Weekly Digest 20

You are reading the last Digest for the semester. It’s have been a lot of fun doing it, hopefully you have enjoyed as much as I have! You will here more from me next time in the fall.




I Events

ThrusdayFOOTBALL 16.5.

II Pastime activities

EcoChef Otaniemi 21.5.
Hitchball 4000 14.-16.6.
Design a name and a logo for the Student Centre!
Lunawood Urban Challenge- competition invitation


I Events



Come enjoy the warming spring weather and play football with guildmembers to the Otaniemi Sports Park on Thursday May 16th! We are bringing at least a soccerball and an American football, it’s recommended to bring some snacks since some picnic action may occur.

WHAT: Football
WHERE: Otaniemi Sports Park
WHEN: Thursday May 16th 4pm ->

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/438715346693534/


II Pastime activities



Would you like to spend a casual night cooking with your friends? Are your cooking skills non-existent or are you already a real chef? Have you been thinking about finding an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint? Community section Aava organizes 21.5. a cooking night at Living room(Kylän olohuone), where the participants are taught by experts to cook environmentally friendly food. It doesn’t matter whether you have never cooked before or you’re already a professional cook!The event costs only 5€ and it is possible to sign up now here: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/ecochef-otaniemi/. Remember to sign up soon, there’s enough room for the first 30 registrees only!

Note! The event is mainly in Finnish, but everyone is absolutely welcome to attend!

WHAT: EcoChef Otaniemi
WHERE: Living room(Jämeräntaival 5A)
WHEN: 21.5. at 17.00
REGISTRATION: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/ecochef-otaniemi/



Hitchball 4000 hitchhiking competition returns on June 14-16


Hitchball 4000 is a weekend-long adventure during which teams of two people hitchhike through selected checkpoints to a secret destination, where they will spend the night all together. A GPS tracking system allows fellow competitors, friends, worried relatives and random drivers to follow the race and the progress of their favorite team in real time. Winners will have their name engraved on the Hitchball 4000 Cup and the team with the best vibes will receive the Spirit of Hitchball award.

The races aims to promote hitchhiking as a fun, easy and ecological means of transportation as well as to demonstrate the safety of the Northern European societies. Find yourself a team mate and take a leap of faith to the next level! Register to the most exciting roadtrip of your summer before May 31.

“Hitchhiking as an experience is one of a kind. Our eyes were opened, the faith in humankind was restored and our goal was reached by being totally at the mercy of strangers, and the resulting feeling is, as said by so many others after the experience, awesome.”

More information: www.hitchball4000.fi/en/

FB event: www.facebook.com/events/402189290612918/



The Student Centre is a collaborative project of Aalto University Student Union (AYY), Aalto University Business Students (KY) and Teknologföreningen (TF) for a collective building for students in a central location on the Otaniemi campus, next to the metro station entrance and opposite the Harald Herlin Learning Centre.

We are now looking for a collective visual identity for the Student Centre project in the shape of a name and logo competition!  In the future, the name and logo will be used e.g. on the project’s brochures, website and social media. The competition starts on 6 May 2019, and its deadline is 27 May 2019 at 4.00 pm. The reward paid in the contest is a total of 500 €, which may be split into multiple parts by decision of the panel of judges.

Read more here: https://tinyurl.com/opiskelijakeskus




Submission: May 2nd – June 24th, 2019
Registration: free
Language: English
Location: Conceptual
Prizes: € 8.000 + Certificate of Achievement
Type: International Open Ideas CompetitionLunawood Urban Challenge invites all architecture students, architects and creative professionals to develop and submit compelling ideas to transform our urban cities. We need your help in creating a more natural – yet modern environment using Lunawood Thermowood.Urbanization all over the world has seen a staggering growth. Carbon emissions in the building sector account for almost 25% of the total carbon emissions produced by economic activities around the world. With a growing population and urbanization, it is increasingly vital to consider diminishing the harmful carbon emissions in building materials used in the building sector.A liable-sourced and natural building material like wood is the answer to building with renewable and wholesome material. Wood from renewable Nordic forests grows naturally and cuts out CO2 from the air.

Architects and designers will be given the opportunity to significantly lower the carbon footprint of buildings and increase healthful living experiences with improved air quality by innovating with a sustainable and renewable wood material called Lunawood Thermowood.

Further information: https://lunawood.com/lunawood-urban-challenge/


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