The Guild Room

The Guild room address is Otakaari 1 A. Location is pictured above.

The Rules

1. Cleanliness

  • Throw away all your thrash. If the bin is full you can empty it by yourself, as well!
  • All spills should be wiped away immediately to avoid stains.
  • The one who brews coffee is responsible for cleaning the coffee maker after they are finished. Don’t forget to turn the coffee maker off!
  • Leave the room in a better condition than it was when you entered.
  • All items in the fridge should have the name of their owner written on the packaging. Items without identification are thrown away. Don’t leave your food to rot!

2. Order

  • Wash and return to their respective places all kitchenware you might have used.
  • The Guild Room is not a room for storage. Ask permission from the Guild Room Officers prior to bringing anything there even temporarily.
  • If you lend anything from the Guild Room, return it immediately after you have used it.