Weekly Digest 17

Happy Easter Monday! For this Day off here is a long Digest, but it only means that MaYdAy events have already started! The big day is only 8 nights away! Trööt!

Waiting with excitement,


I Events

AK IK family and friend sitsit sign up begins 22.4.
Guilds May day boat sing up begins 23.4.
Summer-Kiljava sign up is still open!
ARTS Wappu Terrace 24.4.-30.4.
Vista meets Ramboll 24.4.
The Brunch Sittning 25.4.
Minute beer 28.4.
Tour de Walpuri 29.4.
Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness 30.4.
Dipolin Wappu 30.4.
Waputin 1.5.

II Studies

Get to know IDBN 25.4.

III Pastime activities

Energy communities workshop 23.4.
Vista 30: Competition

I Events



Welcome to the relative and friend sitsit of the Guilds of Architecture and Civil Engineers!

On Friday the 10 of May it’s time to gather with old and new friends and relatives at Servin Mökki. Bring your friends and family and show them the sitsi-culture in the heart of Otaniemi. There will be good food, drinks and singing. The sitsit start with cocktails at 18.30 and the sitsit will begin at 19.00.
There are 160 places, 40 for each guild. Each guild member may bring one avec.
If all the spots are not filled you may bring additional companions.

The signup opens on Monday the 22nd of April at 12 PM and will be closed on Monday the 6th of May. So grab your friends and family by the hand and sign up! Please note that both you and your friend have to sign up seperately. If you wish to be seated together please mark each other as avecs.

The open afterparty starts at Rantsu at 12 PM.
Please take note that the sitsit and afterparty are for adults only.

WHAT: Friend sitsit-party with the Guilds of Architecture and Civil Engineers
WHERE: Servin Mökki, Jämeräntaival 4
WHEN: Friday 10th of May at 6:30 PM
PRICE: 15€
DC: Cocktail/dark suit + teekkari cap
WHY: Love forever ♥

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/559374841218837/



Hold on and join the Guild of Architecture in a boat transport from Otaniemi to the “capping” of Manta at Market Square. The boat leaves from Otaranta at around 16 (more details later) in 30.4. and arrives in Market Square an hour later. There’s room for 85 Guild members or secondarily for other students. The transport costs 4€.

The registration begins in 23.4. at 12.00 and ends in 29.4. at. 12.00. The form is published in the facebook event.


Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/644013639346053/



Come and join us to celebrate a summer-cam oranized by Student-SAFA! There will be some funny workshops, hanging around the campfire and of course getting to know new and old architecture students! The assembly is going to take place in Vähä-Kiljava. Vähä-Kiljava is a holiday resort approximately 50km from Helsinki owned by SAFA, the organisation of Finnish architects.


Participation fee for the weekend is 10 euros. For the fee you get:
– Accomodation (take a sleeping bag with you!)
– Meals: breakfast, evening meals and Saturday lunch (except for your dish of preference for the BBQ-party!)
– Bus from Helsinki to Kiljava and back
– Sauna (remember to bring your own towel and swimsuit)
– Coffee and toilet paper

The bus to Kiljava leaves from Helsinki on Friday afternoon (exact time will be released soon) The bus takes us from Kiljava back to Helsinki on Sunday afternoon.

There´s room for everyone to accomodate indoors in the main building, but if you want you can also bring your own tent/hammock if you prefer camping outdoors.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them on Opiskelija-SAFA Facebook account messenger.

– Student SAFA
Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2544550979105392/ 


The best place to enjoy Wappu is ARTS Wappu Terrace in Otakaari 1K! Enjoy the sun, friends and Wappu! The Wappu Terrace will be open 24.-30.4., and the grand opening will be 24.4. At 10.30 and evening event at 18!

WHAT? ARTS Wappu Terrace
WHERE? Otakaari 1K, Terrace
WHEN? 24.4.-30.4. // Grand Opening 24.4. 10.30, evening event 18.00
WHY? Because of Wappu!!!

ARTS Wappu Terrace is a communal project with TOKYO, NuDe, KOOMA, DaDa and AK, and all the other organizations of Aalto ARTS!

Follow us in Social Media to get more information about the events!!
Instagram: arts_wapputerde



Join Vista for a visit to Ramboll 24.4. We will have a relaxed evening at the Ramboll office in Espoo, Itsehallintokuja 3 and hear more about the company and their projects. There will be snacks. The event is open for all Aalto students. There is room for 20 people so make sure to signup in time. The sign up begins Thursday 11.4. at 15.00 and ends 18.4 at 15.00.

’’Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. Since then, Ramboll has expanded to become an international corporation employing 13,000 experts, with a strong presence in the Nordics, North America, the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East and India, supplemented by a significant representation in Asia, Australia, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa.’’

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/313722412642860/



Wappu is coming! A lovely exuberant and decadent brunch with TOKYO, NuDe and the Guild of Architecture! Come and enjoy a late brunch in Otaranta 25.4. and spend time in the greatest company.

There are 10 spots for each association’s students and in addition 10 extra free spots.

Sign up begins on Thursday April 11st at 12 PM and ends on April 19th, after which it becomes binding.
LINK TO THE SIGN UP will be posted later.

Sitsit party are for those over 18 years old!

WHAT: Brunch sitsit: AK, NuDe, TOKYO!
WHEN: 25.4.2019, 4 pm
WHERE: Otaranta Club Room, Otaranta 8 B
PRICE: 8€, a bottle of sparkling wine is +8€

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1214391325395799/ 



The legendary Minute Beer is here again!

Minute beer is a game in which a player drinks a shot of beer every minute for 60 or 100 minutes. The event takes place in Smökki, in Otaniemi on Sunday the 28th of April at 6 PM. Doors open at 5:10 for 250 first registered, at 5:30 free spots are filled from the queue. The event costs 5 euros, and registration is required. Take your own drinks with you!

What: Minute Beer
Where: Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4, Espoo)
When: On Sunday, 28th April at 6 PM
Cost: 5€
Registration opens on April 17th at 12:34:56 PM at www.minuuttikalja.fi

Event on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/575315142963259/



On the eve of the Wappu eve, 29 Apr, it’s time to kick off Tour de Walpuri (prev. Crazy John). The Tour begins with a bang at 9 pm, whereby the Yöjäynä teams are sent on their way. After the bang, the people on Tour de Walpuri get to start their own adventure. Participants will tour Otaniemi and complete tasks set by different associations and groups. The touring is done in teams, and these teams simultaneously race against each other: the best ones are rewarded! The Tour organisers also get to compete: the best checkpoint of the Tour will be selected and the winners rewarded.

The Tour ends at the afterparty organised by Pelmu, the Wappu Festival, so the fun certainly does not stop with the last checkpoint. Tour de Walpuri and the Pelmu Wappu Festival are open and free of charge to all. More on the Wappu Festival: https://www.facebook.com/events/321360741884642/

So, gather up a team of 4–10 people and head for a tour of Otaniemi in a jaunty Wappu atmosphere after the Yöjäynä opening bang. The teams do not have to be assembled beforehand, and a map of checkpoints can be picked up on the same day after the Freshman Speksi from outside the AYY Central Office.

If, for some reason or another, you have had enough of checkpoint crawls over the years, you should definitely sign up as a checkpoint organiser. So, if you have an association or maybe a group of friends as well as some enthusiasm, register your checkpoint via the link below by 22 Apr:

So, come lift your Wappu spirits and enjoy the funner-than-fun checkpoints! The best Tour participants and the best checkpoint are rewarded with an awesome Wappu basket! In addition to this, the best checkpoint organisers get to use one of AYY’s rentable sauna facilities for free for an evening during the coming summer or autumn.

The winners will be announced at the Wappurieha Declaration from the Smökki rooftop on 30 Apr!

WHAT: Tour de Walpuri
WHERE: Around Otaniemi
WHEN: 29 Apr at about 9 pm–1 am, after the Yöjäynä opening bang
CHECKPOINT ORGANISERS: Sign up as a checkpoint organiser: http://lomake.ayy.fi/teekkarijaosto/walpurin-kierros-2019
WHY: Because Wappu, amazing prizes and fun!

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/580838759088639/



Once again, it’s time to start the celebration of May Day Eve by gathering together in front of Servin mökki!

The event starts at 12 pm with Wappu-themed music performances and speeches, which surely won’t leave anyone cold. The traditional highlight of the afternoon (the declaration in itself) will take place at 2 pm, so arrive to experience the joyful Wappu atmosphere in the heart of sunny Teekkari Village – and remember to bring your friends with you as well!

After the declaration, bus rides from Otaniemi to KY Building are organized for the participants between 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm. KY Building works as a starting point for KY x AYY Wappuparade 2019 Mantalle event. More detail description of the parade can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2353165268060984/

The more detailed program of the event will soon be attached to this page , so please remember to stay tuned!

WHAT? Declaration of Wappu Rowdiness
WHERE? The roof of Smökki (Jämeräntaival 4), Otaniemi
WHEN? Tuesday, 30th of April at 12 PM
FOR WHOM? For all those, who are rowdy with Wappu

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/381662145755531/



Wappu celebrations come to their climax as Dipolin Wappu gathers all of Otaniemi together to press their hats on their heads on the 30th of April. This party won’t leave anyone cold as the atmosphere will be as hot as a supernova 🔥🔥

The atmosphere in Dipoli will be heated up by the wonderful ABREU!! Other supernovas lighting up the stages of Dipoli include TAKO, AaltoDJ, PTNKY, Kyppendales and RWBK!

Ticket sales:
Kide.app (bit.ly/dipolinwappu2019) 17.-30.4. 12 →
Undergraduate center, Y-hall 23.04. & 25.-26.4. 11-13
Sitsi competition 20.4. 13-16
Freshmen spex 29.4. 16 →
Wappurieha declaration 30.4. 11.30 →
Tickets are also available from AYY’s main office during service hours.

Wristband exchange:
Undergraduate center, Y-hall 29.4. 11-13
Freshmen spex 29.4. 16 →
Wappurieha declaration 30.4. 11.30 →

What: Dipolin Wappu 2019
Where: Dipoli
When: 30th of April 21-02
How: Tickets in advance/at the door 13/15€ (inc. cloakroom), badge 2€
Why: The most stellar party of Wappu 2019!

NB! The age limit is 18 and you will need identification at the door.


Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/318302462214039/



Waputin is coming!


Welcome to the fantastic concert and ball Waputin organized by the Polytech Orchestra! On 1 May at 5 pm, GLO Hotel Art is filled with magical music, jokes and dances.

The omens are growing stronger: The Jugend Hall will first be conquered by the Polytech Orchestra and its leader Jens H. Kaamea. The mystical melodies will make the audience spellbound during the concert part of the event, after which the ball can start, first accompanied by the full symphony orchestra. The troops of the salon orchestra Jorma and Retuperän WBK will later take over and continue to mobilise the audience on the dancefloor.

Program leaflets (€10 students / €20 normal) with magical jokes (mainly in Finnish) can be bought at the door, as well as from polyteknikkojenorkesteri.fi/en to be picked up at the venue.




II Studies


Have you heard about IDBM? Even if you’re somehow familiar with this gemstone of Aalto or have only heard about it briefly, now is the chance for you to get to know it better –  at ‘Get to know IDBM’ on 25th of April from 15:00 to 15:30 at Väre, with delicious pizza and drinks! You can find the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/859900101010817/

International Design Business Management (IDBM) offers both a full Master’s degree, as well as a minor programme with different tracks. As the IDBM minor application period is just around the corner, this is a great opportunity for you to come and find out more about the programme. Both the IDBM faculty and students will be present so you can get insights on both the curriculum as well as the student experience! So, come enjoy some pizza and drinks in good company :)


III Pastime activities



Come and join us here at VTT on 23.4. at 16:00 to showcase the world energy leaders that young people in Finland have immense potential, are innovative and think of the future. This multidisciplinary workshop is created by VTT for young people to discuss energy future, innovate new business ideas and network as a preparation for the CEM10/MI-4 ministerials held on 27th to 29th of May in Vancouver, Canada. The workshop is for you if you want to be an active participant in building our energy future and hear how your energy consumption is about to change in the coming years. The goal of the workshop is to come up with beyond the obvious ideas and for that, we need a multidisciplinary crowd. So please join us all backgrounds are welcome!

The participation in the workshop is free of charge and we provide coffee and snacks, so please register before 18.4. at: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/energy_communities_workshop_230419

WHAT: ENERGY COMMUNITIES WORKSHOP – towards business models for the new normal
WHERE: VTT, Digitalo, AP107 (Vuorimiehentie 3, Espoo)
WHEN: 23.4.2019, 16:00 – 18:00

TICKETS: free of charge; register at https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/energy_communities_workshop_230419

WHY: make your mark on our energy future


Part 1: Forming Energy Communities

  • Introduction: Energy community concept
  • Discussion: Forming energy community – challenges and solutions

Part 2: Business Models for the New Normal

  • Introduction: Traditional business models do not generate as much revenue as previously
  • Discussion: Services for energy communities & new business models

Wrap-up & Open questions



Vista organizes a design competition for board members academic medal and overall badge.
The competition will be published on Monday 4th of March at 9.00 on Vista’s webpage.
The competition takes place from the 4th of March to 30th of April. Award for the winner is 100€!
Find out more: https://vista.ayy.fi/?page_id=1434



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