Weekly News – Week 45

Ellen Heikkilä

This week we celebrate Teekkari tradition week, as well as TOKYO’s 56th anniversary. Remember to use your right to vote in the student union’s representative council elections! Have a good week :)

Newsletter contents:
1 Teekkari tradition week
2 Arabia Maskerad 2017
3 Vote for the teacher of the year!
4 Call for students representatives
5 AYY representative council elections
6 Remove your lost&found stuff from the guild room!

1 Teekkari tradition week
Teekkari tradition week is here with events every day! Especially the Mystery Dinner could be of interest to you, since it is completely in English!
More information here or by clicking the event links below.

Events during the week:
Mon 6.11. Club night of Mysteries
Tue 7.11. The Freshmen’s sitsit (Sold out) and Song competition sitsit
Wed 8.11. Polin Appro (Sold out)
Thu 9.11. Mystery Dinner
Fri 10.11. Teekkari tradition party
Sat 11.11. Teekkarisillis = Teekkari Herring Breakfast

2 Arabia Maskerad 2017
Welcome to Arabia Maskerad, TOKYOs 56th birthday party! Arabia Maskerad has been around since the beginning of 1900s. Let’s celebrate this years top 1 party with the theme Mutation – Glitter and Gore!
Arabia & Otaniemi Campus and their indoor air pollution has taken a toll on all of our bodies, so now you can visualise your pain as a mutation! Or will the fact that we are moving to Väre mutate your body to a beautiful butterfly? What is mutation doing to your body?
So, get your pinterest board ready and follow your fellow art students to cultural arena Gloria where we all can celebrate the uniqueness that all the mutations bring! Make sure to express yourself because best costumes will get enormous amounts of fame, glitter and gory glory! Not to mention the brilliant prizes offered by our sponsors!
Event and ticket information on Facebook

3 Vote for the teacher of the year!
Who do you think has been the best teacher? The Guild of Architecture yearly gives the title “teacher of the year” to a teacher voted by the students. The winner is announced in Wähäjoulu 5.12. You can vote until Sunday 12.11.

Previous honored teachers have been:
2016 Anni Vartola
2015 Mikko Heikkinen
2014 Tommy Lindgren
2013 Emilia Weckman
2012 Aimo Nissi
2011 Sari Kivimäki
2010 Mikko Heikkinen

Vote here!

4 Call for students representatives
The Call for Student representatives in the University administration for the year 2018 is now open. Student representatives get to influence a great variety of things from their own programme to the restaurants and equality work of Aalto. If you want to make the future betetr for students, see more information at https://ayy.fi/en/student-union/student-advocacy/student-representatives/ and apply at halloped.fi

Call for applications for student representatives in the administration of Aalto University 2018

If you want more information, you can contact our Studies responsible Aaro (opintovastaava(at)arkkitehtikilta.fi).
Event on Facebook

5 AYY representative council elections
There’s still time to vote! The representative council represents the student body, and decides very non-trivial things. Vote until Wednesday at 16:00. Vote here now.

6 Remove your lost&found stuff from the guild room!
We will recycle everything lost&found left at the guild room on on Sunday 19.11, so please remove your stuff by then! Following this, all lost&found from events will be recycled after two weeks.

Graphic identity vote results!

Ellen Heikkilä

The proposal with the most votes was the one by Heljä Nieminen! Congratulations, Heljä. The anniversary brand-coordinator and the winner will work together in creating the final identity. #AK110

Weekly News – Week 44

Ellen Heikkilä

Did the critique week feel heavy? Are you drowning in work? The Guild is arranging in collaboration with Aalto’s Study psychologists a workshop, where we brainstorm ways to alleviate and prevent stress. The registration for our annual ball also opens at noon on Monday!

The Guild of Architecture’s election 2017
What are you doing in the Guild next year? The election meeting is held on 23.11 in Otakaari 1X lecture hall A2 at 15:00. Information about current and new functionary posts to fill can be found here. Don’t hesitate and apply now!

Mon 30.10. 109. Wähäjoulu (annual ball) sign-up opens!
Wed 1.11. Workload-workshop

Mon 30.10. 109. Wähäjoulu – sign-up begins!
109. Wähäjoulu, the annual gala of The Guild of Architecture takes place on the 5th of December 2016 at Opinmäki school. Celebration for The Invitees begins with a cocktail party at 4pm (Otaniementie 9). If the Invitees wish to hand gifts to the board of the guild, they may do so during the cocktail party. Official celebration starts at 6pm at Opinmäki school (Lillhemtintie 1, Espoo). The Afterparty will take place at a secret location after 23pm. For those registered, we offer transportation from the Afterparty to the MorningSauna, which is open from 2am to 5am. On the 6th of December, the doors for brunch open at 12am (Otakaari 1X).
Dinner for Students 80€, for Graduates 100€ MorningSauna 15€ Brunch 15€
Registration opens on the 30th of October at 12pm and closes on the 10th of November at 12pm
Event on Facebook

Wed 1.11. Workload-workshop
On Wednesday 1.11. the Guild will organize a workshop event handling the workload of studies. The context behind this event are the architecture and landscape architecture students’ results in the international All Well?- inquiry. The study showed that the students of Department of Architecture experienced a big workload and stress during their studies. How can we ease the workload of studies and improve the well being of students? How can I better cope with my studies? The Guild of Architecture organizes a workshop in collaboration with the Department of Architecture and Psychologists from the Aalto Learning Services where you can take part in planning how to reduce stress during studies. Come workshop with friends and teachers while enjoying some snacks. When: 1.11.2017 klo 17.00 – 19.00 Where: Miestentie 3, lecturehall 103.
Event on Facebook.

Vote for the teacher of the year 2017!

Aaro Timonen

Who do you think has been the best teacher? The Guild of Architecture yearly gives the title “teacher of the year” to a teacher voted by the students. The winner is announced in Wähäjoulu 5.12.

Teacher of the year winners from previous years:

  • 2016 Anni Vartola
  • 2015 Mikko Heikkinen
  • 2014 Tommy Lindgren
  • 2013 Emilia Weckman
  • 2012 Aimo Nissi
  • 2011 Sari Kivimäki
  • 2010 Mikko Heikkinen

You can vote until Sunday 12.11. Vote here the teacher of the year 2017!


Weekly News – Week 42

Ellen Heikkilä

Wed 18.10. Aalto storage units open day and ARTS cleaning weeks!
Wed 18.10. VRC-workshop
Wed 18.10. Teekkarisillis additional ticket sales
Fri 20.10. What the FAK-sitsit party signup opens

Wed 18.10. Aalto storage units open day and ARTS cleaning week!
ARTS has a cleaning week again on 23.-27.10, when staff and students clean up Arabia’s campus in preparation for the summer 2018 move to Otaniemi. The week before that on 18.10, the storage units are open to all students and all movables destined to be thrown away are up for grabs. Bring your student card with you!
More information

Wed 18.10. VRC-workshop
Are you used to googling images or spending a lot of time looking for images from books and journals? Image databases allow access to millions of digitized photographs, artworks, objects, drawings, maps and science illustrations. The workshop gives you skills for finding visual resources that are easily usable for studies and projects. The basics of copyright and citations as well and Creative Commons licenses are covered. Over 100 image databases are available from a variety of disciplines and subjects in the VRC Guide.
Workshops are free and open to all, welcome!
(Workshop 1: Wed 20.9. 14-15)
Workshop 2: Wed 18.10. 14-15
Workshop 3: Mon 27.11. 14-15
Location: Aalto University Learning Centre, VRC, 1st floor
Language: English or Finnish as required
No need to sign up. Workshops have identical content.
More information

Wed 18.10. Teekkarisillis additional ticket sales
50 extra tickets are released for the Teekkarisillis that crowns the Teekkari tradition week. Be quick, this party will fill up fast! The signup opens at noon here.

Fri 20.10. What the FAK-sitsit party signup opens
What happens when Guild of Physics, The Guild of Architecture and KUJ organize sitsit together? The result is What the FAK? -sitsit, where different cultures meet and traditions break. What the FAK? -sitsit are organized in KY building on November 5th and they cost 13€. So that night wouldn’t be too short a cocktail event starts at 16.00 and the seated party already at 16.30. Afterparty is also in the same place. The sign up opens on Friday 20.10. at 12.00 and ends on Sunday 29.10. After this the sign up can’t be cancelled (if you can’t come, please get yourself a substitute). There are 100 seats in the sitsit and each organization has 25 seats. The rest 25 seats are for the fastest, so make sure to be quick!

Kuohu Creative Hackathon
Interested in solving cases related to marketing, branding and new product launches (and have the chance of winning 1500 eur for your team?) Luova Aalto & partnering companies Fazer, Jenkki and Hartwall invite you to Kuohu Creative Hackathon. The application period is open until Sunday 15th October, so act fast!
Event on Facebook

Apply for TOKYO’s board and volunteer!
Are you interested in arranging events for the entire ARTS’ community? Putting together Lapland trips? Student advocacy? Communications, making posters, and laying out magazines? Or leading a group of amazing people? If titillated, apply for TOKYO’s board or as a volunteer! On the board you and 10 other ARTS students get the opportunity to build a tighter student community, and a better world for the students of arts, design, and architecture. For sitting on the board you can get credits, and opportunities for interdisciplinary acquaintances in addition to forming a tight team with the other board members. Everyone is welcome to TOKYO!
Ask your questions by email here: hallitus[ät]tokyo.fi