Weekly Digest 05



Hey Guild members! It’s Monday again.

We’ll start this week by talking important issues today at Ilmastovalmennus and this Wednesday this years first Kiltapäiväkerho is held, where the subject is Training of the Guilds Officials, see you guys there!

Have an inspiring week everyone,


I Events

Climate training 28.1.
Kiltapäiväkerho: Training for guild officials 30.1.
ThursdayICESKATING 31.1.

II Studying

Apply to Aalto Fellows 2018! DL 31.1.

III Pastime activities

Apply to be a part of the Guild’s Wellbeing team! DL 31.1.
“On Photography” Lecture Series with nabbteeri artist duo 31.1.
Call for entries: student project at Virserum Konsthall


I Tapahtumia


The Guild of Architecture invited the climate change specialist Leo Stranius to give climate training on 28.1. at 16:00 in Otakaari 1, room A2. The lecture will be held in Finnish.

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/589356351546041/


Kiltapäiväkerho: Training for guild officials 30.1.

The Guild of Architecture has started its activities with a new group of actives for year 2019. Therefore, the Guild organizes a training for the guild officials about communicating, organizing events etc. The training is open for all of the Guild’s officials, but it is particularly important for event organizers. There will be snacks!WHAT: Training for guild officials
WHERE: Guild room, Otakaari 1, K-wing
WHEN: Wednesday 30.1. at 6pm

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1677126399100652/



This winter’s freezing weathers have blessed us with an opportunity to go iceskating with fellow members of the guild of architecture. We leave from the guildroom 6:30 pm. You can rent skates there if need be :)

WHAT: Iceskating
WHERE: Tapiola icefield (behind Tapiola garden hotel)
WHEN: 31.1. THU 7 pm
WHY: Because last year we had so much fun :)

Event on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/793194011043574/

II Studying


10 Study Credits + Paid Summer Internship + Study Trip Abroad. What else can you ask for?

Read more about the course at aaltofellows.com and fill in the application at: https://goo.gl/forms/TMmlKeIXlxhZBYL92. DL for applications is January 31!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Josefiina at elina.kotilainen@aalto.fi. Looking forward to an exhilarating summer!

“It doesn’t really feel like a course at all. We had to show our interest towards Aalto Fellows at a very early stage and after that we formed a tight group where learning happens together. It is truly a venture, not a traditional course, and the learning has to be done not studied.”

–Joona Orpana, Aalto Fellow ‘18

III Vapaa-ajalla

Apply to be a part of the Guild’s Wellbeing team!

The Wellbeing coach searches a small team for ideation and developing themes concerning Wellbeing issues. The team work is quite flexible and gives a chance to create your own ideas within the subject. The deadline for applying is 31.1.2019.Find more info and apply here: https://arkkitehtikilta.fi/?p=12384


Dear all,

you are warmly invited to a talk by artist duo nabbteeri on Thursday, 31st of January at 15.15, Väre, room F101 (by the main entrance).

The talk is part of On Photography lecture series and is organised in conjunction with Photography workshop: On Circulation (Master’s Programme in Photography, Department of Media).

nabbteeri is an artist duo formed in 2008 by Finnish artists Janne Nabb (b. 1984) and Maria Teeri (b. 1985), whose practice is characterised by the preconditions of working in changing locations. Their polymorphic works are compositions based on somewhat messy interactions and fusions between the artists and other things. Alongside of borrowed, recycled and remodelled surplus materials and objects, nabbteeri’s stratified, mesh-like works can include elements created with 3D modelling or other digital technologies. These often ephemeral works change their form throughout long processes.

In 2019 together with artists from Sweden and Norway nabbteeri will participate in Nordic Pavillion of the 58th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale.



It is time to act to be part of the triennal WOOD 2019!

We invite students in architecture to design pavilions in the area around the art gallery. The pavilions should be designed as open meeting places, shelters from wind, sunshine and rain, but open and accessible for everyone.

The rules for participating are as follows:

*   Registration for participating should be made to info@virserumskonsthall.com<mailto:info@virserumskonsthall.com> on 1st March 2019 at the latest.
*   The party participating can be a group of students, or a class or course.
*   The project to be entered should be authorized by the tutor of the party.
*   Plan/rendering of the pavilion should be sent to the above email-address before 15th April 2019. A description of construction material, quantities needed, tools and machinery should also be submitted as well as the notion behind the pavilion.
*   The pavilion should be designed in wood from Swedish forests or some other renewable source. It should be no larger than 5 m by 5 m and the maximum height 3,5 m.
*   The pavilion should be designed for a ten year lifespan with only minor maintenance.
*   Virserum Konsthall will choose three designs to be carried out.
*   The parties that designed the designs to be carried out can build their pavilions on site in June 2019. Virserum Konsthall will pay for construction material, tools and machinery. The parties will get an allowance of € 3500 for each party for travels and hotel. Pavilions not build by their designers wil be build by Virserum Konsthall.
*   All projects chosen will be awarded € 1000.

For more information, please contact Barbro Wenden, barbro.wenden@virserumskonsthall.com<mailto:mail%20to:barbro.wenden@virserumskonsthall.com> or +46 49531580.


Student projects 2013 by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.


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