Halloped is short for ”hallinnon opiskelijaedustaja”, which means student representative in administration. Hallopeds are normal students, who participate in the activities of academic committees, educational councils, and different work groups and bodies. They represent students in different organs and are independent agents, who aren’t  bound by an association’s or AYY’s opinion. If you are interested in affecting your school’s or department’s activities, advocacy, or education policy, you can apply to be a halloped. All members of the student union can apply.


Our department’s halloped-activity is coordinated by AYY’s ARTS halloped responsible. Hallopeds and other educational policy-actives form a educational policy sector, that gathers regularly by invitation of the guild’s advocacy responsible.

If something in your studies leaves you wondering, or even vex or irk you, contact the educational policy sector, and join if you are interested in that. Hallopeds exist to solve problems and to bring up issues.


More general knowledge about the different committees can be found here and more about AYY’s advocacy here.


Hallopeds AYY

Department of Architecture education group

Member Secondary member
Kangas Sofia Juutistenaho Olga
Lindner Svenja Uusitalo Hilda
Ala-Härkönen Ada Välisalmi Heidi

School of Arts, Design and Architecture academic commitee

Member Secondary member
Jänkälä Matti Timonen Aaro
Lindner Svenja Excell Astria 
Hallenberg Fredrika Mandell Linda 
Rauma Elisa (Tokyo viestintävastaava ja Kooman pj) Lipasti Kaapo

School of Arts, Design and Architecture study lead group

Member Secondary member
Timonen Aaro Rauma Elisa (Tokyo)
Rossi Saana Rummukainen Otto

Urban Studies and Planning- master degree education commitee

Member Secondary member

Liisa Mustonen 

Säde Palmu                         –

Svenja Lindner                     –

Board student members SAFA

SAFA alliance

Suvi Vendelin

SAFA Board

Aaro Timonen

Architecture political section

Erno Laakso

Education and research committee

Ada Ala-Härkönen

Ethics committee

Emma Savela