Weekly Digest 10

Hi everyone!

Remember to support our freshmen by buing your ticket to this springs KIIMA, when our lovely freshmen take the classic party underwater! Tickets are sold in Undergraduate center, Otakaari 1, Alvar hallway from 7.3.




I Events

Share a train trip to Oulu with AK! sign up closes 6.3.
Coffee break with the Guild 7.3.
AquaKIIMA ticket sales start 7.3.
Gravitaatio 2019 5.3.

II Studies

Workshop: Introduction to Design Thinking

III Pastime activities

Vista 30: competition
Sports tutor application 2019
AYY is looking for a designer and maker for the Master of Ceremonies’ staff
Fulbright Forum -seminar 12.3.






Communal train trip to Architecture student Days in Oulu leaves on Friday 22th of March at 9.24 at Helsinki Railway station. On board you’ll be spoiled with comfy seats, smooth ride, open space and restaurant services. The return will happen on Sunday 24th of March at 16.04. The train arrives in Helsinki at 22.35. The trip will cost you 40€.

Sign up is now open and it closes at 14 o’clock on Wednesday 6th of March. The sign up is binding.



The upcoming month brings lots of interesting events, so come to the guild room on Thursday 7th of March at 12:30 to hear about more and have chat with other guild members!

WHAT? Coffee break!
WHEN? Thursday 7.3. 12:30
WHERE? At the Guild room (Otakaari 1 X, K-wing)
WHY? The Guild is the best ♥ Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/629887190800543/



Tickets cost Beforehand 5€ / From the venue & kide.app 6€ / Overalls badge 2€

Sale dates, Undergraduate center, Otakaari 1, Alvar hallway

7.3. 11.00-13.00
11.3. 11.00-13.00
12.3. 11.00-13.00
5.3. 11.00-13.00
18.3. 11.00-13.00
19.3. 11.00-13.00
20.3. 11.00-13.00
21.3. 11.00-13.00


The dark winter is finally over: dive into the turquoise water with the freshmen of architecture!

A beat is coming from Smökki, that attracts dolphins, strange deep sea creatures and ancient trilobites towards Otaniemi, filled with corals. ARK’18 offers you a scuba diving vacation never seen even close to these brackish waters… On 21.3 you don’t have to hide your secret mermaid tail anymore or worry about having a beach body. DJs WET X TINYPOPE, DJ KUUKKELI and JUSTUS VALTANEN are playing sweet tropical tunes to you, while the Guild Of Architectures very own dance group #SWAGSWAGNAMNAM steps on the sunny beach stage!

Remember to pack your oxygen and look out for the hazardous jellyfish!

WHERE? Servin mökki – Jämeräntaival 4, 02150 Espoo
WHEN? 21.3. klo 20–
HOW MUCH? Beforehand 5€ / From the venue & kide.app 6€ / Overalls badge 2€
DRESSCODE? Underwater!

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/379460129272523/




Gravitaatio, the traditional afterparty for the Laskiaisrieha on Shrove Tuesday, will be held in Apollo Live Club this year. Wake up the Old One inside you and let the black hole pull you to the darkest party of the spring!

To reach the optimal gravity acceleration before Gravitaatio, why not join the Laskiaisappro 2019 bar crawl? From this event you will feel a pull to the deepest reaches of Gravitaatio!

NB! The age limit is 18.

Ticket sales:

Kide.app beginning 18.2.: https://bit.ly/gravitaatio2019

⏰ 10-14 ⏰

Undergraduate center, Otakaari 1, Alvar hallway:
Undergraduate center, Otakaari 1, U-wing hallway:
Väre, hallway:

Meilahti, Haartmaninkatu 3:
Viikki, Biokeskus 1:
Kumpula, Physicum:

Laskiaisrieha, AYY tent (Ullanlinnanmäki):
5.3., 12-16

What: Gravitaatio 2019
Where: Apollo Live Club
When: Shrove Tuesday, 5th of March
How: Tickets in advance 11€, at the entrance 13€. Kide.app 11€ + service fee
Why: The biggest student party of the beginning of the year. Incredible artists and the official afterparty of Shrove Tuesday’s shenanigans! You don’t want to miss this!

Collaborating with us with the event are also VT, Äpy, Radiodiodi and RWBK!

More information:




This March ME310 Aalto is organising a hands-on workshop on:

Introduction to Design Thinking

Date: Thursday 14th of March, 2019
When: 14:00h – 16:30h
Where: ME310 Loft – Aalto Design Factory

This will be a fast-paced workshop, based on Stanford University way of teaching, where participants will be taken through a full design cycle, in order to learn about the principles of design thinking and see how you can apply it in complex real world challenges. Through this experience we hope you will start to adapt them into your routines.

Sign up for free through this following link: https://goo.gl/forms/xvk1YsFZDaWUs1oC2
Registration is mandatory until 11th of March.

*No previous design experience required.
*This workshop is for Aalto students only.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions. We hope to see you there!


ME310 Aalto – http://me310.aalto.fi/




Vista organizes a design competition for board members academic medal and overall badge.
The competition will be published on Monday 4th of March at 9.00 on Vista’s webpage.
The competition takes place from the 4th of March to 30th of April. Award for the winner is 100€!
Find out more: https://vista.ayy.fi/?page_id=1434
To hear more, come to Vista 30 -workshop on 13th of March at 16.00.
Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1038153939701478/ 


Sports tutor is a tutor-person, who is guiding the first year’s students or new foreign degree students into the secrets of university sports. You don’t have to be an international tutor to be a sports tutor – you could be a motivated person who just wants to spread the word of sports.

Next fall a new sports concept will be launched and the idea is that every week some sports association organizes a sports event where the students can come and try out the sports. The role of a sports tutor is to help organize these events and to bring new students try out new sports, so the tutor will not act alone! We will also gather a network of all Aalto’s sports tutors so if you need any advice, we will be there for you. A sports tutor doesn’t have to be a hard-ripped and very sporty person. The main requirement is an open mind and an interest in helping organizing sports events.

All sports tutors will get:
• Opportunity to help organize fun sports events for freshmen
• 4 month membership to Unisport’s services, if you:
• Attend to the sports tutors training
• Participate in some of the sports experiments in the fall
• 4 months extra membership, if you:
• Actively participate in the sports experiments in the fall, more specific terms will be defined later
• Sports tutor -badge
• Possibility to meet an interdisciplinary group of sports tutors
Apply now: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/liikuntatutorhakemus-2019/



AYY is turning nine already, but there is still something missing from AYY. A Master of Ceremonies’ staff, that is!

The Master of Ceremonies’ staff is used at the annual balls and possibly at other ceremonious events of associations or, in the case of AYY, the Student Union. At the festivities, the Master of Ceremonies thumps the ground to get the party crowd’s attention, for example, before a speech. The Master of Ceremonies’ staff is usually around two metres long and has a logo, emblem or other symbol representing the association at its head. The staff usually has a base, which can be either decorative or simple.

With the AYY annual ball approaching once again, the need for a Master of Ceremonies’ staff becomes very real as well. AYY wants a staff that represents our community. This being the case, we are looking for a designer and maker for our staff! This staff will be used by out Student Union most likely for decades to come at all more ceremonious events, and it will act as an important and valuable symbol of AYY. A reward will be settled upon with the maker. So, leave your handprint in AYY’s history and submit your design via this form by 24 Mar: https://lomake.ayy.fi/taide/ayys-master-of-ceremonies-staff/

You can find images of associations’ existing staffs as well as AYY’s existing symbols here: https://ayyfi.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/Taidetoiminta/EjX0eIqzIzFOjxpMhCG3ipIBQKutOvNBzAqvQeyvxQv51g?e=vp3DLu

Both the staff and its head and base can – and should – be designed and executed using your own creativity. The images can be used to help perceive how the staff is used. AYY’s symbols can be used either as they are or to provide individual elements to contribute to the staff’s shape. The important thing is for the staff to represent AYY in some way!

If necessary, some of the parts can be commissioned from an external manufacturer, but most of all, we are hoping for personal handiwork! Aalto Infrastructures has promised the staff’s maker access to the Aalto workshops and offers materials for manufacturing the staff as well.

All questions and requests for further information will be answered by Marianne Honkasaari (marianne.honkasaari@ayy.fi, 0409645608).



March 12, Aalto University, Dipoli, Auditorium Lumituuli

Fulbright Forum on Education, Innovation, Science and Art Explores Socially Conscious Engineering, Finnish Glass Art, the Eco-Apocalypse and other current themes!

Fulbright Forum seminar provides a unique opportunity to hear about the research and projects that the current American Fulbright scholars, teachers, and graduate students are doing in Finland. The first seminar day at the University of Helsinki focuses on Education. The second seminar day at Aalto University is multidisciplinary and it includes a wide array of topics from Health Sciences to Architecture and Engineering.

Check out the program at: www.fulbright.fi/en/fulbright-forum

The seminars are open to the public and free of charge. Join us for the whole seminar or pop in for the presentation of your choice and meet with the Fulbrighters! Welcome also to drop by the Fulbright Finland stand during the breaks to speak about study, research, and funding opportunities in the U.S.

The seminar is organized jointly by Fulbright Finland and the University of Helsinki and Aalto University.


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