuminen sulkeutuu? Miksi tapahtumaan kannattaa osallistua? Mitä mielenkiintoista on luvassa? Mitä kannattaa ottaa mukaan? Milloin lippuja myydään, missä?

IV chapter in English (event marketing and info): When and where is the event held? How much does the event cost? How to pay? When & where to sign up for the event? When does the registration end? Why to come to the event? What cool is there to expect? What to bring to the event? When & where are the tickets sold?