Apply to student representative in administration until 3.12!

Are you interested in how the studies develop in the future? Do you want to have an influence on which courses are developed further and how the opinions of students are taken into consideration? Do you want to effect current topics in our department, ARTS or the whole University?
As an halloped (student representative in administration) you can do all of these things and a lot more! You can apply to different groups until 3.12 here:
 What is a Halloped?

Hallopeds are normal students who take part in decision making ja developments in the universitiy. Students know the most about there studies and the everyday life as a student and they do important work developing a better University.

In what kind of places do Hallopeds have influence on desicion making?

Hallopeds take part in meatings of different kind of groups, where they make desicions and talk about developments. You can see all the groups here:

More information about being a Halloped: