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Pleasant start to the decade to all members of the guild on my behalf! Winter isn’t here just yet but your new publicist is. My name is Kuisma, second year landscape architecture student. Lets make 2020 to count – as a guild




 I Events


Winterday 14.1

Mint-terrace 14.1

Shift of the Council 18.1

CottageGuildSitsit 23.1


II Pastime activities



Outdoor gaming 16.1

Floorball 17.1

Pole dance




I Events



Winterday is here!


Winter has come, so let’s celebrate!

What would be a better way to celebrate a new year and a new semester than running, crawling and playing in the snow?

Winter Day is a jolly checkpoint crawl in the heart of Otaniemi. The event starts at the Amphitheatre of Otakaari 1 at 14:30, and you can visit checkpoints organized by tutors, guilds and associations until 17:30.

You can buy the last piece of the checkpoint crawl badge series for 2€ at the start of the event from Amfi and from the freshmen captains during the crawl. The badge will also work as the entrance ticket to the after party!

All the saunas in Otaniemi will open at 17:00. It is a challenge to go to all the saunas in one day, so do you think can you do it? No extra points will be awarded for this, but it’s still an experience and something to brag about.

The afterparty starts in Smökki at 20:30. If the badges are not sold out before the after party, they will be sold at the door. It’s going to be a great party, and the winner of the checkpoint crawl is awarded here!

The associations and tutors can register checkpoints until 12.1. with this form:





Mojitoambassadors and the mint farmer have arrived from their long-distance journey in the cold mountains of the north with a terrific load of Minttu! From last time the mint farmer has changed their occupation to a hot chocolate boiler and developed some quite shenanigans involving skis!


Unofficial checkpoint in the Talvipäivä 2020 event.


WHAT: Minttu and hot chocolate -terrace

WHERE: 60.185095, 24.826637

WHEN: Tuesday 14th of January 15 o’clock

WHY: There’s a load to be emptied again

Event on facebook:




 Shift of the Council 2020


Guild of Architecture’s actives of 2019 and 2020, brace yourselves. Raadinwaihto (“Shift of the Council”) is coming.

 So save the dates Sat and Sun 18.-19.1.2020 for this legendary event, the program of which is still kept a secret. But don’t worry, all will be revealed eventually – even the color of this year’s guild actives’ fur…

Event on facebook:





Fight over grandma’s inheritance cottage has not been for nothing. It’s time to sit down to a comfy chair far away from the stress of the every-day, open a drink close to your heart and put on wool socks. The importance of taking it easy and calm to maintain your strength midst your studies is the core of our cottage themed guild sitsit. So make your way to the architecture loving warmth of the Otaranta Club room.

Sign up begins on Monday January 13th at 12:00

and ends on January 20th at 23:55, after which it becomes binding.


WHAT: Traditional sitsit-party of the Guild of Architecture

THEME: cottage

WHEN: 23.1.2020 cocktail event at 17:30, sitsit at 18:00

WHERE: Otaranta Club Room, Otaranta 8B (basement)

PRICE: 11€

DC: Come as you are or put on your favorite cottage look

WHY: Berry pie and wool socks


The event does not have an afterparty.

Take some cold hard cash with you if you want to buy extra drinks.





Event on facebook:





II Pastime activities


ArchiCAD summer camp

Read here and join



Outdoor gaming





Sign here: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/ayy-x-westend-indians/




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