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Election season calendar:

2/11 Committee marketplace in A-wing
3/11-15/11 Board post introductions in Instagram
7/11 First applications are published
8/11 The Election meeting invitations are sent out
16/11 Election sauna
21/11 Last applications are published
22/11 Election Meeting


Underneath you can find what posts there are in the guild in the board and for the actives.

You can leave your application here. Leave a separate application for each of the posts you are applying for. You can apply in the election meeting as well!

The election meeting is held on Tuesday 22.11. from 4 to 9 pm // A1, Otakaari 1X

Already written applications you can find by clicking this. The applications are posted daily till the election meeting. The last applications are published a day before the election, Monday 21st. After that, you can apply in the meeting.

Board Members

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In addition to their own responsibilities, the Board members share some responsibilities. For example, all the following posts take part in weekly Board meetings, have fun together, represent the Guild in different events, and give each other peer support.


The chair of the Guild is an enthusiastic person who is good at organizing and interacting with others and isn’t afraid of a little pressure. The chairperson is primarily the head of the board but still the most important job is to motivate and support the actives to develop the Guild to be even better. Being an organization based on voluntary work, an important task of a good chairperson is leading the Guild’s direction throughout the year and also keeping up the good spirit of working. As the chairperson you get to take care that the Guild remains the open-hearted and inspiring community that we have come to know. The post of the chairperson is an ultimate adventure. One doesn’t end up in the post but grows into it – especially during the year as the chairperson!
The responsibilities of the Chair are varied, and often the Chair is the person who is contacted when people want to reach the Guild. The Chair represents the Guild to the Dean and the Head of Department, takes care of the Board, schedules the Guild year, and takes care of the legality of the Guild with the support of the Board. The Chair is also a member of an AYY committee, the Council.


The secretary-publicist is the board member who has to be especially precise and appropriate in the right places, but who has a chance to take a peek at the administrative side of the guild. They are responsible for both internal and external communications of the Guild. However, being the Secretary-publicist is not boring, as it gives space for verbal creativity and communicating in your own way. Good language skills are essential for this post, as the secretary-publicist publishes the Weekly bulletin and Board minutes in both Finnish and English.
The Secretary has a lot of weekly tasks; writing the minutes of all board and guild meetings, updating the email lists of the Guild, and gathering information about the most important events and bulletins in the Weekly bulletin. They also are the board contact for the website responsible, and take care of the social media of the Guild with influencers. One of the best jobs the Secretary-publicist gets to do is choosing the Guild-Actives-Fur for overalls! They are also a member of the Communications committee (VTMK).

Editor in Chief

The Editor in Chief is responsible for the printed and artistic products of the Guild. They are the editor in chief of the Guild magazine Paperi, and release at least four magazines a year. In addition, they keep contact and write articles for the Arkkitehtiopiskelija (Architect student) magazine produced by O-SAFA. The Editor in chief is also in a leader position: it is their task to lead and support the editors of Paperi, as well as the Photographers and Graphic designers of the Guild. At the beginning of the year, they also cooperate with the Head of Public relations and tenders the printing costs. The Editor in chief checks the physical mail of the Guild weekly, and takes care of the archiving of the Guild with historians. The Editor in chief is a member of the Editor in chief committee (PääTMK).


The treasurer is responsible for the Guild’s economy. The position gives a great view at all the functions of the Guild, and is a great place to learn skills for your professional future. Their responsibilities include paying the Guild’s bills and composing bills for others, sponsors for example. Together with the chair, the treasurer composes the annual budget and then monitors it throughout the year with quartal check-ins. At the end of the year they compose the financial statement with the help of the Board. The treasurer works closely with the chair and the public relations representative. They are also a member of the Treasurer Committee.

Community Responsible

The Community Responsible is a varied position which gives great chances to influence both the inside working of the Guild as well as outside relations. The Community responsibleis in charge of the many committees of the Guild, which includes the culture, sports, and Wappu committees. They also work closely with Public relations and take care of the guild’s relationships with other architecture guilds, associations in Otaniemi, associations like SAFA. The Community responsible is also one of the three MAIK-representatives. They are also in charge of the Guild’s checkpoints in orienteering events and together with the Wappu master they plan and organize all wappu-time hullabaloos. Additionally, the Community responsible organizes fun events for the Guild actives. In the beginning of the year, they will be named as the vice chairperson of the board, so naturally they will work closely together as a team with the chairperson. The Community responsible is a member of the Teekkari culture Committee (TKTMK), and organizes Otaniemi-wide Tour de Walpuri and Otatarha Grand Prix with the committee.

Head of Public Relations

The person in charge of the corporate relations is the Guild’s connection to the business world. Their most important job is to take care of AK Foundation relations and organize different events and excursions with possible future employers and suppliers. With their assistants, the Head of Public relations takes care of e.g. seeking out sponsorships and selling advertisement spaces. They also coordinate excursions with excursion masters, and takes care of the fruition of agreed visitations. The every-day life of the Head of Public Relations is keeping close contact with the collaborating corporations, and during the year they will for sure learn to work as a mediator and seek solutions that satisfy everyone’s needs. The Head of Public relations is a member of the Corporate relations committee (YTMK).

Student Advocate

The Student advocate has an important task in student advocacy. In addition to the meetings of the Guild, they participate in different administrative meetings in the university and makes sure that students’ experiences are taken into account when decisions are being made. The representative for studies is responsible for student representatives (so-called “hallopeds”), who help them with advocacy. It is also important to keep close contacts to other advocates, so the Student advocate takes care of connections to the advocacy of other ARTS associations and participates in the Otaniemi-wide Study Council (OPN) meetings. As advocating can take many forms, the Student advocate has to have their ears and eyes peeled for any topical concerns in the Department of Architecture. They also keep a contact to the faculty of the Department, and award the Teacher of the Year in Wähäjoulu. Student politics is a fascinating and wide landscape which gives a chance to take a peek behind the curtains of Aalto university.

Masters of Fun (2)

The Masters of Fun are a duo which is in charge of organizing parties, sitsis (academic parties with food and singing), Guild’s coffee breaks and lots of other great events to make the studies a bit more fun. The Masters of Fun plan and execute their events from planning to late night clean-up but luckily they have their Fun Committee to help them. They also take care of the storage room of the Guild located in the Teekkari village. Every Guild has their own event organizers, and together all of them form the IE committee (IETMK) which organizes bigger events such as the big pub crawl, Polin appro, at the end of the year. In our guild, the Masters of Fun work as a close team and you can apply for the job as a pair. However if there is a solo candidate, all candidates will apply for the job individually.

Fuksi Captains (2)

The two Fuksi Captains are responsible for welcoming the new bachelor students to Otaniemi. The captains introduce the fuksis to the Guild of Architecture and to the Department of Architecture and help the fuksis with anything concerning student life. The Fuksi Captains organize many events for the fuksis during their first year, including the orientation and the Captains’ quarters.They help the fuksis earn their teekkari cap. To be a Fuksi Captain, you need to be people oriented, inspired and consistent. The Captains are a part of the New Students sector of the Guild alongside the Masters of Masters and the ISO Councils. The position lasts one and a half years, and will end when the possible Wappu 2024 comes. The Fuksi Captains are also members of the Fuksi committee (FTMK) with which they organize events aimed at all the new students of Otaniemi, such as Ota orienteering.

Master of Masters

Master of Masters is responsible for welcoming the new master students in architecture, landscape architecture and interior architecture into Otaniemi. With the help of the ISO Counselor, and BIGs, they will introduce Finland and the student culture at Aalto to a vast amount of both international and Finnish students. The Master of Masters writes the Student guide to new master students, organizes orientation, helps with all sorts of things that are related to beginning of studies, and coordinates and sets up events during the entire year. The Master of Masters is a part of the Guild’s New Student sector alongside the Fuksi Captains and the ISO Councelor. The post of the Master of Masters is one and a half years and will end in the possible Wappu of 2024. The Master of Masters is a member of the International committee (KvTMK) with which they organize multiple Otaniemi-wide international events.

Head of Spaces and Cabin

The Head of Spaces and Cabin, also known as the Beaver, is responsible for all the facilities of the Guild and is also a member of the board of Majasäätiö, the foundation taking care of the Guild’s Cabin. They maintains and develops the guild room with the Spaces sector of the Guild. The Beaver has an important role of being the contact person between the Guild and the Cabin Foundation, informing both boards of the current issues. The Master has to have a burning desire for making things with their own hands and fixing anything, as both the facilities of the Guild and the Cabin require all sorts of maintenance. The Head of Spaces and Cabin organizes Guild room cleanups and Cabin work parties, where both the Guild’s committees and members help them. The Beaver also takes care of the Access rights of the Guild room, and is thus also responsible for the Member register of the Guild. This includes helping the secretary-publicist with updating the email lists. The Head of Spaces and Cabin is a member of the Teekkari culture Committee (TKTMK), and organizes Otaniemi-wide Tour de Walpuri and Otatarha Grand Prix with the committee.

Guild Officials that are also chosen in the election meeting

The following posts will also be filled in the election meeting on 23.11.2021. The posts are the “responsibles” for each of the commitees and the commitees will be chosen later after the election meeting by a forms etc.

The new Elderly

The Elderly take care of the continuity of the Guild. A good Elder has seen many sides of the Guild through multiple years. The Elderly support the future actives of the Guild for years to come. Suggest your fellow student or yourself to be a new Elder here: https://forms.gle/YF34z8uQiaxonKQo6

Auditors (2)

The auditors audit the guild’s economy and administrative actions based on the guilds bookkeeping and financial statement. They oversee that the guild operates based on its rules and the association law.

Substitute Auditors (2)

Work as auditors if the original ones cannot finish their post.

Historian (1-2)

Helps the Editor in chief with archiving and gathers information for the Guilds history books. They Organize a history evening for the fuksis annually.

ISO Councelor

Works as the peer leader of the ISOs and the BIGs, and organizes both recreational and tutor training events for them. The ISO Councelor is a part of the Guild’s New Student sector, so they work closely with the Fuksi Captains and the Master of Master. The Councelor takes part in the ISO committee (ITMK) and the UO-sector of the Guild. The post lasts for one and a half years, and ends in the possible Wappu 2024.

Photographer Master

Is in charge of the guilds photographers.

Website master (1-2)

The website master maintains and updates the website of the Guild. They also aid other Guild actives with using the website. The Websites of the Guild are a key part of the communications of the Guild, both inward and outward.

Abi-responsible (1-2)

Organises architectural studies introductions for high school students.

Mx Worldwide (1-2)

Maintains and develops our relationships with the architecture students of different countries. They may organize events that take place overseas or promote internationality in Otaniemi.

Wappu Master (1-2)

Is in charge of the guilds Wapputime (First of May and before) events, coordinates the selling of the wappumagazine, gathers a team for the sitsi-competition, organizes a bus to the guild’s traditional punch at the centre of Helsinki, and whatever else they are excited to do!

A-lumni representative (1-2)

Is in touch with the guild’s alumni and develops activities with the A-lumni association.

MAIK-representative (2)

Form MAIK ry’s board with the representatives from the guild’s of Civil engineering and Surveying engineering, and organize events throughout the year.
In total there’re 3 MAIK-representatives; Community Responsible from the Board is one of them.

Vehicle Master (1-2)

Vehicle master makes sure that our guild is represented in traditional events that require a some sort of man-operated vehicle for victory.

Sports manager (1-2)

Is in charge of our guild’s sport events, which they organize with the Sport Committee, AK Sportklubb.

Culture manager (1-2)

Is in charge of our guild’s culture events. Organizes new and traditional events with their Culture Committee.

Excursion Master (1-2)

Organize smaller excursions to architecture offices, building sites, new architecture (landscape and interior as well) sights, etc. and a bigger excursion in the fall. Works together with the Head of Public relations.


Communicates with SAFA and TEK, and represents the guild in TEK-academy.

O-SAFA-representative (2)

Represents the guild of architecture in O-SAFA

Cone Master (2)

Is responsible for the cone hosts and organize sitsi-parties for older students (4th year and up), and other fun events with the cone hosts.

Coffee Guard (1-2)

Organizes Guild coffees around monthly. They are in contact with the Masters of fun, brew coffee alongside small snacks, and organize any additional activities they want.

Annual Ball ring masters (2)

Organize our Annual Ball, Wähäjoulu.


Is in charge of the Brewing Committee and makes sure that at least the Wappu Punch is brewed. Teaches the wisdoms of brewing to new guild members.

Master of Songleaders

Is in charge of our guild’s songleading sector and finds a songleader for events, such as sitsi-parties. Organizes a song writing contest and the cover-to-cover singing session of our song book.


The Gardener has an important role in the spatial team as they are responsible for the guild’s allotment garden at Ossinlampi. The Gardeners most important tasks are to re-rent, maintain and develop the allotment. The task is quite seasonal, but includes a lot of different things to do for the one interested in gardening!

The Master of Wellbeing (1-2)

The Master of Wellbeing leads the Wellbeing team. Together the master and the team bring awareness to questions of wellbeing in the Guild and the Department of Architecture. They also aim to develop the guild members’ environment towards a better wellbeing. Themes acknowledged in the post touch on workloads in studies, study and working methods and the identity of an architect.

Master Consultant

Master consultants bring their experience from the master studies to the Guild’s Head of Advocacy, them usually being a bachelor student. You get to bring your view to the Master of Masters as well. Halloped experience is encouraged, but not necessary.

Master of Sailing

Leads the Sailing committee, works as the visionary of the Guild’s sailing activities and takes care of organizing sailing events for the Guild.

Commitees chosen after the election meeting

After the election meeting the following committees will be chosen via form applications. There is no limit as to how many people can be in a certain committee. The responsibles for each of the committees can choose how many people they see best for the committee they are responsible for.

The History Committee

The History team is led by the Historians. They take care of the Guild’s archive and gather information to write the Guild’s history.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers create graphics on demand for the weekly digest, Instagram posts, Facebook events and overall badges.


The Influencers document the Guild’s events on our Instagram page to help the Secretary-Publicist.


The Photographers play a key role in the communications of the Guild, as well as gather material to write the Guild’s history. The document the Guild’s events and upload the output on our website and Flickr.

The webpage commitee

Maintaining the Guild’s website is key in the communication inside the Guild as well as towards outsiders interested in what we do. The Website team is led by the Website Responsible. Together they develop the visuals and the functionality of the Guild’s website. The Website is based on WordPress.

The editorial team for the guild magazine Paper

The Editorial Staff of the Guild Magazine Paperi consists of writers, illustrators, layout designers and photographers. They publish the Guild Magazine four times a year. The magazine is mostly in Finnish, but English texts are also warmly welcome!

Abi committee or High School Marketing Team

The High School Marketing team represents the Department of Architecture and the Guild in High Schools. The team and their leaders are also responsible for updating the common marketing materials of the Guild.

AK Sportklubb

AK Sportklubb offers the guild its sport activities such as training groups, challenges and sports tryouts. Bigger events can also be arranged, such as skiing trips. AK Sportklubb is led by the Master of Sports.

Culture committee

The Culture Committee offers the Guild members cultural experiences, such as museum visits, wine tastings, podcast recommendations and reality TV nights.

Fun Toads

The Fun Toads and the Masters Of Fun are responsible for the fun in the guild – they host parties, sitsis, tastings and all sorts of similar mayhem. Sitsis are arranged every month and fun toads are expected to be available to work there.

Brewing committee

The Brew committee is led by the Brewmaster, their goal being to brew the Guild’s Wappu mead. In addition to the Wappu mead other drinks can also be made throughout the year.

The songleader committee

The Songleaders of the Guild lead the singing at song events such as sitsit every month, song saunas, fuksis’ song exams and the singthrough of the songbook Musta Neliö.

The guildroom commitee

The Guild Room Minions help the Head of Spaces to maintain the cleanliness of the Guild Room as well as develop its usability.


The Mechanics develop the Guild’s Sauna in Transit with the goal of getting the car back on road again.

The Gardern Gnomes

The Garden Gnomes help the Gardener to take care of the guild’s allotment in the garden of Ossinlampi. The allotment offers guild members the possibility for horticulture without having to rent their own allotments.

Advocasy minions

The Advocacy minions assist the Head of Advocacy in arranging advocacy related events and communication around study related questions.

The wellbeing committee

Together the Wellbeing master and the Wellbeing team bring awareness to questions of wellbeing in the Guild and the Department of Architecture. They also aim to develop the guild members’ environment towards a better wellbeing. Themes acknowledged in the post touch on workloads in studies, study and working methods and the identity of an architect.

The Sailing committee

Takes care of the Guild’s sailing activities.

Hallopeds, i.e. student representatives of ARTS, the Department of Architecture, and SAFA are made officials separately. All tutors are also chosen separately in the coming spring.